Saturn rules the 10th House/Capricorn and is know for its restrictions and general soul-testing properties.  This is not a real obvious tie-in to 10th House matters of reputation and community standing though it does reflect the innate ambition Capricorns exhibit so clearly and the traditional nature of establishments such as corporations and the government which move slowly according to regulations and law, respectively.  Saturn can also be well represented by the simple warning that if you have a Capricorn working for you, take heed because they're probably after your job.  Saturn ruled individuals are hardworking, dependable, responsible and practical to say nothing of ambitious.  In traditional astrology Saturn also ruled Aquarius with many still considering Saturn its rightful ruler instead of Uranus.

Saturn is the proverbial wet blanket, a planet so encumbered by rules, tradition, authority and pessimism disguised as wisdom that everyone groans at its mention.  It spells delays (especially when retrograde), speedbumps, bureaucratic hassles and the depression all these ultimately precipitate.  It does not spell F-U-N but rather W-O-R-K and F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N, all in the hope of future rewards that hopefully you'll live long enough to claim.  Saturn takes approximately 29 years to make one circuit around your Natal Chart.  Its return to its natal position is called a Saturn Return (duh) and holds a lot of significance as a major life milestone.  What this means to you specifically can be found in our Saturn's Promise report.  If you're around 29 or 58 years old and wonder what's going on with your life, more than likely it has something to do with Saturn and this report will explain a lot.  As someone who's been through two Saturn Returns I have definitely felt their impact.  Of course as a Capricorn Saturn is my Sign Ruler so it probably hit me a bit harder, but it's always significant and maps out much of what to expect for the next 29 years.

Saturn's placement on the Natal and Progressed charts or during transits will result in the following or similar effects:

1st House/Aries:  If someone has Saturn on their Ascendant or in the 1st house they are probably so responsible that they lay awake nights wondering who's going to win the next presidential election and how their economic policies will affect their 401K.  If in Aries, Saturn is in its fall, meaning it isn't comfortable and doesn't operate very well in that sign.  Saturn in Aries is similar to a stuffy old professor going to a party at the local fraternity house.  Since the sign sets the environment in which the planet must operate, Saturn's usual restraint will be less apparent with its tendency toward hard work and responsibility compromised by Aries' impulsive nature.  This is the sign of Saturn's fall due to the fact he cannot express his true nature there.

2nd House/Taurus:  Saturn in the 2nd house will provide a tremendous sense of responsibility toward one's possessions.  They will not only take good care of them but pay cash for most everything.  Their investments will be conservative and if they use credit at all it will be the lowest possible rate.  These are the folks who play credit card roulette, moving any balance about from card to card to keep that introductory low rate.  They may also use coupons so effectively that their grocery bill looks like they stocked up on food ten years ago, which is also possible.  They'll also manage to get a surprising number of items for free or a remarkable price.  If you want to know where the really good sales are, this is the person to ask.

3rd House/Gemini:  Saturn in the 3rd house or in Gemini will slow down the thought process but will add depth to the comprehension.  The synthesis of data will improve and sound principles and common sense will abound.  An eye for truth and an uncanny research ability are also possible, especially with aspects to Pluto or when the 3rd house is placed in Scorpio.

4th House/Cancer:  This is the house of home environment and Saturn will be quite at home here.  Saturn is dedicated to tradition, responsibility, authority and family, so its influence will greatly strengthen the home.  Solid values will be taught, debt avoided, the children taught respect for their elders and authority, and the home itself kept in good repair.  College funds will probably be started for each child within a year of their birth and everyone will know their genealogy back at least six generations.  However, it can sometimes be too strict or demanding and have a difficult time conveying the usual nurturing found in Cancer.  This is the modern and traditional sign of Saturn's debility since its cool nature isn't particularly comfortable here.

