Jumping Gemini, it's the Twins!  You wouldn't think that two people could fit in one body, but these folks do it all the time...

Gemini natives are one of only three astrological Signs represented by human beings. However, in this case, one is not enough so we have Twins. Gemini natives are born between May 22 – June 21 and are born under an Air Sign, which is obvious if you’ve ever known one. They not only could talk the proverbial ear off of a horse but could do it while engaged in some other activity, such as solving the Grand Unified Theory that eluded Einstein.

The Twins reside in the zodiacal 3rd House of the intellect, and in their case the House has many very large rooms.  Every Gemini I have ever known was brilliant. At least two of them earned a PhD. The only reason more of them don’t get there is that the one thing they have a hard time doing is focusing on one thing. That is why they’re represented by twins, because no single person could ever do or even think all the things they can accomplish over their lunch hour alone. The only problem is for all they do, the actual act of finishing something is often lost in the shuffle.

Mercury, master of communications, rules these hyperactive individuals. And communicate they do, at the speed of light. They are multi-talented, know something about just about everything, and are disgustingly competent at most anything they attempt.

Except possibly relationships. Most Twins would probably be better off if they simply stuck with their alter-ego for companionship and forgot about even trying to get along with another ordinary human, especially in an intimate relationship. Of course they could always get together with another Gemini but then there would be four of them, which has some interesting implications, though I’m not sure that would qualify as a relationship. More like group therapy, which is crazy enough that it might actually work.

Seriously, Gemini’s get bored so easily they seldom pair up with an ordinary human. At the least, they are drawn to someone quite different than themselves, usually from another culture. (I suspect this is because their Natural 7th House cusp of relationships is in Sagittarius, which is all about long distance travel, other cultures, ideologies, mind expansion and the like.)  Sometimes such a coupling works and sometimes it’s a complete train wreck. And I mean Train Wreck to the tune of things like international domestic kidnapping scenarios and the like.  This is not necessarily a fluke because I know personally of two Geminis (count them, one...two..) who wound up living that situation.  I kid you not.  Gemini may abhor boredom but that kind of situation even stresses a Twin.  One thing about them, though, when a relationship is clearly dead they will move on as quickly as they do with any other activity.  Not that being a Mutable Air sign makes them fickle, but when they’ve had enough they simply walk away, brushing their hands together as if to say, "Oh, well, win a few, lose a few. Next…"

This is not to say they’re insensitive because they’re not. They have feelings like everyone else, but since they thrive on data and move at the speed of light, they simply get over it so fast that no one can actually tell they’ve been affected. They’re not inclined toward sloppy sentimentalism unless they’re tempered by something like a Cancer Moon. They remember birthdays and anniversaries better than anyone I’ve ever seen (except possibly Virgos) and are very considerate about sending cards and little gifts to their friends, even when they’re in the middle of writing their PhD dissertation on something like the electro-chemical properties of squirrel dung. They stay so busy and accomplish so much it leaves the rest of us with our heads spinning. It seems they don’t concentrate on anything for long, but somehow, in these little, bitty segments of time they spend on each interest they manage to put together some incredible accomplishments, kind of like those pictures you see of life-size castles built with Legos.

Two personalities or sometimes more are a given with Gemini. You may not see all sides of a Twin, even if you’re married to one, unless you see him or her in all possible arenas. For example, your Twin may be a real soft touch at home but a despot at work. Two jobs or major interests are common such as an advanced degree in some scientific discipline and then a consuming hobby on the side such as amateur radio.  Occasionally their personalities are so diverse that they embrace two diametrically opposed moral standards and truly believe in both, making them prime material as politicians.  Don't mistake this for the same behavior as Librans who try in their infinite fairness to see both sides of an issue.  The Twins can go beyond understanding to living and believing two mutually exclusive value sets.

Twins are very comfortable with the concept of two lives. This helps them avoid boredom and is also an escape mechanism if one of their lives becomes tedious or too demanding. Being a Mutable sign, change is not only accepted but embraced or in some cases sought. They don’t do this on purpose to annoy or deceive, it’s just how they are. To them this is normal and they may have a hard time understanding those who have a single personality and more concentrated interests.  They also tend to believe that when they leave one life for their backup plan, whatever the reason or length of time involved may be, that everything in life #1 grinds to a screeching halt and will be exactly the same when they return.  They are entirely oblivious to the fact that they might be missed or things might change while they're away.

I don’t know whether you’d call it courageous or impulsive, but once they set their mind on something they jump on it like a duck on a June bug. Moss does not grow under their feet. They don’t have any particular "look" in common, other than the fact they usually talk and move rather quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever known a Gemini who was seriously overweight, probably because they have the metabolism of a hummingbird or forget to eat. Either that or they manage to squeeze a fitness program into that crazy schedule of theirs.

Gemini natives generally make dedicated parents and somehow find time for their children, though they often won’t do the same for their spouse. This might be because the kids can move fast enough to keep up with them and they’re much more fun. There is also the Progression factor, where many Twins will have progressed into Cancer by the time they become parents, adding to the nurturing instinct.

You’ll never be bored around a Gemini unless they move so fast that they seem like a blur, kind of like watching a ceiling fan. They’re also fast with witty remarks, so fast that you might not understand the quip until the next hour or even day. Nonetheless, their enthusiasm for life can be quite inspiring and you’re bound to learn a lot by simply listening to them.

Just one bit of advice if you want to try and keep up with one: be prepared to consume a lot of caffeine.


Attitude:  Let's be logical...

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