Part III


As a quick reminder, Pluto in geo-political astrology represents secret societies; underground mineral resources in general (e.g. oil); revolutionaries; political extremists; and exploiting other's resources. It's no wonder that a return of this planet would relate so strongly to these matters, all of which are at the forefront of today's issues.

This is the second return in this series, brought about by retrograde motion. Pluto retrograde tends to be the cosmic roto-rooter, digging up and exposing corruption. It's no surprise that he's in Capricorn, the sign that rules government and corporations, thus targeting these areas. The established meaning of planets, signs, and houses has been around for millennia.  Fortunately, the heavens don't lie. So let's see what this second return reveals.

The usual astrological convention is for there to be at least 7 aspects for something significant to occur. That criteria is met even with a fairly tight orb. The T-square that connects the Moon opposing Venus to Neptune at the apex stands out as the focus of tension. The 2nd house that includes finances, treasury and resources in general is occupied by the Sagittarius Moon. This suggests emotional philosophical musings about such matters as the nation being hammered with runaway inflation and shortages ranging from energy to food. Not exactly the usual daily concerns.

The 4th house, which represents land values, speculation, and usage as well as family policies and self-perception, has Neptune in residence, the planet that represents socialism, idealism, pollution, oil and pharmaceuticals. Neptune is the cosmic surfactant, dissolving what he touches to say nothing of having the dubious honor of reigning over delusions, illusions, and deception. He specializes in fantasy and confusion.

The Moon's reaction to Neptune's domain is not one of approval. Venus is in the 8th house, which includes foreign debts, banking, insurance, military treaties, reserves, and mortality. Deaths have been off the scale since rolling out the COVID vaccine in 2021 per the insurance industry. Note that Neptune rules viruses as well as the pharmaceutical industry, which have upended the planet since 2020.

With the Moon representing the people and national mood, clearly there is plenty to be upset about.

The Moon's quincunx to the Sun in the 8th shows the need for adjustments or a change of direction on the part of the government. A change relative to treaties and alliances as represented by Uranus in the 7th in sextile to the Sun provides some hints at possible solutions. Is the government cutting off its nose to spite its face with its relationship to other countries? Or  with its own people?

Venus is trining Saturn retrograde in the 3rd house, which relates to communications and infrastructure as well as primary education. This indicates the need for restructuring in a transformational way. Not only is the aging infrastructure an ongoing problem that has been neglected for too long, but primary education is an issue as well as various unsavory agendas creep into schools. This is alarming numerous parents who are being systematically cut out of the loop regarding what their children are taught, then stalked by the FBI when they speak up. Since when are concerned parents a threat to national security? Saturn semisextile Neptune shows irritations and annoyances with these policies, as if there's not already enough to worry about. (It's worth noting that by turning the chart, government employees are the 6th house from the 10th, i.e. the radical 3rd house where Pluto and Saturn reside, suggesting hostile overreach.)

Pluto retrograde is in the 3rd house of infrastructure and education as well. Pluto retrograde is the cosmic roto-rooter that digs out corruption and exposes it so it can be cleaned up. His sextile with Neptune has numerous indicators of a target-rich environment that ranges from socialism to the newly created oil crisis, to say nothing of the pharmaceutical industry's heap of dirty laundry in the wake of the COVID debacle, also in Neptune's domain. Pluto is quincunx the Midheaven, suggesting the need for a change of direction or adjustment regarding the economy, treasury, and resources in general as they affect the U.S.'s status.

The 5th house includes children, entertainment, sports, recreation and oddly enough, the senate. It is occupied by Jupiter, Chiron, and Eris. Chiron, the wounded healer, definitely points toward issues in these areas. Children and sports figures have had a much higher mortality rate since the advent of the vaccines. Eris, goddess of discord, also represents minority groups, factions, and immigrants. The partile semisextile with Neptune (not shown in chart) shows irritations in those areas, particularly the border crisis. The sextile from Eris to Saturn indicates restructuring is advised in those areas as well.

Mars represents the military, fires, and disputes. His presence in the 6th house relates to the working class, farmers, army, labor unions, hospitals and healthcare. Mars is unaspected, making him particularly strong. In Taurus he functions like a bulldozer--strong, determined, and relentless. Farmers are unable to harvest their crops due to the fuel shortage, to say nothing of fertilizer being in short supply as well. The working class is being hit the hardest by inflation. Hospitals and the healthcare industry had their way with the people for the past two years, their failed treatments and policies relative to COVID gradually being exposed through the sextile between Pluto and Neptune.

