Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and is universally associated with love with its symbol often used to designate women.  Its influence is broader than that, but is generally positive with Venus considered a benefic planet.  Other areas affected besides relationships include comforts of all kinds, e.g. food, clothes or your home and work environments as well as work itself.  Venus also influences your appearance and how you feel about yourself.  Transits of Venus through the Houses on your chart will bring a soft touch and desire to improve these areas in much the same manner as its placement natally.  It also tells something about a person's love nature, which will be expressed through that sign.

As the second planet from the Sun, Venus' orbit lies between Earth and Mercury.  It will thus always appear relatively close to the Sun and is often seen as what we identify as the morning or evening star.  If you look at Venus with a telescope or binoculars frequently you'll see that is has phases similar to the Moon.  It's often the brightest object in the sky short of the Sun and Moon, particularly when it's at maximum elongation.  At that time, when it's extremely bright, it gets reported occasionally as a UFO!  Anciently Venus as the evening star was considered the love goddess but as the morning star, which occurs when she's retrograde, she was considered the goddess of war.  You can read more about Venus's most recent or upcoming retrograde here.

Venus signifies the woman in a relationship while the Moon signifies the mother or wife when a couple marries.  Conversely, Mars represents the man in a relationship and the father or husband in a family.  Venus' placement in a man's chart will indicate the Sign or Ascendant of the type of woman he's attracted to, whether or not his Sign is compatible with it.  Mars will yield similar information on a woman's chart.

Venus in the different Houses can provide the following influences.  Aspects with other planets, either natal or transiting, will also have an effect, as always.  The Sign of the Natural Houses is included since the effect will be similar in either placement.

1st House/Aries:  Venus on the Ascendant will give the native a classic beauty that others will be drawn to and find very attractive.  This will be permanent if this occurs in your Natal chart and transient if on your Progressed chart or from Transits.  If present in the 1st House it will have a similar though less dramatic effect.  Those with this placement are aware of their appearance and maintain it well, according to the actual Sign involved.  In Aries there will be a direct and possibly impulsive approach to love.  Venus is in a condition known as "debility" in Aries since her energy isn't naturally compatible with the nature of that sign.

2nd House/Taurus:  As Taurus' ruling planet, placement here will be strong and considered "dignified."  The person will be attracted to beauty and items of high quality.  They'll like soft, comfortable clothing and will manage their money and finances well, though they may also have a bit of an entitlement attitude, expecting others to provide these things if they can't do so for themselves.  The love nature will be sensual and there may also be a tendency to consider loved ones as belongings. 

3rd House/Gemini:  Venus in the 3rd House will provide a general consideration of others that makes them very sympathetic listeners.  Their decisions will be made with an awareness of their affect on others and they'll want to preserve relationships though their approach will be driven more by logic than emotion.  They'll find learning a pleasant experience and be particularly attracted to colorful and informative coffee table books.

4th House/Cancer:  The aesthetics and emotional climate of the home environment will be important.  They'll want to be surrounded with high quality items and will take good care of them, regardless of how modest the actual home happens to be.  Harmonious relationships will also be very important with demonstrative expressions of affections such as hugs and kisses likely.

5th House/Leo:  There will be a strong appreciation of the arts and all creative efforts and any talents in these areas will be enhanced.  These folks are flirtatious by nature and enjoy the company of others of the opposite sex.  They will love luxury and dressing nicely will mean a lot to them.  Children will be very important and most likely slightly spoiled.  The 5th house is also the house of speculation, making Venus' presence fortuitous since she also rules wealth and money.

6th House/Virgo:  These folks will be inclined to derive emotional satisfaction from their work and will dislike dirty or unpleasant work environments.  They are also likely to be drawn to rich foods and may consequently have a weight problem.  If they don't like their job it will affect them more deeply than others.  They are also likely to be fond of animals and may be inclined to take in strays of all kinds or volunteer at animal shelters.  Venus is in a condition known as "fall" in Virgo because the sign's critical, detail-oriented nature does not combine well with the concept of unconditional love.

7th House/Libra:  Like Taurus, this is a natural home for Venus.  In this location it will strengthen one's tendency to need involvement with others.  These will definitely not be the loners of the world.  They will genuinely care about others and consider their needs and feelings, sometimes to the point of allowing others to take advantage of them.  Others will be drawn to them, which bodes well for those in a business that depends upon patronage.

8th House/Scorpio:  Those with this placement are likely to have a tremendous amount of charisma and be especially intense emotionally.  They will have a natural sex appeal and a satisfying or possibly excessive sex life, provided Venus is not afflicted by Saturn or Pluto.  There is a possibility for an inheritance and/or these individuals often make successful investors.  Venus is also in "fall" in Scorpio where her love nature can become overly passionate, sex-oriented, or obsessive.  As the house of shared resources Venus in the 8th may also provide the native with an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

9th House/Sagittarius:  There will be a particular love for travel, academia, other cultures, politics, religion, philosophy and the laws which govern society.  They will identify strongly with other lands and are likely to marry someone from one of them.  They enjoy learning and philosophical discussions and the college experience is likely to be pleasant and rewarding.

10th House/Capricorn:  Status and recognition will come easily to those with this placement because they will project themselves favorably such that others will naturally like them and want them to succeed.  They'll receive a lot of outside help and mentoring, which they'll accept graciously.  Career will be an important element of their life as well as financial security.  If they don't have a profession of their own, they can easily become deeply involved and supportive of their partner's.

11th House/Aquarius:  Venus in the 11th House will predispose a person to an active social life with numerous friends.  Others will be drawn to them and they're likely to be the center of attention.  They'll make superb organizers and know how to put on an outstanding party.  Charitable activities are likely with fundraising efforts highly successful.

12th House/Pisces:  There may be a tendency to be shy and inhibited about love relationships and possibly fantasize about them more than they actually participate.  Religious faith may become a replacement for romance or solace found in eating or drinking to excess.  A creative interest which can draw from the inspiration inherent in this placement, particularly one that produces a tangible result such as painting, is a good outlet.  There is also a tendency to attach extreme sentimental value to any possessions with special or symbolic meaning.  Venus thus situated can instill great compassion and empathy but the native must take care that they don't mistake such feelings for love and get romantically involved with someone they want to "save" or "rescue."

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