Some asteroids and minor planets are routinely considered in astrology, namely Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, Juno, Eris, and Chiron. However, all those which have been named and thus imbued with specific energy via its archetype, can be very useful in horoscope interpretation. 

Horoscopes contain many layers. I remember a class when I was studying with the International Academy of Astrology where we would interpret a "mystery chart" in an attempt to determine who it belonged to. While the usual suspects, i.e., Sun, Moon, ascendant, planets, and house placements helped narrow things down, it was digging deeper using the asteroids that often provided the most viable clues. Since then, I have totally fallen in love with them, especially since discovering some that had a direct bearing on personalizing my own chart. Asteroids often provide the coup de gras which can validate astrology by defying the odds. While no one has identified scientifically how or why astrology works, some metaphysical realms gain credence when the probability of a specific occurrence by chance alone is so astronomical as to defy its likelihood. For example, scientist Dean Radin, PhD, has used statistics profusely in his research into psychic phenomena.

As some of you know, I'm a Space Cadet on steroids. I'm a physicist, amateur astronomer, worked for NASA for over 20 years, write hard science fiction with a liberal dose of science, and of course, am a professional astrologer. I've always loved writing, since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Looking at my horoscope, none of this is obvious. In fact, my Mercury is in debility in Sagittarius, which I blame for my diverse interests that tend to keep me far too busy. However, when I discovered that the asteroid, Kalliope, muse of epic poetry and writing, was parked on my ascendant, it explained a lot. The asteroid, Kepler, in my 11th house of goals and groups, in partile sextile with my ascendant, explained my interest in the heavens while the partile sextile between Kepler and Kalliope definitely hints at my love of writing science fiction. Scientia in my 6th house conjunct my descendant and partile sextile my Sun easily explained how my professional work would involve science in some way, shape, or form. As I say, possibly too often, you can't make this stuff up.

I've found similar connections with event charts I've examined. The Boston Marathon bombing back in April 2013 had the asteroid appropriately named Marathon at the Sun - Moon midpoint and within a few degrees of the Midheaven. The chart for the Tenerife Air Disaster in April 1977 had Icarus and Phaethon in prominent places, both of which had a "crash and burn" flavor. One of the worst tornadoes on record, which killed some professional storm chasers, occurred 20 May 2013 in Moore, Oklahoma, during the fly-by of an asteroid known only as 1998 QE2.

Asteroids are also useful in synastry, and I'm not talking simply about Ceres and Juno, though they have a bearing. I refer to Eros, Cupido, Sappho, Lust, and Amor as the "love asteroids", which provide information with regard to what individuals are attracted to, what they find sexually stimulating, worthy eye-candy, or may result in "love at first sight." These define the preferences of the individual with their interaction in synastry often revealing strengths and weaknesses in the relationship which can make the difference between its success or downfall.

If you're interested in which asteroids have a bearing in your life, our asteroids report provides some great information. However, it only addresses conjunctions, while I've found tight aspects also have relevance, especially when chart angles or the Sun are involved. Nonetheless, it provides an outstanding listing of hundreds of asteroids and their interpretation, its inclusiveness such that going beyond conjunctions would result in a novel-length report. Readings for the love asteroids, the numerous Lilith entities, or those in your natal chart can also be arranged. Thus, if you're looking for an explanation of why you absolutely love animals or have some other quirk, an asteroid may provide the explanation you're looking for. Find out for yourself that you can't make this stuff up!


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