Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st AA semi-sextile usually indicates friction or an annoyance. In other words, signs that are next-door to one another tend to get on each other's nerves. 
Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd
What you like about each other:  Balance of complementary traits, e.g., Aries enthusiasm, spontaneity and energy, Taurean reserve, stability, easy-going manner.

What drives you crazy:  Moves too fast/too slow, too impulsive/takes too long to decide, spendthrift/too frugal, self-centered/disinterested, locking horns over how to handle finances and family members.

If you look at the table above you'll notice that nothing there matches.  Not the modes, not the elements, not the polarities. These two people are Different, with a capital "D". They are also both horned animals known for their aggressive tendencies, confirmed by the fact that sports teams are named after them both. Any sane person would not want to tangle with either one. So what do you get when you put them together? The Rams versus the Bulls, a mixed match, to be sure.

This is not to say that these two can't build a good relationship. They can, but it will generally require the prerequisite compatibility in the Moon or Ascendant signs, or possibly even having Mercury in the same sign, which is the one things that can help next-door signs get along, if their communication styles are similar. Now there's always the chance that the Bull is easygoing enough that the Ram's antics are cute and not annoying. That works until the stone-hard Ram's head gets set in a given direction contrary to where the Bull wants to graze. The Ram won't ask, s/he'll just go there and be surprised and possibly even hurt when the Bull bellows disapproval. A particularly sensitive area is money. Bulls like to save it and Aries don't see the necessity. They aren't blatant spendthrifts like some of the signs, but when they need something they'll get it, whether or not it takes the checkbook balance below four digits. 

Then there's the matter of attention. Rams like to be noticed, particularly as they're romping across the mountainside displaying aggression, agility and grace. When they ascend a precipice and look down to their Bull in the meadow, they'd like to see something resembling an admiring gaze. Instead, they'll see the epitome of Taurean aplomb with the Bull reclined under a tree, chewing its cud while it switches it tail at flies, entirely oblivious to all their impressive antics.  A Ram can be relatively high maintenance, somewhat like a European sports car, while a Bull couldn't care less that he drives a 1985 Ford pickup, its original color long lost to Bondo. This generally means that the Ram will either learn to deal with it or, more likely, find accolades somewhere else.

This is not to say this is a bad pairing, only that it will have challenges due to the very different natures of the parties involved.  Whether that dust storm smothers the Arian Fire or the Fire scorches the Earth is usually a matter of which one has the hardest head. And with these two, it's hard to tell.

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