Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Mars and Saturn's ongoing trine is partile today, which could bring something interesting out, even though Neptune continues his efforts to distort it. Venus is a sneeze away from Libra, which she rules, and thus will bring an energy shift you might notice, especially if she's your chart ruler or you're a Libra or Taurus. She'll go from being in fall to dignified, which is quite a change. The Sun, by the way, is in fall in Libra. The rationale behind that was the Sun starts to lose his power following the equinox, but if I were calling the shots, I would say he was in fall in Capricorn for the winter solstice. However, that gets messed up due to the fact it's the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere, which also negates Libra IMHO. Scorpio Moon today and into tomorrow which precipitates a dark passion that can turn obsessive and get interesting as she aspects the planets in late degrees.

 Sun: Libra * Lunar Phase: Waxing Crescent * Moon Sign:  Scorpio

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