Valkyrie Astrology values and respects your privacy and will never directly release personal information of any kind to an outside source.  Clients' chart information may be used for research purposes, but as such will never contain sufficient data to positively identify an individual.  Contact information such as email addresses will be kept strictly confidential and never released or sold to anyone for any purpose whatsoever.  Some external links on this site relate to advertising and/or affiliate programs which may collect information pertaining to those activities including tracking devices such as "cookies."  In some cases Valkyrie Astrology receives compensation for sales accomplished through these channels. 

Please note there have been numerous incidences of spammers using this URL as their return address.  Please rest assured that such emails never originate with us neither did the perpetrators acquire your email address from us.  In the case of such solicitations Valkyrie Astrology receives no compensation and reports such violations to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

--Timing is Everything--

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