Moore, Oklahoma

EF5 Tornado

20 May 2013

3:00+ p.m.

El Reno, Oklahoma

EF5 Tornado

31 May 2013

6:03 p.m.

Tribute to Discovery Channel Storm Chasers, Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young:

There have been so many tornadoes lately that I can't keep up with them.  While all of them are heartbreaking, the two that demand an astrological look are the EF-5 that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013 which  hit two elementary schools in its lethal path as well as the EF-5 in El Reno near Oklahoma City on May 31 which was a multi-vortex tornado that killed three professional storm chasers and numerous others.  I want to extend my condolences to all who lost loved ones or property in these catastrophic events and also recognize the many unsung heroes, not only emergency works but especially teachers at Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary schools as well as healthcare workers at the medical center who did everything in their power to protect those in their care. 

Summary of Major Tornadoes

Please indulge my Virgo ascendant and Cappy Sun which feed my propensity to organize information into tables, a method I find much easier for digesting large quantities of data than the usual narrative form, especially when numbers or dates are involved.  The dates in boldface have charts since I was able to find the time of the events.  These charts are found on the pages covering each town's May 2013 EF5 storm, links to which are included at the bottom of the page. Dates and times are courtesy of Wikipedia and the National Weather Service with their links likewise at the bottom of the page.  These are not the only two towns to have experienced more than one EF-5 tornado but rest assured it's a fairly short list.  As you can see, May is not a good month to be in these towns.  Bear that in mind in case you ever decide to visit there. 

It's especially interesting that both got hit on May 8th of different years.   This is the kind of similarity that piques an astrologer's interest.  The Sun is usually at 17:00 Taurus on May 8th.  Can you guess which planet is at 17:00 Taurus in the Moore and El Reno natal charts?  You can find out from their "natal" charts in their respective sections. (See the "Background" section below for more information regarding their charts and why they are virtually the same.) One of the original studies I conducted that convinced me of astrology's viability was when I took a close look at the astrology of the three major NASA accidents, i.e. the Apollo I fire, Challenger accident and Columbia tragedy which all occurred within roughly the same week in their respective years.  Think about your life and whether key events have occurred at about the same time of year and I'll bet you'll see some trends as well. 

Moore Major Tornadoes El Reno Major Tornadoes
May 3, 1999 (EF-5)  April 24, 2006
May 8, 2003 May 8, 2007
May 10, 2010 May 24, 2011 (EF-5)
May 20, 2013 (EF-5) 210 mph winds, 1.3 mile wide, 24 fatalities, 377 injuries, 17 mile track on ground for 39 minutes, struck two elementary schools and city's medical center. May 31, 2013 (EF-5)  Multi-vortex, 295 mph winds, 2.6 miles wide, 16.2 mile track on ground for 40 minutes, 9 fatalities (including 3 storm chasers), 115 injuries.  Widest and 2nd strongest in recorded history.

Asteroid 1998 QE2 Fly-by

So, what have we here?

I've never been one to believe in coincidences and one interesting tidbit associated with the El Reno storm is that on that same day Earth experienced a fly-by from asteroid 1998 QE2 which came within 3.6 million miles (15 times the distance to the Moon) of our fragile planet at 3:50 p.m. Central Daylight Time.  Bear in mind that Earth does not take well to asteroid collisions though this one was not on a collision course, at least this time.  The El Reno storm occurred a little over two hours later.  To those with a telescope the asteroid was visible traversing Libra and Ophiuchus which astrologically in the Tropical Zodiac would be somewhere in Scorpio, sign that rules death and destruction.  It took me a while to get the ephemeris for this asteroid.  Many thanks to David Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns Software for helping me place this asteroid in the Sirius program so I could see what it was up to.  I was not disappointed with what I discovered.  As expected, there were connections in the charts of both the Moore and El Reno tornadoes.

