When a planet or luminary returns to its natal position, it creates a conjunction with itself. This burst of energy marks an event known as a "Return."  Probably the most well-known is the Solar Return, or birthday chart, which provides insights to the coming year. Most parents have never figured out that "the terrible two's" are a result of the child's first Mars Return. The first Jupiter return at around 12 years of age, marks the threshold of adolescence. In some cultures, the Saturn Return, around 29 years of age, was what declared the person an adult. Planetary returns will relate to the energy of that planet combined with the natal house it rules. A Uranus return occurs around 84 years of age, but Neptune and Pluto returns are (obviously) not experienced by individuals. Countries and other entities, however, can.

It has been said that democracies tend to fail around 250 years. A Pluto return will usually occur around 246 years. Is there a connection? I suspect there is, but don't have the data on-hand to substantiate it. However, we may have the opportunity to see how the Pluto Return plays out for the United States of America.

Like most planetary returns, often there are three within a relatively short period of time due to retrograde motion. For the USA the first one occurs on 20 February 2022. I love the symmetry of that date: 2202022.

(I'm sure numerologists are having all sorts of fun with it, more specifically what has playfully dubbed Twosday, which occurs two days later on the 22nd, i.e., 2222022, which is conveniently actually a Tuesday! Follow this link for a nice numerological assessment of 2022 in general.)

The next Pluto return in this series is via retrograde motion on 11 July 2022, a week after the USA's 246th birthday. The third and final will be between Christmas and New Years Day on 28 December 2022.

So what do those charts tell us about what to expect? The country is already in turmoil, perhaps instituted by it's Neptune demi-return, a.k.a. Neptune opposition, which would clearly be a time of division and confusion.

Unless a country has a very strong political and cultural structure, that's the perfect prelude to major unrest. And what about Uranus? The USA had its first Uranus return series between 1860-1861. The third return of that series occurred on 2 April 1861. So get this: On 12 April 1861 the US Civil War began.


The next Uranus return, which happened to be a single return, was on 30 May 1944, right in the middle of World War II. The next one will be in the 2027-2028 timeframe, so we'll worry about that one later, but it's coming up pretty fast, eh?

But this should give you an idea of how astrology works for countries. Skeptics will say it's all coincidence, but anyone with a knowledge of astrology, especially the geo-political variety, will know otherwise. So let's take a look at the Pluto Return charts, their energy, and see if they'll give us a few clues regarding what to expect.


The first thing that pops off this chart is the Ascendant/Descendant axis at 22 degrees along with the Moon, who's forming a T-square with the angles. This shows tension, to say nothing of a bunch more 2s!

The next attention-getter is Eris, that troublemaker minor planet that typically represents discord, who's at the top of the chart in the 10th house of status along with Chiron, the wounded healer.

This does not bode well right there, but is certainly nothing new. Both are in Aries, showing this is going to be confrontational, even though the Libra Moon is doing everything she can to mediate by opposing Eris from the sign that demands fairness and balance. The Moon is also in partile quincunx with Neptune in the 9th house, which indicates the need for a change of course or direction. The 9th house includes belief systems, including politics, as well as the courts, religious institutions, and the media.

Neptune tends to be the cosmic surfactant that dissolves things like your favorite detergent. He's idealistic or illusive, deceptive or delusional, or all sorts of other influences, that are hard to pinpoint or define. Definitely the natural ruler of gas-lighting. This placement certainly reflects the untrustworthy media.

The Moon is in the 4th house of endings and new beginnings, which has implications as well. If nothing else, this quincunx between the Moon and Neptune reflects the general confusion amid the populace, to say nothing of dissatisfaction with the courts as well as media, with higher education, who is definitely not promoting the values under which this country was founded, in there as well.

Jupiter in Pisces along with the Sun are definitely contributing to Neptune's energy in the Lalaland of Pisces, though the Sun is in the 8th house of death and regeneration, shared resources, debt, and transformations. This indicates intense situations and the potential for major, earthshaking change.

The Moon trining Saturn, likewise in the 8th, suggests the need for rebuilding in an intense, transformational manner. The busy Moon is squaring Venus and Mars, but barely out of range of Pluto. Mars and Venus are in the 6th house, which represents the working class, farmers, army, labor unions, hospitals and health. Obviously, there have been plenty of health issues. (Note that insidious asteroid, Wuhan, is in the 12th house of hidden enemies.) Mars represents the military and this is their house, but overlaps with the health issues among service members, thanks to the vax mandates and the plethora of adverse effects. Venus, who rules the 4th house of endings/new beginnings, is less than a half-degree away from Mars, with Mars sextile Neptune, so that splashes on her as it hints at a cover-up from the sleazy press (big surprise.)  Not hearing about the problems in the military? Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson held a meeting on it and reported it to Congress, which was on YouTube, but it may have been censored into oblivion by now.

Pluto represents secret societies, underground mineral resources, revolutionaries, political extremists (in both directions), corruption, and power grabs and he's in the 7th house, which in mundane astrology represents treaties and alliances as well as partnerships in general. The question here is how much this relates to foreign countries versus factions within our own, where finding middle ground is next to impossible? Is this pointing toward the NWO? The CCP? The nefarious Deep State?  Bear in mind that the 7th house in conventional astrology represents partnerships as well as open enemies. Pluto in that house implies they're up to no good.

