Uranus rules Aquarius and is the planet of change, disruptions, unexpected events, rebellion, and surprises.  It also influences innovation and invention plus it can contribute to nervousness and dissatisfaction.  On the positive side it is also the planet of breaking away from previous restrictions and pathfinders or pioneers of all types.  It's the seventh planet from the Sun and spends about seven years in each sign.  As such, it will lend its affects in a given sign to all people born during that period, giving them all similar traits and resulting in what is known as a generational effect.  Nonetheless it will be located in different Houses, since that placement depends on the time of birth. 

Uranus is seldom visible without a telescope and the history of its discovery goes along with its astrological character.  It was first discovered in 1690 by Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed, but he thought it was a star and added it to the catalog accordingly.  Sometime after that, astronomer P. Le Monier observed it, but it was stationing (i.e., when a planet goes retrograde or posigrade and appears from Earth not to be moving) so it was not identified as a planet then, either.  In 1781 William Hershel discovered it but he thought it was a comet.  A few months later they realized it wasn't, and it finally was recognized as a planet. 

It was eventually assigned astrologically to rule Aquarius.  Previous to that time, Saturn had the honor and many astrologers still consider Saturn the true ruler.  It's name was chosen for continuity with the other planets which had been named for mythological characters with the Greek spelling "Ouranos."  Uranus had a somewhat sordid experience in mythology that we won't go into here.  In modern times just about everyone cringes at its pronunciation, particularly when pronounced with a long "a".  Somehow the fact it has an awkward name fits in with everything else about it.  If you want to say it correctly and without embarrassment, try pronouncing it yur-on-us, like "you're on us."

Naturally changes and such can be good or bad and that will depend on the Aspects, i.e. whether they are positive or negative and in which Signs and Houses they occur.  When retrograde Uranus is even more unstable; whatever you expect is not going to be what occurs.

1st House/Aries:  Uranus is very compatible with Aries energy and will provide a spontaneous and unique mode of expression along with plenty of original ideas.  In other Signs, he will still imbue a lot of originality and perhaps eccentricity or unpredictability, depending on how it's aspected.  It is likely that when the Ascendant progresses to the point that it conjoins Uranus that a significant event will occur in the person's life.  Isaac Newton had this placement.

2nd House/Taurus:  This placement is likely to provide a somewhat unconventional attitude toward money and investing.  In Taurus, it can attach an element of eccentricity to otherwise stable Taurean traits.  For example, since Uranus tends to make a person strong willed, it could contribute to further strengthening the tendency to be stubborn to the point of being inflexible to a fault.

3rd House/Gemini:   It is very likely that this person will have extremely brilliant and original ideas, but if negatively aspected may possess other traits that will prevent them from executing them properly and seeing them through to fruition.  From childhood on they may be bored with school or too much structure in their environment and/or be so ornery that others find them downright annoying.  A classic example of someone with this placement is Albert Einstein.

4th House/Cancer:  Uranus in Cancer can exacerbate the natural moodiness of this sign and accentuate the generally unpredictable nature.  In the fourth house it could create a conflict between the need for freedom and the stimulation of change versus the need for a stable home, depending on what other Signs are predominant in the Natal or Progressed Chart.

5th House/Leo:  In this House Uranus could be particularly beneficial to any creative tendencies, unless aspected in a negative way.  Any creations will be original, innovative and  most likely very distinctive.  In the love life department, they'll be inclined to be very enthusiastic and optimistic but perhaps a bit too oblivious to emotional risks.  They should cultivate a conscious awareness of this and throw some calculated logic toward their relationships before becoming too involved.  The person's children are likely to be very intelligent and innovative as well.  In Leo, it adds additional dazzle to the leonine nature and could possible add a bit of a power trip coupled with an unconventional attitude.  It can also exacerbate the Leo temper, leading to explosive outbursts.

6th House/Virgo:  The innovative and brilliance factor will be apparent here in the house of work and health, but there may be a definite problem dealing with a regular work routine.  If it's boring or tedious in any way, the person is very likely to become very frustrated.  Nervousness is likely as well as a tendency to eat erratically.  These are the people who'll try to subsist on fast or snack food rather than maintain a healthy diet though there is also the possibility that such a placement could lead to incredible breakthroughs in the healthcare professions. 

7th House/Libra While Uranus will throw its creativity and sparkle to the initiation of relationships, in the long haul the need for independence can preclude long-term stability.  There could be significant inner conflict in the person if their Ascendant, Sun and Moon signs incline them in the opposite direction, i.e. toward the need for stability.  This will be particularly true of Libras, who have a fundamental need of people in their life.  Any partners will require a strong understanding of this need and be secure enough to allow adequate freedom to the individual so as not to stifle the relationship out of existence.

8th House/Scorpio Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, primarily since both are related to power.  The originality and innovative propensities of Uranus combine well with Scorpio's passion and ability to uncover secrets, providing  fertile ground for a unique or inventive approach, particularly to investments or shared resources.  The 8th includes death and regeneration, which combined with Uranus would bring about unique experiences or attitudes in that regard.  I don't want to freak anyone out, but Uranus also rules explosions, which has interesting implications.  Transformation is also an element of this house which goes well with Uranus' influence toward rapid or sudden change.  Attitudes toward sex could tend to be unique at best and perverted at worst. 

9th House/Sagittarius:  This placement can be especially beneficial when it imparts Uranian brilliance and innovation to the intellect, making higher education a significant experience.  This can offer the opportunity to really shine and utilize those inventive and creative abilities as never before.  They will also benefit significantly from travel, particularly abroad, and true to the Uranus character, surprises are likely to occur.  Care should be taken that positive aspects are in force with planetary transits during travel or they may have a little more excitement than even they would prefer.

10th House/Capricorn The effects of Uranus are somewhat contrary to Capricorn, which inclines toward traditional methods and conservative behaviors.  Nonetheless, when in the 10th house, particularly if very close to the cusp, it's likely that their career will involve an area with heavy Uranus influence.  These include airlines and the space industry, science, astronomy and other innovative areas or perhaps those in the social sciences with an emphasis on reform.  They are likely to make numerous career changes during their lifetime and need to make sure they don't throw the baby out with the bathwater when doing so, but retain their previous experience in such a way that they're not entirely starting over each time.  These individuals will also require a career where they have a lot of personal freedom as being micromanaged will not be tolerated.  It's also very likely they'll find themselves in "pathfinder" jobs which lack precedent and require new methods or techniques.

11th House/Aquarius:  Since this is the sign and natural house that Uranus rules, at least in modern astrology, it will have a very strong influence here.  The individual will have a strong affinity for groups of one kind or another, most likely one related in some way to the resident sign.  Their social life will be active and they'll be friendly and well-liked.  However, they are also likely to not have that many close friends compared to their many acquaintances and maintain a strong sense of personal freedom.  Their behavior can be erratic, sometimes breaking ties abruptly with a particular group or perhaps making a big scene in order to accomplish a needed change when the rest of the group has disintegrated into group-think.

12th House/Pisces:  While there are significant differences between the general character of Uranus and Pisces or the 12th House, nonetheless this placement tends to work out quite well.  Pisces is generally empathic and caring and the 12th House represents our subconscious and our need to help others.  Uranus is very humanitarian, but often on a larger scale and thus detached on the one to one human level.  When this sign or house and Uranus get together, it can result in some very significant social interactions.  However, sometimes these individuals will also entirely dedicate themselves to some kind of charitable activity and never get involved in a close, permanent relationship of their own.  They may also seek enlightenment or spiritual fulfillment in an unusual way or perhaps display extreme psychic abilities.

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