Another astrological entity, asteroid 3200 Phaethon, is one with which I have a rather close relationship.  Back in the late 70s and early 80s I wrote a science fiction novel called "The Capture of Phaethon" for which I won first place in a state writers' contest back in 1985.  It was about an asteroid collision and the best part is that the real Apollo asteroid with that name was discovered about the time I was writing the book.  Clearly I was picking up on the collective or something, but as you can imagine that coincidence blew me away.  The Readers' Digest version of the Phaethon myth is that he was a son of Apollo who attempted to drive the Sun God's chariot across the sky but it was too much for him to control and he crashed and burned.  Given that myths often if not always define the behavior of its namesake, I decided that Phaethon 3200 must be the "crash and burn" asteroid.  You will note in the charts that Phaethon, which is represented by a glyph similar to Mercury except it has a double cross on the bottom, is conjunct the Sun of the Moore and El Reno charts.  I would definitely not see this to be a favorable indicator.  I will be doing a closer investigation of Phaethon's influence in the near future.  Stay tuned.

I have so much information that I've gathered for this treatise that I've decided to place the commentary for each city's chart on additional pages rather than go on and on and on.  You can get to them via the links directly below.

Moore Tornado

El Reno Tornado

Background (Mostly of interest to Virgos, Astrologers and other Detail Freaks)

One of the reasons I'm a bit slow getting these astrological views done is because I didn't have a "birth date" much less a time for either Moore or El Reno and I've found that comparing the transits of the event to the chart for the city where the disaster strikes is quite telling.  Would the truth be told, I spent nearly as much time trying to find a date for when the cities were incorporated as I did looking at the astrology but I learned a lot about Oklahoma's history in the progress.  I was entirely unsuccessful in finding the date they became official cities so the date I decided to use for both Moore and El Reno is April 22, 1889.  This is when the land was opened up by a United States Government Act of Congress to a "land run."  At noon on that date the area was opened for settlement and people were allowed to enter the area and stake their claims.  If you ever wondered where the term "sooner" came from it relates to those who got there "sooner" than they were legally allowed to which caused a bit of trouble as you can imagine.  Running that date for each city resulted in ascendants a quarter of a degree apart and planets in all the same houses so they have virtually the same chart as would any other cities that sprang up at that time.  However, the tornadoes occurred on two different dates so there are a few differences in the transits to the charts.

Both Moore and El Reno, Oklahoma are in the middle of the section of the U.S. known as Tornado Alley and appear to have a figurative tornado bulls-eye on them considering both cities have the dubious honor of having been hit twice by an EF-5 tornado to say nothing of numerous others over the years.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claims that any given location would only receive a direct tornado strike every 1585 years.  Right.  Tell that to the people who live in these two cities.  That's like claiming similar statistics for lightning when you're the tallest building in the area with a lightning rod on the roof. Considering both Moore and El Reno have nearly identical natal charts, at least for the purposes of this article (even though they're in different counties), it's not surprising they share similar situations.  Moore was incorporated in 1893 and received a Post Office in May, 1889 while El Reno received a Post Office in June of the same year.  Bear in mind that Oklahoma was not a state until November 16, 1907 which is probably why incorporation records for the cities are not in the state archives.

At this point I can't resist indulging in some purely off-the-wall speculation which, especially if you're reading this in the first place, you may expect from an astrologer, even though I'm sure it will earn all sorts of derisive comments from the purely rational crowd.  Luckily, they probably won't be reading it in the first place.  So, given that, here it is: Considering the politically incorrect (i.e., brutal) manner by which the United States Government acquired this land from the Native Americans, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the rightful owners placed a rather nasty curse on this land.  The same could easily apply to that entire "Tornado Alley" area which was previously occupied by numerous American Indian tribes. For example, El Reno has suffered through an earthquake, ice storms, tropical storms that dumped over 10 inches of rain, droughts, and obviously tornadoes.  I don't know whether those who live there are courageous or insane.  At any rate, tie that bit of brain fodder in with the Mayan's speculations toward 2012 and you have some good happy hour conversation.


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