Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are in semi-sextile but actual aspects can range from near conjunction (1o) to near sextile (59o) depending on actual location of Suns.
Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd
What you like about each other:  Admirable traits that you don't have yourself, i.e. Taurean patience/Gemini wit, the Bull's stability versus the Twins' spontaneity.

What drives you crazy:  Extremes of the same traits that attracted you, i.e. patience translates into boring, wit turns into obnoxious, stability becomes procrastination and spontaneity is suddenly flakiness.

Like all other signs that are cosmic next door neighbors, these two are vastly different. For one thing Taurus usually operates at about 8 Hz and Gemini at about 800 Hz. That can have one of two effects. Either it helps both attain a more normal rhythm of say, 400 Hz, or they’ll drive each other nuts.

Gemini is resident of the 3rd House, which covers intellect and how we think, and as a proper example of their home, they think a lot. And at a speed that puts the others to shame, except perhaps Sagittarius, but they’re on a slightly different plane. The Bull, on the other hand, is slow and deliberate about things and likewise can take a while to absorb things. This is not to say that they’re not just as smart, they just ruminate on things like most bovines rather than gulp it right down. Subsequently, they tend to understand things quite well and with more depth, but don’t get around to quite as many different concepts as the Twins. So one is a generalist by nature, the other more specialized, but that, too can be an asset in a relationship.

Taurus is an Earth sign and Gemini an Air sign. Those are not exactly naturally compatible, but they both run pretty heavy on logic as opposed to emotion, so that is a good thing. Gemini likes to talk a lot, Taurus not so much, but that way they’re not competing, either, so that is also a good thing. Earth signs tend to be quite pragmatic and that can balance out any rash decisions that Gemini may tend to make, though there might also be a rather lively discussion about it, too. But generally a good thing.

The Bull resides in the natural 2nd House that rules our possessions. Bulls are frugal and usually one of their post prized possessions is a nice bank account. They also like land and along with that, gardening and working outside. It’s very therapeutic for a Bull to have a piece of land to call his/her own and to putter around on. Thus, it behooves Gemini to make one of his/her many interests something along those lines, whether it’s flower or herb gardening, landscape architecture or the like.

My main advice to these two is that you need to understand that the pace the other sets is inherent in the stars and not going to change. Gemini is not going to slow down and Taurus is not going to speed up anytime soon. If they can get past that, there is a reasonable chance that these two can get along reasonably well in spite of their differences.

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