Mercury in the 7th house in Aquarius is quincunx Wuhan, demanding information.  What information is the CCP holding back? Why, if they have nothing to hide?

The Mercury - Saturn midpoint continues to square Uranus, which has been the case for quite a while. Uranus is on the cusp of the 11th house, which includes legislative bodies, associations, and the stock market. This could indicate resistance to change or a very difficult, unstable, chaotic disturbance in these areas.

Unless you've been living under a rock or getting all your news from MSNBC or CNN, none of this should be a surprise. The chart definitely reflects the current state of the country.

Now let's take a look at the US Sibly chart progression to see what clues might be there. How is the USA evolving through time?

First of all, note that Uranus is in the 10th house, showing at the most fundamental level that the country is in a state of upheaval, technological explosions, and rebellion. More specifically, Uranus represents technology, political agitators, eccentrics, science, electrical grids, and humanitarian efforts. Let me count the ways, eh? The 10th house represents the ruling party, national reputation, and head of state. That does a pretty good job of summarizing the nation's current status.

The tight opposition between Saturn and Venus shows stress between reality and our material security level (think inflation) in the most basic sense. Furthermore, the 3rd house represents communications and infrastructure as well as (e)mail and blogs, while the 9th includes the courts and media. Clearly there is a huge disparity between conventional and unconventional news sources as well.

There are two closed loop aspect patterns, one I call a Course Adjustment Loop that comprises Mars, the Sun and Jupiter. The usual meaning of that pattern is that something isn't working, which necessitates a change of course before things can proceed in an easy manner. The conflict is between Mars and Jupiter, where Mars is the natural ruler of disputes, in this case those residing in the 2nd house, which include finances, the treasury, and resources in general.

The square with Jupiter in the 11th, which includes legislative bodies such as congress as well as the stock market, definitely represents the money crisis and fiat currency situation. Remember, we don't really operate with a "treasury" these days, but "Federal Reserve Notes." I'm not going to get into a lengthy lesson in economics, but the effects of printing money are easily seen in the grocery store.

The quincunx between Mars and the Sun in the 7th house, which includes treaties and alliances, hints at the supply chain issues. The Sun represents the head of government, so let's see if you can figure out who that is. Sadly, what's coming out of there are instructions to Congress to print more money or, conversely, since Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the 8th house, to raise taxes.

The other aspect pattern looks like a chopped-off pyramid and comprises Mars, the conjunction between the Moon and Mercury, the Sun, then back to Jupiter. The newcomers are the Moon and Mercury in the 6th house (working class, farmers, army, labor unions, hospitals and healthcare) where the Moon also represents the people, more specifically women and children, as well as waterways and the national mood. Mercury, besides representing information in general, also represents retail trade. These two fit into that Course Adjustment Loop as people try to deal with making ends meet amid an inflationary crisis. The semisextile, a minor aspect that typically indicates friction or an annoyance, connects the Moon and the Sun, which could easily account for the current approval rating of the supposed leader lost in the fog-bound environment of Pisces.

Which begs the question, if this is in the country's astrology, would this mess exist no matter WHO is in office? Who's really in charge here? (Pun intended) Mercury rules the 10th house as well as the ascendant and is likewise exalted in the 6th house, where he resides. Take a look at those 6th house domains in the paragraph above and decide which one you'd like to be in charge. Considering how COVID has been handled, I definitely don't vote for the healthcare industry, yet they are exactly who has been in charge the past two years! Think about it. Scary stuff, right?

Neptune is in the 1st house, which represents the national identity. To say that it's not what it used to be would be the understatement of the year, perhaps the decade or longer. Even more interesting is the fact that Neptune represents socialism/communism, idealism, pollution, oil, and pharmaceuticals. The trine from Neptune to Pluto (secret societies, revolutionaries, political extremists, etc.) certainly suggests some serious collusion there. Who's raking in obscene profits hand over fist through draconian mandates?

Chiron in the 8th house certainly represents the many people injured and dying from the suppression of early treatment protocols relative to the plandemic to say nothing of the vax mandates. Eris, which is the natural ruler of discord, but in geopolitical astrology represents minority groups, factions, and immigrants, is currently unaspected in the 5th house. The 5th house includes children, the entertainment industry, sports, recreation and oddly enough, the Senate. Immigration is certainly an issue, to say nothing of ugly accusations related to the exploitation of children. How much is the entertainment industry rocking the boat and adding to division versus unity? They're definitely putting Eris to good use as is Pluto, whose nature was defined earlier.

If you've made it this far, you have plenty to ruminate upon and digest. The Pluto Return and Progressed Charts do a pretty good job of capturing the current situation. Next time let's look at how the first Pluto return on 2-20-2022 interacts with the US Sibly and progressed charts for more hints on how this might play out.

Part 2

SPOILER ALERT: Remember the 21 August 2017 Great American Eclipse? Eclipse paths that cross a country are said to divide it. And like it or not, there's another such eclipse coming in 2024. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade, but I call 'em like I see 'em. I'm also reasonably familiar with prophecy with respect to the "Last Days." My advice? Buckle up.

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