Transits refer to the continual movement of the Sun, Moon and Planets and how their current positions relate to an individual’s Chart.  The aspects formed are used to determine what is commonly known as your Horoscope.  Those that appear online, in magazines, or in the newspaper are cast largely against the presumed Natal Sun position for each Sun Sign.  Since the Sun is generally the strongest influence on our Chart, these predictions can often be reasonably accurate.  However, to have a clearer picture of what influences are active for you as an individual, your Horoscope needs to include not only the exact position of the Sun but the Moon and other planets as well.

For example, if the position of the planet Mars forms a Conjunction with your Ascendant, you may feel more aggressive than usual for the time that aspect is in effect.  If it Squared or was in Opposition to your Ascendant it would probably have a similar effect.   If it formed a Trine or Sextile that aggression is more likely to be expressed in a positive way than with a Square or Opposition.  Another example would be if Mercury formed a Trine aspect to your Natal Saturn, you may be inclined to tackle serious matters such as financial planning.  Retrograde planets also have an effect.

One way to get a clear view of these aspects is to combine a person's chart with the transit chart in question, such as that shown to the right where the person's birth chart is in the inner circle and the position of the planets for the transit day in question in the outer circle.  Aspect lines in the center indicate aspects between the two circles.  This method also shows clearly which planets are transiting which Houses, giving an indication of the general flavor of happenings in those areas at that time. 

For this example, the person is within a few days of their solar return since the transiting Sun is within 4 degrees of their Natal Sun.  Pluto is in their 10th House, indicating power issues in their career or other possible troubles relative to their personal power and/or reputation and more than likely on this day the person is not being realistic and is probably quite emotional with the transiting Moon conjunct their Natal NeptuneMars is transiting their 4th House of home environment, indicating the breakdowns or disagreements are likely at home.  And that's just the obvious stuff.  Retrograde Saturn on their Natal Pluto in their 6th House of work is probably causing some rather unpleasant issues to deal with as well.  However, Natal Uranus, planet of surprises and change is in a nice harmonious trine to transiting Pluto, which could bring about some positive, transformational change. 

The slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the asteroid, Chiron) set trends in our lives as those transits can last for years.  Events related to these trends are then triggered by the faster moving inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars).  It's common knowledge that everyone goes through certain stages in life, whether it's the "terrible twos" as a toddler, the teenage years, a midlife crisis or what-have-you.  These, too are influenced, as you would expect, by transits.  Several of these, including those we all encounter as adults, are covered in the Parenting with Astrology section.  Of course, being able to interpret the meaning of these aspects and transits is what astrology is all about.

Today’s astrologers are not the somewhat deranged gypsy down the street with a crystal ball, as they’ve been viewed for far, too long. The understanding of the planets, their movement, and how each of them relate to the human psyche that is required to be a credible astrologer is astounding. The world’s original counselors thousands of years ago were astrologers. Today they are offering college programs where individuals are trained in human psychology and counseling then augment this modern knowledge with what astrologers have known for millennia about the influences the planets have on us every day of our lives, including past and future lifetimes.  There is also my alma mater, the International Academy of Astrology, which offers everything from lectures to advanced classes for everyone from stark beginners to those aspiring to be professional astrologers.

Most skepticism about the predictive side of astrology arises from the lack of agreement between tabloid horoscopes and people’s lives, though many of them are amazingly accurate in spite of their limitations. This is largely due to the lack of detail available when you’re casting a horoscope for everyone born under a given Sun Sign. Generate one for an individual using their specific birth date, time and place and you’ll see a significant difference. Put that information in the hands of an experienced astrologer who can interpret House information and other factors and you’ll see they correlate in significant ways.  Another element that doesn't even show up in personal horoscopes is the effect of Lunations, or the phases of the

The real trick is reading predictions in advance.  Similar to the Bible Code, it often only works in retrospect, i.e., you need to know the date of an event in order to find it. Astrologers generally agree that for major events there will be several influences working together, not just one or two, and that these are usually to be found in the Natal Chart as part of the “Natal Promise.” When they actually occur will depend on a combination of lunations and transits as they aspect the Natal, Progressed and Solar Return charts. An aspect can lie dormant for months or years and then be triggered by a tight aspect to a Full or New Moon or, better yet, an eclipse.

One of my personal research projects relates to the
astrological influences in effect at the time of NASA’s three major accidents, i.e. the Apollo I fire, the Challenger disaster and the Columbia accident. What I found was astounding. Sports teams, corporations, states and countries all likewise have influences wrought upon them by the planets.  Astrologer Eileen Grimes has also done some very interesting work on the astrology of the Titanic disaster.

Horoscopes written for all of those with a common sun sign cannot possibly address all the details in each person's life, though certain common themes can usually be found based on the major aspects operating on each sun sign.  For details relative to your own personal situation, consider ordering one of our personalized horoscope
reports which is cast specifically for you as an individual based on your Natal Chart data.  The degree of accuracy in these will greatly exceed what is possible with mass horoscopes.

What transits are you experiencing?  Find out with your own personalized horoscope!


--Timing is Everything--

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