Tuesday, 28 June 2022

New Moon today in Cancer plus Neptune stations retrograde. The partile square from the lunation to Jupiter indicates more exaggerated events that represent a challenge are likely to continue that compromise your idea of what constitutes your comfort zone. Neptune is wonky enough when direct, so you can just about imagine when he's retrograde. This will crank up the fog machine to new levels, trying to cover up anything Pluto is trying to expose while Mars is pushing hard for answers. The unexpected is becoming quite the norm. If you like excitement and abhor boredom, then this will certainly keep you entertained. For those of us who'd prefer a more stable environment with less drama, your best bet is to stock up on tequila and margarita mix, ignore the news, and watch your favorite movies on DVD until this all passes, though that's not likely to be anytime soon.

 Sun: Cancer * Lunar Phase: NEW MOON * Moon Sign: Cancer

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