If you've ever really known a Taurus, you know that they're a lot more than the usual bull. . .

People born under the sign of Taurus the Bull come into this world between April 21 – May 21. They are native to the zodiacal 2nd House of possessions, finances, comforts and pleasures. This is not to say that Bulls are materialistic, but you can bet that their bank account is solid and their possessions are generally of the highest quality. Simply put, they like nice stuff. They’re particularly fond of clothing that is soft and comfortable. They also like good food. "Who doesn’t?" you ask, but Bulls are particularly fond of gourmet quality food and fine wines. They’ll not only know what wine to have with what main course, but also the best year and vineyard. Besides that they’ll also know where to buy it for the best price.

Many Bulls love to cook, and perhaps ancillary to that, they love to garden as well. If they don’t have their own little plot of land they feel lost. Not surprisingly, Taurus is an Earth sign, which definitely contributes to their strong practical side. Their ruling planet, Venus, no doubt pushes them toward an affinity for the finer things in life. If you’ve ever seen a picture of some medieval lord attired in fur, massive rings and sitting at the head of a table spread with every imaginable food, a goblet clenched in his raised hand, then you have seen a Taurus in his glory. But don’t mistake him for the cretin at the local tavern bellowing, "Aye, wench, another flagon of ale!" No, Taurus is the one sniffing the cork of the best wine west of the Rhine.

If the average person on the street were asked to name a Taurean trait, more than likely they’d mention stubbornness. While this is somewhat apparent in all Fixed signs, Bulls have perfected it to an art form. They don’t make a lot of noise about it and are often rather quiet and reserved, but the chances of them changing their position is slightly less than winning the Texas lottery. They may seem to move somewhat slowly at times but don’t mistake it for standing still. Like a glacier, they will move over the top of anything, and I mean anything, in their way.

Bulls come in all shapes and sizes but there seems to be one trait that stands out and that’s their eyes. No matter what color or shape they are, there is a certain look about them that is peculiar to Taurus. If their eyes are blue or green, it’s part mischief, part humor, part amusement and part teasing, kind of like they’re saying "I know something you don’t know." If their eyes are brown, they often have a liquid, peaceful, bemused quality, kind of like a, well, like a cow.

Most of the Bulls I have known were very nice people. They were gentle, honest, kind, trustworthy and brimming with common sense. They didn’t move very quickly but they moved steadily in the right direction. They were hard workers, practical with their personal affairs and loyal to their friends, employer and family.

The few I’ve known that were NOT nice people must have had some major affliction in their chart, but amazingly the negative examples also seemed to have common characteristics that were the opposite polarity from those mentioned above. In other words they were lazy, mooched off of anyone willing to accommodate them, were sneaky and secretive and would stab you in the back in a second if there was something to be gained by it. (If that sounds like a Scorpio trait, you're right.  Scorpio is directly across the Chart from them, i.e. their opposing sign which places Scorpio on their 7th house cusp, which rules relationships.  Thus, there are times when they pick up the negative qualities of Scorpio and apply it to this part of their life, depending on other elements in their natal chart.)

There doesn’t seem to be anything in between, they’re either really nice or really jerks slinging about a lot of, well, you know, that Bull stuff. And I’ll tell you what, if you ever come up against a Bull, be prepared to lose. In their slow, methodical, devious way they will eventually git you. In spades. Do NOT turn your back on a Bull anymore than a Ram or you will be sorry. Really sorry.

It takes quite a bit to get a Bull riled up but when you do, look out. And chances are any Taurean will never forget it if you hurt them in any way. Conversely, a Bull will also be a loyal friend forever unless you give him or her cause to act otherwise. Taurus is probably one of the strongest signs in the Zodiac, meaning your chances of winning against one are probably not worth the risk. They make good friends and bad enemies, generally give very good, practical advice that you should seriously consider. If you only remember one thing, let it be that no matter who you are or what your sign may be, knocking heads with a Bull is an experience you’d do well to avoid.


Attitude:  The only thing better than money is land.  Lots and lots of land.

[Pun intended]

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