Looking at the biwheel below that shows how Pluto return #2 lines up with the U.S. Sibly chart will tell us even more of what this second wave will bring. That T-square is still there, but this time it's connecting with Sibly Neptune instead of transiting Neptune. As noted in a previous blog, the Neptune demi-return occurred in March. House influences now switch to the Sibly chart where the Moon is transiting the 1st house, which includes the national identity and populace, showing they are not happy. Sibly Mars in the 7th house replaces Venus as part of the T-square, showing the people are not happy with our relationship with other countries. These could be those south of the U.S. border as well as what's going on with Russia and Ukraine. Neptune in the 9th house reflects controversy over such things as the courts, religious institutions, and the media. There's a definite target-rich environment for the people to object to.

 The Sibly Moon in Aquarius in the 3rd house of infrastructure is opposed by the return Midheaven, showing the status of these matters is in sorry shape. Note the Midheaven falls in the Sibly's 9th house which, as noted earlier, relates to the courts, religious institutions and the media. The 9th house includes politics, religion, academia, belief systems, and legal matters in all charts.

Return Saturn is on the cusp of the 3rd house, but retrograde and thus backing into the 2nd house of the economy and resources, which definitely need to be rebuilt. The quincunx to Sibly Mercury retrograde in the 8th shows issues related to the demise of trade in various venues and the struggles of retail establishments.

Return Jupiter in the 4th house is sextile Sibly Uranus in the 6th, suggesting major change. Note that the 4th house, besides being land and family policies, also includes the opposition party. The sextile to Uranus implies a major change there as well, as people absorb what is going on and who's to blame. It's interesting to note that Eris is transiting the 4th. This hints at how minority voters are switching parties these days as their interests are being trampled by current policies as much as anyone else.

Return Mercury is in partile conjunction with the Sibly Sun. As the natural ruler of communications, this suggests that information is being directed at the government, who would be well-advised to listen.

The return's Scorpio ascendant indicates a strong level of passion and it falls in the 11th house. That includes congress, associations, and the stock market. Scorpio is the sign that rules death. The South Node in that house is not a very favorable indicator, either, since it tends to represent something that is leaving to make room for something new.


The progressed Sibly chart has an aspect pattern known as a course adjustment loop or learning triangle that comprises Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter. This pattern typically suggests that something isn't working that's indicated by the square. An adjustment is needed, shown by the quincunx, with the trine pointing toward resolution following the needed changes. Mars is in debility in Libra, the 2nd house that includes the economy, finances, and resources in general. The square to Jupiter in the 11th points toward congress and the stock market as being the problem. (Big surprise, right?) The quincunx points to the Sun in the 7th house, implying the government works with its allies to help, especially in the resources department, which could help resolve these issues. The question is at what price? Seems like the government should be looking after its own interests and not those of it allies at this point in time when we have enough troubles of our own. Note that Mars is in partile opposition to Chiron, the wounded healer, in the 8th, which implies financial wounds as well as insurance payments and mortality in general. Saturn in the 3rd reflects the need for rebuilding infrastructure and education, echoing the return chart. His opposition to Venus in dignity in the 9th hints at academia, the courts, religious institutions and the media pushing back against these changes as polarized values and forces confront one another.

Neptune in the 1st house of national identity and the populace hints at a crisis, given Neptune often makes things disappear. It also shows confusion or perhaps even deception as previous values associated with life in the USA are annihilated, one by one.

The quincunx to Neptune from the Moon in the 6th shows demands for change from the working class and farmers who are tired of being trampled upon by the powers that be and don't know what happened to the country that was supposed to belong to them. The asteroid, Chaos, in the 1st house conjunct Neptune, indicates the unrest and confusion being generated by policies that have been among the worst ever instituted.

 Small businesses are putting in their two-cents worth regarding the economy, and doing what they can to survive, while their resources are under attack via shortages and inflation.

Uranus at the top of the chart in the 10th house says it all. In geo-political astrology this house includes the head of state/government, its national reputation, and the ruling party. Uranus is the planet of sudden change. The question is what the change might be and whether it will be good or bad? The current situation is going to go one way or the other.

What will it be?

Redemption? Or total collapse?


