Friday, 21 January 2022

Today we get a brief Grand Earth Trine, courtesy of the Virgo Moon trining Venus RX and Uranus. She's also opposing Neptune, which implies taking a more practical approach as opposed to pipe dreams. Mercury retrograde is semisextile Jupiter, suggesting friction and irritations regarding something you fell for but have since discovered to be untrue or fraudulent.  That Virgo Moon's quincunx to Saturn today is a call for a change of direction regarding responsibility and your obligations to others. Mars and Pluto are causing some friction, too, which is likely to relate to defending your beliefs against powerful opposition. Lots of reviewing of values and information is going on this month, making it a time to question everything.

Sun: Aquarius * Lunar Phase: Waning Gibbous  * Moon Sign: Virgo

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--Timing is Everything--


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