This triple conjunction in Taurus has not occurred since 324 B.C. Its rarity alone is startling. Considering the state of the world in 2022, this could provide a hint at what's coming.

Triple conjunctions, especially those that involve the outer planets or Lunar Nodes, are relatively rare, especially when they're partile, i.e. in the same degree. The North Node and Uranus are nearly exact at noon CDT on 31 July and at 4:40 PM CDT that same day Mars moves to 18 degrees, making them partile. It's kind of a toss-up when to consider this triple conjunction exact, however, to minutes of arc. Most sources claim it occurs on 1 August, but that is probably based on Greenwich Mean Time.  At 1:00 am CDT on 1 August the Moon trines the trio, which gives it an extra punch as the ruler of function. Mars conjoins the North Node at 1:00 pm, within 9 minutes of arc of Uranus. Mars is in exact conjunction with Uranus at 6:53 pm, within 11 minutes of arc from the North Node.

The trio isn't ever exact (that's a whole bunch of cosmic coordination), but came within 9 - 11 minutes of arc, less than a quarter of a degree. That much energy concentrated into a single degree is definitely worth paying attention to. Of course the yod jumps out, and a boomerang yod at that, one of the features I like about this chart. Pluto and Neptune form the base, implying collaboration between the God of the Underworld and King of the Deep. Neptune tends to be the cosmic surfactant, making things dissolve and disappear. Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth as well as transformations seems to be working hard these days, especially as the USA has recently experienced its retrograde Pluto Return. Mercury at the eye is in Leo, where self-expression thrives. Leo, like most Fire Signs, has a temper, and has no problem speaking up for what he wants. Whatever this declaration might be, its foundation will relate to Pluto and Neptune. There have been a lot of changes the past few years as well as deception and power grabs that make your head spin.

The boomerang portion comprises an opposition between Mercury and retrograde Saturn, which typically relates to restructuring something that is falling apart. You don't have to look very far to find that. But maybe Mercury doesn't agree with what that rebuilding activity might be. Or maybe it's not being reported in the news.

The Moon opposes Neptune from Virgo, indicating the usual need for balance between Neptunian fog and precise data. Pluto forms a triangle of potential that mediates the opposition, perhaps indicating the transformations are sometimes required. Pluto loves power and control, but he also exposes and eliminates corruption. When you're transforming something, you don't always to know what to do next until you get there. Making it up as you go, if you will, would certainly grate against a Virgo Moon's need for details.

The Sun is in his domain in Leo trining Jupiter in Aries, expanding and perhaps exaggerating his royal position. The Sun is the center of the solar system and its definite ruler, his gravity what keeps the planets and asteroids in orbit. As the largest planet, these two in cahoots are likely to bring something huge.

This Conjunction is throwing a whole bunch of combined energy into the 18th degree of Taurus. The Lunar Nodes tend to operate as gateways, bringing something in via the North Node while something wears out its usefulness and exits through the South Node. The nodes are where eclipses occur, and this will fire up that astrological territory for those coming later this year.

Uranus rules a variety of things such as technology, electricity, electronics, rebellions, breakthroughs, explosions, unexpected events, freedom, and revolutions. Mars, the God of War, is the master of action. Sometimes it's aggressive, but always directed at accomplishing something. He's impulsive, but in debility in Taurus, which slows him down a bit, but I find that he operates somewhat like a bulldozer. Perhaps slower than usual, but relentless and not to be stopped.

The Conjunction's sextile to Venus in Cancer is partile, suggesting surprises that relate to relationships, security, and/or finances. The square from the conjunction to Saturn suggests that whatever Saturn is trying to reconstruct might be blown out of the water, or perhaps reminiscent of the recent explosion that decimated the Georgia Guide Stones What goes on while Saturn is retrograde often remains unknown until he stations direct, so there may be a delay finding out. Saturn stations direct 23 October 2022 at (get this) 18:35 Aquarius, squaring this hot degree. So that might be another date to watch. And speaking of stationing planets, Uranus stations retrograde on 24 August at, you guessed it--18:55 degrees.