Note in the biwheel below that the Neptune opposition is back, this time in the progressed chart, and heading toward a second hit on the demi-return for the natal chart.  The USA is getting hit with major outer planet transits at this time that do not stand out particularly in the daily transits, though they're also indicative of various problems. The slow movers, largely Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are those that drive society. They move slowly but relentlessly, changes often subtle but serious and permanent.

As noted earlier, Progressed Neptune is in the 1st house, which signifies the national identity and populace, while return Pluto is in the 7th, which usually represents our allies, treaties, and open enemies. As noted earlier, Neptune represents socialism, idealism, pollution, oil and pharmaceuticals. Remember that the asteroid, Chaos, is in partile conjunction with Neptune, within a quarter of a degree of being exact. It's certainly not rocket science that such sentiments in a country that's supposed to be a Constitutional Republic create unrest. Neptune in the 7th has interesting implications. Is the USA being pulled in that direction by other countries? Considering that most of NATO supports the New World Order, this certainly could be the case. If you're unfamiliar with the goals of the World Economic Forum, you might want to listen to this tutorial.

Transiting Chaos is in the 10th house that represents the government, party in power, head of state, etc. This suggests that this precarious situation is being caused by the very entities who swore an oath to protect the Constitution. A partile quincunx from Chaos to progressed Pluto shows instability and a need for change. Venus, which rules the 9th house of the media, is promoting this as well, as shown by the trine to progressed Mercury in the 6th, trying to influence the working class. The return Moon in the 4th house shows leanings toward the opposition party as well as family policies and its historical self-perception, and in tight sextile with Mercury in the 6th house of the working class et al. Mercury rules the 10th, which hints at "a government by the people, of the people, and for the people," which sure ain't the case these days.

Remember that return Venus and return Moon are the basis for the T-square of the return chart with the third planet Neptune. Superimposing these aspects on this biwheel results in a Grand Mutable Square, a very stressful aspect pattern loaded with tension. Progressed Sun in the 7th trining the ascendant of the return chart hints at the head of state's support for the NWO and trying to impose that on the nation.

Return Jupiter transiting the 8th house of debts, banking, and mortality shows expansion of these negative elements while throwing a quincunx at the progressed ascendant, again indicating the need for a change of direction.

Return Uranus in the 9th (courts and media) shows the presence of political agitators, electrical grid issues, and technology, the sextile to the progressed Sun showing collaboration with the government. The people, on the other hand, are represented by the progressed Moon in the 6th which is in tight conjunction with Return Saturn. Saturn represents the elderly and conservatives, showing where the people are leaning these days versus what is being forced upon them.

Return Mars is conjunct progressed Venus in the 9th. Mars rules the 8th (debts and mortality) and is the traditional ruler of the 3rd (infrastructure, primary education) while Venus rules the 9th (courts, media) and the 2nd (finances, resources).

This brings to mind the multi-trillion dollar "Infrastructure Bill," which the country can ill-afford, even if it actually addressed the failing infrastructure instead of a bunch of ancillary issues and pork barrel projects. If you need a lesson on basic economics, which includes inflation, money printing by the Federal Reserve, and its affect on the stock market and who benefits versus who suffers, you should listen to this tutorial from Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity.

Note that return Mercury is conjunct progressed Jupiter in the 11th (Congress, stock market) hinting at what's going on with inflation and money printing. Mercury rules the 10th house of government as well as the progressed ascendant, showing the action affects the people as well.

These charts reflect what's going on in not only the USA, but much of the world. At this point, it is not predictive but at our doors. If we'd looked at this chart a few years ago, we probably would not have been able to see how dire things would become since any aspect can be interpreted in more than one way. Those trines and sextiles look good, but that is hardly the case. There is much more in these charts, but if you've made it this far I'm surprised. My Virgo ascendant gives me a strong propensity for details that make most people's eyes glaze over.

How this Pluto Return cycle will end might be more apparent with its final contact 28 December 2022, about six weeks following the mid-term elections. Considering all the doom and gloom out there now about food shortages, etc., that should be a pretty interesting chart. Stay turned.

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SPOILER ALERT: Remember the 21 August 2017 Great American Eclipse? Eclipse paths that cross a country are said to divide it. And like it or not, there's another such eclipse coming in 2024. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade, but I call 'em like I see 'em. I'm also reasonably familiar with prophecy with respect to the "Last Days." My advice? Buckle up.

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