5th House/Leo:  Areas covered by the 5th house include love affairs, creative efforts, entertainment, speculation, ego expression and children.  Saturn will imbue a heavy dose of common sense in these areas, particularly love affairs.  Saturn is definitely not known for being overly affectionate in spite of its attachment and loyalty to family and tradition.  Common sense will prevail and those with this placement are more likely to pair with someone because they have a good future, income or reputation as opposed to mad, passionate love.  Children will be welcomed and loved but will have more memories of doing chores at a young age than romps through the park.  Hobbies and interests will have a serious nature such as genealogy or have the potential to pay off financially, such as painting or possibly writing.  Ego expression can be inhibited as well.  Traditionally this was a sign of Saturn's debility along with Cancer.

6th House/Virgo:  Saturn is another way to spell "work ethic" so placement in the 6th house of work, health and pets will be another one that predisposes a person to possible success.  There will be great pride in one's work, dependability, respect for one's superiors, a willingness to assume responsibility and all the ambition required to move forward in life and progress in a career.  The person will probably like animals and take the responsibilities associated with pet ownership quite seriously.  They won't necessarily take in every stray cat and dog that wanders by, but you can bet they'll call the pound and criticize those who do not get their animals appropriately neutered.  They'll be conscious of healthy food and probably have a cabinet full of vitamins and herbal remedies.  A strict fitness regimen is also possible.

7th House/Libra:  The 7th house covers relationships and partnerships and Saturn will lend a serious sense of obligation to these areas.  They will be honest and trustworthy in their relationships and expect the same in return.  They tend to be quite private about their own feelings and lives and will respect the privacy of others as well, unlike others who will be researching every potential partner on the internet.  Business partnerships will also be honored and a handshake deal will mean as much as a contract to these folks.  They'll work hard and expect the same of others.  The fair and balanced nature of Libra works well with Saturn's discipline and responsibility.  Libra is the sign of Saturn's exaltation as he functions well in this sign.

8th House/Scorpio:  This is the house of sex, death and other people's money implying that Saturn's placement here would have interesting effects.  Saturn types are not known for their wild and kinky sexual exploits, so chances are this will instill conservative approaches to sex.  There's a possibility that this aspect could indicate a future need to care for a loved one who has a long-term illness or perhaps is elderly.  Saturn usually imparts very practical financial behavior, so there's a strong possibility for sound and lucrative investments.  They would do well in a profession where they handle or invest money for others such as the insurance, finance or banking industries.

9th House/Sagittarius:  Saturn is well placed in the 9th house of long distance travel, higher education and legal matters.  There is a strong respect for tradition so trips to ancestral homes or countries are likely to bring a lot of pleasure.  Pursuit of a higher education is extremely likely, particularly with the Saturnine drive for success.  There will be few frat parties for these folks.  Rather, they'll be home alone in the dorm, even during spring break, studying their little hearts out and will probably graduate cum laude at the least.  Their natural respect for authority could also direct them to a career in law or government.

10th House/Capricorn:  This is Saturn's homebase so its influence will be particularly strong.  The drive to be successful will be unstoppable and noticeable at an early age.  Even as a child, this person is likely to be class president due to their strong sense of responsibility (unlike those that would be such simply for attention) and most certainly the teacher's pet for their serious dedication to their studies and proper behavior.  They'll be somewhat shy and quiet, but don't mistake it for disinterest or slowness.  They're busy taking everything in and planning their next move which is always in the direction of the top.

11th House/Aquarius:  This house influences group interactions, hopes and wishes.  Saturn located here will result in a strong dedication to organizing and running groups or organizations.  While saturnine individuals tend to be loners and dislike crowds, their leadership abilities also seek an outlet and with this placement, it will probably be through this means, whether it be a church, scouting, professional organizations, community service or other similar means.  Saturn ruled Aquarius anciently which further enhances his functionality.

12th House/Pisces:  Saturn's placement in the 12th house of the subconscious is likely to really bring out the tendency to be a loner.  Even if this person has an active career, they'll be most comfortable in their own home, albeit their own little world, and be hard-pressed to leave.  They should pursue hobbies of a creative nature and develop any talents they may have in areas such as writing, art or music.  Exercise is essential but it should be of a creative nature such as dance or get them outside in the fresh air, even if they prefer not to interact with others on a large scale.  Natives with Saturn in the 12th may take spiritual matters very seriously or seek its expression in areas which require considerable discipline such as transcendental meditation.

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