Looking at Eris, the goddess of discord, she's semisextile Neptune, implying deception is the cause of confusion and so much dissension. Her trine to Mercury suggests someone or perhaps a group is going to be making a fair amount of noise about that, perhaps having reached their limits in tolerating the ongoing flood of disinformation and censorship on one side, or resistance to a dark agenda on the other. (If you encounter any dead links from this post, that is censorship at work since they were live when this was written.)

How these energies might manifest is all but impossible to predict. Uranus by his very nature is unpredictable. The Nodes tend to sneak up on you with a few surprises of their own when new doors open as another slams shut. Mars is ready to shove you through that door, like it or not.

I'm sure you're wondering what to expect from this stellar event at a personal level. These have been stressful times when it's important to connect with your higher power, whatever or whomever you consider that to be. Stress and fear are unhealthy, both physically and spiritually. Use that yod's energy to obtain the personal inspiration and comfort you need to get through these trying times. Pray that you might discern truth from error and avoid the confusion and deception that have pervaded the planet for the past two years. Note the Bible tells us, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest: neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." -- Luke 8:17 KJV This is exactly what Pluto does, reveal secrets, and he's been busy indeed. Uranus is likely to surprise you with much of what comes out. Maintain an open mind, since much may be contrary to what you currently believe, which increases the stress.

While many world events do not affect you personally, just knowing they're happening can bring an assault of negativity. Prepare the best you can for the worst-case scenario, then trust that your efforts will be recognized by your higher power, which will then step in our your behalf to fill the gap.

If you have any planets or angles (ascendant, descendant, Midheaven, etc.) at 17 - 19 degrees of your natal, progressed, or in-progress return charts you're likely to feel something. What that might be depends on what it contacts as well as the houses involved. If those planets or whatever happen to be in other Fixed Signs (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) it could bring quite a jolt. Earth Signs (Virgo, Capricorn) could find it more favorable as a trine, but Mars and Uranus are not to be trusted, so there's no guarantee it will be friendly. The most important thing is to pay attention to anything unusual or unexpected that occurs during that period as well as a few days before and after. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, so if that's your Sun Sign you're likely to feel or observe this in some manner whether or not it aspects anything in your chart. By the way, if your birthday is within a day or so of 9 May, this triple conjunction conjoins your natal Sun. Its effects will depend on its house location in your natal chart, but it's likely to bring something your way of a personal nature.


Just out of curiosity, here's the biwheel for the conjunction combined with the U.S. Sibly chart. The USA is in crisis, so a hit like this could manifest in a number of startling ways.

The conjunction's Moon is in close partile trine to the USA's Pluto, which is still experiencing its Pluto return. Transiting and natal Pluto are in the same degree even though the actual retrograde return occurred 11 July. The Moon is in the 9th house which in geopolitical astrology represents the media, ambassadors, academia, the court system, religious institutions, and the political climate itself. The Moon represents the national mood, which seems rather glum.

The partile quincunx from the conjunction's Moon to the USA's Moon further emphasizes this relates to the people and their sentiments toward the state of the nation. The USA Moon in the 3rd house hints at what some of this discontent could relate to. The 3rd house relates to roads, mail, communications, infrastructure, primary education, blogs, and in this day and age, podcasts.

I recently came across an outstanding definition of a quincunx stated by astrologer Barbara Watters in her book "Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events." Check this out:

The quincunx or inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) is in a special category by itself. In mundane charts it has great importance if it occurs between malefics, between a malefic and one of the significators, or between a malefic and the Ascendant. It must also be carefully considered in the judgment of events. The quincunx might be called 'the Uranian aspect' because its action is sudden, unpredictable, violent, or fateful. It is either a sixth house or eighth house aspect--that is, planets in quincunx to each other are either six or eight houses apart. Therefore it has a connotation of illness or death. In mundane charts set up for the moment a war breaks out or an assassination occurs, quincunxes abound with orbs of 30 minutes or less.  [Source: "Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events" by Barbara Watters, p. 91.  Emphasis added.]

