Friday, 13 December 2019

Other than a few annoyances that are likely to relate to past issues regarding love and/or money, this looks like a reasonably pleasant day, albeit Friday the 13th with its usual sordid implications. I'm still pondering Uranus in Taurus, which seems such an uncomfortable placement for the planet that represents upsets, rebellion, disturbances and all things unexpected as opposed to the quiet, stability of the 2nd sign of the zodiac. The last time he was there was the mid-1930s, which was certainly a turbulent time considering it was the time leading up to World War II; he went into Gemini in 1942. Taurus does relate to land and resources, however, which are often the motivation behind conquests. Jupiter in Capricorn is another rather uncomfortable fit since he likes to expand and accelerate things while Cappy is conventional and conservative. With these two planets in trine, no telling what it might trigger as these two gas giants commiserate about their unfortunate locations.                                     

Sun: Sagittarius * Lunar Phase:  FULL * Moon Sign:  Cancer

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