Thursday, 30 June 2022

Before leaving Cancer the Moon is quite busy, which could set off some events or situations. The T-square she created with Mars squaring Pluto is not very friendly and could bring something that evokes a strong emotional response. Her quincunx to Saturn suggests a needed change of direction with whatever Saturn is restructuring while her trine to Neptune implies it might be a bit too idealistic or unrealistic and driven strictly by emotion as opposed to logic. Mercury is providing some information for Saturn to consider while the ongoing set of annoyances and friction related to wanting to take action on something where the path is unclear is still in force. Jupiter in Aries continues to exaggerate just about everything and get people stirred up, but admittedly it is a target-rich environment. Are we having fun yet?

 Sun: Cancer * Lunar Phase: NEW MOON * Moon Sign: Cancer -> Leo

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