To clarify, the Moon is NOT a malefic and that quincunx has an orb of 37 minutes, so doesn't fit Watters's criteria. Nonetheless, the quincunx involving both Moons suggests a heavy, emotional situation. Note the Moon also represents waterways and water tables. Have you heard the latest about Lake Mead in the process of drying up and going "dead pool," which will leave 40 million people without water? Droughts and unprecedented heat are slamming much of the country. I know this for a fact since I live in Texas where temperatures over 100 degrees have become the norm and I'm watching one of its reservoirs disappear before my eyes.

However, Saturn IS malefic and the Conjunction's Saturn is quincunx Neptune with an orb of 25 minutes of arc. Saturn is in the 2nd house which represents finances, the treasury, and resources in general. Saturn at the most basic level represents authority figures, structure, and planning and when retrograde, rebuilding. Combining these points toward the current state of the economy, which has definitely been under duress. Inflation is out of hand, the dollar rapidly losing value. Neptune represents socialism, idealism, pollution, oil, pharmaceuticals and is placed in the USA's 9th house of court systems, the political climate, etc. (other house matters defined three paragraph's above).

Those matters have certainly been in the news as well, such as the energy crisis, including the price of gas. Rather than allow drilling to resume, the country has dipped into is critical reserves and shipped much of it overseas.

Everyone has had their eye on the Supreme Court lately, to say nothing of the pharmaceutical industry's handling of the COVID-19 debacle much less the ongoing push toward socialism via UN Agenda 2030. (If you're unfamiliar with that document, look it up. It's not just a conspiracy theory pointing toward smart cities and eating bugs.) In simple terms, the dire financial situation and shortage of resources (which Saturn excels at) are in a very volatile and unstable situation with regard to Neptune's idealism regarding all those 9th house matters, which easily include the very foundation of the country itself as defined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Remember what Watters said about quincunxes representing a 6th or 8th house situation, neither of which tends to be pleasant.

Transiting Neptune is in the 3rd house of infrastructures, etc. His trine to Mercury in the 8th house suggests rethinking a few things as well. Remember that Neptune dissolves and distorts things. Perhaps this trine will bring out more information in this regard.

Conjunction Jupiter is sextile USA Uranus in the 6th house. The 4th house in mundane astrology includes land, history, family policies and the opposition party while still retaining its overall function as the house of endings and new beginnings. Jupiter occupying that house implies it will be a big one, Uranus indicating the change will be rapid and perhaps unexpected. The 6th house includes the working class, farmers, military, labor unions, hospitals, and health. They have certainly been in the news lately as well with strikes and data indicating a looming food shortage, even though the USDA claims we're fine. If you trust them considering all else that has transpired these past two years, you will definitely be in for some surprises. Uranus in my mind is another malefic and Jupiter exaggerates and expands what he touches. Remember he's in Aries, a sign prone to action supported by violence when necessary. Will this bring further action from farmers who are being attacked literally and figurativel ? A sextile often indicates an opportunity and is not always friendly, simply an easy energy exchange. Jupiter and Uranus suggest something big and unexpected. The orb of that sextile is a tight 14 minutes.

The Sun in the 8th house brings attention to foreign debts, banking, insurance, military treaties, reserves, and mortality. He is likewise sextile Uranus, suggesting sudden, transformational change.

The trio in Taurus is in the USA's 5th house which includes children, the entertainment industry, sports, recreation, and oddly enough, the senate. As the natural house of speculations, I include the stock market here, though some claim it belongs in the 11th. There are no planets at 18 degrees in the USA chart, so this volatile trio does not connect with anything. However, unaspected planets are free to behave as they will. The stock market has been acting pretty wonky lately with many financial gurus threatening a crash. This could be the coup de grace. Looking at the USA's progressed chart, the trio falls in the 9th and trines the progressed Sun in the 7th house. That could be a huge surprise coming from foreign sources related to treaties. Do the math, considering the situation with Russia and the Ukraine.

