We all change with time.  As we experience life and our maturity level increases everything about us evolves.  These changes can often be found and understood more clearly in a Progressed Chart. 

While your Natal Chart has influence for your entire life, a Progressed Chart applies to any given time after that.  A Progressed Chart is determined most commonly by what is called the “day for a year” system, a method devised originally by Johannes Kepler back in the 17th century CE.  The chart that represents your second year of life is the day after you’re born; the third year of life is indicated by the third day; the 20th year is the 20th day and so forth.  In other words, if you were born on January 7, 1962 and wanted to know what your chart looked like when you were 30 years old, or your 31st year, you would look at the chart for February 6, 1962. 

To illustrate what this means, look at the above Natal Chart for this fictitious person. As you can see, the Natal Sun is in Capricorn as part of a stellium.  However, there's another stellium in Aquarius, which will give this person many Aquarian traits.  Then look at the Progressed Chart to the right below.  The Sun, Venus, Mars stellium in Capricorn has progressed into Aquarius along with Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury, which were there natally as well.  At this point in life, the person will be under such heavy Aquarian influences it's doubtful anyone could ever guess they were born a Capricorn.  There are also many more negative aspects in the Progressed chart than the Natal in the form of numerous squares and oppositions.

While your core personality will always remain consistent with your Natal Sun Sign, progressing to another is somewhat like moving to another state or country.  A person born and raised in Texas will always be a Texan, but if they move to another state, for example California, particularly sometime in their youth, they will pick up some of those characteristics.  You will often notice the change and feel somewhat confused the first few months.  If you’re older and think back to a time in your life that was particularly difficult, there is a good chance it was when you went through a sign change.

A progressed chart can be determined down to the day. Consider that if one day represents a year, then 24 hours is also a year.  Thus, two hours represents a month or one hour represents approximately two weeks.  Taken even further, a half-hour would be roughly a week and a little over four minutes would represent each day.   If you’re hopefully confused, don’t worry, that is what computers are for and they do a rather nice job of calculating a Progressed Chart.

Depending on whether you were born in the beginning, middle or end of your particular sign, you will progress through two or three or possibly four (if you live long enough) Sun Signs.  For example, if you were born on January 21, by the time you’re a year old you’ve already progressed into Aquarius.  However, if you were born on January 22, you’ll be an Aquarius for roughly 30 years before you switch to Pisces.

One aspect that progresses significantly faster than the Sun, even though it has slightly less effect, is the Moon, which will move through each sign in the progressed chart in about two and a half years.  If you know someone well and have regular contact with him or her you can notice this change, which will occur in how they respond emotionally.  You are also likely to notice it in yourself. 

For example, if your Natal Moon is in Capricorn, logic and practicality will significantly drive your emotional reactions.   However, if you’re going through a time when your Progressed Moon has moved into Aries, you’ll react more quickly and impulsively and you may lose your temper more easily.  If it’s in Cancer you’ll be more emotional, particularly sentimental; in Virgo you’ll be more critical, even of yourself, etc.  The change is subtle, but if you look at your own decisions and reactions, or those of someone close to you, over several years time there will be a noticeable difference.  I've know astrologers and clients who counted down the days until they got out of a progressed Moon sign they were uncomfortable with. I was one of them when mine was in Cancer. LOL!

Another important feature of the progressed chart is that planets that were retrograde when you were born may station direct by progression (or vice versa) which can also have a noticeable effect.  I knew one client who has Mars retrograde in his natal chart and had been a victim of physical abuse while he was growing up. When he was 16, Mars stationed direct by progression and at that time he finally stood up to his father and the abuse stopped.

Progressed charts are not only a tool for determining changes in your personality and view of the world as you grow older, but can also be used in predictive astrology.  Transits affect the Progressed Chart as well as the Natal Chart.  However, any major event is usually contained in your Natal Chart;  this fact is usually referred to as the Natal Promise.  If it’s not there natally, it’s unlikely to occur.  The Progressed Chart and other factors, such as Transits and Lunations, will simply help pin down the time that it occurs. 

Aspects are read in a similar manner to those on a Natal Chart with reports available for the interpretations. 

Another chart that changes with time is the Solar Return Chart.  This chart is cast based on when the Sun returns to its exact same position when you were born, which will be right around your birthday.  The actual date may vary a day one way or the other and of course the other planets are in different positions.  This chart provides a very accurate view of what you might expect in the coming year with an approximate three month overlap at the beginning and end.  This means you might start seeing the next year's theme come into events in your life starting three months prior to your birthday and it may take approximately three months for the previous year to fade.   The Progressed Chart addressed your personal progression and character development whereas the Solar Return chart is more directed at events and interactions to expect with others in the year to come. Retrograde planets, especially Mercury, can have a strong bearing in your solar return chart, often indicating a year when you will be finishing up old projects you'd procrastinated or set aside or perhaps conducting lots of repairs. Some have reported have a difficult time making progress under those conditions. Timing of events in your solar return is determined by the Sun transiting the chart and contacting the various aspects, which activates them.

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Order a Progressed Chart and Report

Your Natal Chart indicates patterns to expect for your entire life, but did you know that there is a “Progressed” Chart that defines what to expect from your life at the current time?  Your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant and all the other planets shift according to the “day for a year” formula, i.e. the chart for 20 days after you were born represents what to expect when you’re 20 years old.  This report explains these changes, how they affect your personality, emotions and general outlook on life.  Of particular interest in the progressed Moon, which changes approximately every two and a half years and causes significant changes in how you react emotionally.  After placing your order mail your date, time and place of birth to astrogoddess@valkyrieastrology.com.  Include your current location if different than where you were born.  EXAMPLE

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We’ve all noticed that our lives are filled with cycles.  Some are good, some are bad, some are predictable and some aren’t.  This comprehensive report, which runs from 20 - 40 pages long, is a client favorite which explains the planetary aspects which are affecting your life for any given year starting with when the Sun returns to its natal position, on or within a day of your birthday.  After placing your order mail your date, time and place of birth to astrogoddess@valkyrieastrology.com. Include your current location or where you will be on your birthday if it's different than the place you were born.  EXAMPLE

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