No telling what this conjunction will bring. The very nature of Uranus makes him unpredictable, to say nothing of when he's involve with quincunxes, which further magnify his effects. The one thing that I dare say, however, is that something significant will come of this.

[NOTE:-- For what it's worth, the triple conjunction occurs in the 7th house of the NATO horoscope as found in Campion's "Book of World Horoscopes," but makes no aspects. As the house that involves treaties, that could be interesting. It's in the 9th house of the NY Stock Exchange chart from the same source, where it's in partile trine to Mars in the 1st house. That doesn't look particularly good. It's in the 10th house of the chart for the European Union, where it's in partile trine to that chart's Uranus/Neptune conjunction in its 6th house. I can't imagine that won't light the fuse on something with Europe in dire straits currently as well. Farmers in The Netherlands are definitely making a fuss.

For at least a glimpse of precedent, let's look at the 324 BC chart.


Here's the chart for 324 B.C. Since most of us don't have the background in ancient history to know what happened back then, I'll help you out. In 323 B.C. (approximately a year later) Alexander the Great died at the age of 32 and shortly thereafter his empire fell apart. Considering the state of the world in 2022, do you think we could see a similar effect?

In this chart Uranus and Mars are in exact conjunction, but the North Node is approaching. Mars eventually conjoins the North Node and Pluto, but Uranus never makes it to 18 degrees. Nonetheless, this is a powerful rolling stellium and even more startling with Pluto also in Taurus! This could have definitely provided a much stronger punch, to say nothing of the line-up in nextdoor Gemini. Like the upcoming trio, this one would have also been in effect for several days, but cast for when malefics Mars and Uranus were in exact conjunction, given their explosive potential.

It's interesting that when Mars and Uranus were in exact conjunction that this lethal-looking stellium straddled the Midheaven. Uranus and Mars had political implications in the 9th house while Pluto, Venus, the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter all resided in the 10th house. Multiple semi-sextile, which designate friction, connected the planets in those two houses.

The Moon opposed Uranus, Mars, and Pluto while Neptune opposed Pluto. Eris was in the 7th house, in retrograde approaching the cusp.

Unfortunately, Campion's massive volume doesn't include horoscopes for ancient empires. It's also worth noting that back then, when rulers routinely had court astrologers, that Uranus and Pluto as well as Neptune, being invisible to the naked eye, had not yet been discovered. While this parade in the heavens no doubt garnered attention, without those outer planets, which have proven to have a profound effect on cultures and societies, its interpretation would have undoubtedly lacked their sordid implications.

Not having Alexander the Great's chart (which is probably available somewhere) I can't see how it lined up for him. However, it seems like more than coincidence that a year later he died at the young age of 32, which was suspected to be murder by poisoning, after which his empire crumbled.

It's not much of an exaggeration to consider that it precipitated an earth-shattering event.

Will it bring a repeat performance in 2022?

Without Pluto there, perhaps not. Pluto has been busy in the USA chart, however. There's also the matter of the eclipse on 21 August 2017 that crossed the country. For those of you who are unaware, that typically signified a country divided, which certainly started to play out shortly thereafter.

In October 2023 an eclipse path nicks the southwest corner of Texas, then another eclipse path crosses the country in April 2024, again striking Texas.

As an astrologer, it's difficult to maintain much optimism for the fate of the United States much less the world as despotic powers carry out their agenda to depopulate the planet and assume total control of our lives. But they claim "You'll own nothing but be happy."

Even if you're eating bugs and every element of your life is under their control.

Don't believe me? Again, check out UN Agenda 2030.

You can't make this stuff up.

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