Moore "Birth" Chart

The chart for Moore has a Leo ascendant which can easily be associated with the courage it requires to live in this town which has suffered far more than its share of catastrophic weather events.  The emotional impact can easily be derived from the Moon's placement in Aquarius which constitutes the 6th house and opposing the ascendant.  Aquarius tends toward emotional detachment yet is supportive of groups and banding together along with the philosophy echoed by Star Trek's Mr. Spock that "the good of the many outweighs the good of the few."

The square with the Sun suggests an ongoing conflict between head and heart, perhaps throwing some light on why people have not abandoned this ill-fated city long ago.  The Moon also trines Neptune and Pluto in the 11th house of groups, goals, hopes, wishes and friends.  Neptune is charitable and Pluto is transformational, both basic traits of dealing with harsh circumstances, something the town's founders had to face from their first day. 

Saturn in Leo in the first house of identity is another harbinger of hard times confronted with the courage of a lion.  The square to Mars suggests conflict and the square to Venus suggests loss of loved ones as well as property.  Mars rules the Midheaven and thus the 10th house of public image and is traditional co-ruler of the 4th while Venus rules the 4th house of family as well as new beginnings and co-rules the 10th of status.  Thus both of these planets rule two angular houses.

Uranus, ruler of tornadoes, is in the 3rd house which includes neighbors, siblings and local travel as well as thoughts and ideas.  The quincunx with Mars implies the need for adjustments and course changes due to unexpected, violent situations which will be in the public eye based on Mars' placement in the 10th of public image and reputation.  The 10th house is loaded with planets, i.e. Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars as well as the "crash and burn" asteroid, Phaethon, which is conjunct the Sun.  The Sun rules the chart hinting at lots of public attention and Mercury in the 10th indicates news and information of a public nature related to the town.  Mercury is also the natural ruler of weather and Phaethon is within five minutes of arc from being at the exact midpoint between the Sun and Mercury.  This can easily be interpreted as being in the public eye for weather that delivers significant "crash and burn" related damage.

Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces and thus the 9th house is in the 6th of work, health, service and pets which suggests a strong work ethic with Pisces the sign of the savior and martyr.  Being unaspected, Jupiter is a bit of a wildcard.  He's in Capricorn, sign of his fall, where he's in a serious environment contrary to his natural jovial nature.  He also rules Sagittarius, and is thus the ruler of the 5th house which includes children, entertainment, speculation, creativity, and romance.  The South Node in the 6th hints at the futility of rebuilding by suggesting work left behind while the North Node is in the 12th house of hidden enemies, institutions and self-undoing.

Pluto forms a sextile with the Ascendant indicating opportunities for transformation (and undoubtedly destruction) which will involve groups and friends and trines the descendant a.k.a. the 7th house cusp which includes relationships.  This is an aspect pattern known as a Triangle of Potential where the planet at the apex mitigates an opposition between the other two points.  This suggests that intense experiences will override the needs of individuals versus those close to them.  In other words, people will give up their individuality to help others when difficult times are upon them.

The minor planet, Eris, which represents discord, is in the 8th house of death, transformations and intense experiences which also hints toward violence.  The asteroid, Chaos, ("Cha" on the chart) is in the 6th house of work which I'm sure is something that emergency and healthcare workers can relate to.  Chaos forms a Cardinal T-square with the IC or cusp of the 4th house of family and new beginnings as well as the Midheaven or cusp of the 10th house of status and public image.  This is certainly not a good indicator, either, but bodes for chaotic happenings in these areas which time and experience have undoubtedly produced.  Chiron, the asteroid known as "the wounded healer," is in the 12th house of hidden enemies as well as institutions and further emphasizes what to expect from placement there of the North Node.

As you can see, the "natal" chart of this town contains the general flavor of events to come.  Any event, whether related to an individual or location, will always be represented by the "natal promise."  This is certainly not to say there is nothing good about this town or others that share its chart but it does imply that it will be destined for a variety of troubles which time and Mother Nature have certainly borne out.

May 20, 2013 Moore Tornado "Birth" Chart

This is the event chart for when the Moore tornado formed at 2:56 CDT in Newcastle. At first glance it doesn't look particularly ominous with only one hard aspect.  However, but it's a rather bad one that in and of itself defines the chart given that it's connecting Uranus, ruler of tornadoes and Pluto, planet of death in EXACT square in angular houses which provides additional impact and energy. 

I also find it notable that 1998 QE2, the asteroid that made its closest approach to Earth on May 31, was in the 1st house within about four degrees of the ascendant.  This is all the more interesting when you consider that it was in approximately the same house position in the El Reno tornado chart in spite of the fact the quick-moving asteroid had progressed into Scorpio.

 Pluto is in the 4th house of home environment and endings/new beginnings lending intense, destructive energy in Capricorn, the sign that rules structures.  Pluto is also retrograde, suggesting going backwards as far as building is concerned.  Uranus, planet of explosions, rebellion, disturbances and the unexpected as well as ruler of tornadoes is in the 7th of relationships and the sign of Aries, the most energetic and aggressive sign as previously noted.  Furthermore, the Sun is in the last degree of Taurus; placement in the last degree of a fixed sign often denotes a permanent ending.

This square is further strengthened by a closed loop aspect with a third component,  Mercury, natural ruler of weather, which is sextile Uranus, natural ruler of tornadoes.  A sextile is usually considered a "soft" aspect that denotes an opportunity but in this case the results were far from fortuitous and served to ignite one of the worst tornadoes on record.  The final aspect, a quincunx between Mercury and Pluto, connects the natural ruler of weather with the natural ruler of death and destruction through an aspect that is unstable and necessitates an adjustment or change of course.  Mercury is less than a degree out of orb, making this an extremely powerful loop of energy.  Furthermore, Mercury is in Gemini, sign of his dignity, making him even stronger, plus he's the ruler of the Virgo Ascendant and rules the entire chart.  Gemini is an Air Sign and Aries a Fire Sign, two elements that in this case combine a bit too well.  Mercury is typically considered a neutral planet, i.e. not benefic and not malefic, but when connected with two malefics he obviously gets into the game.

Briarwood Elementary School DamageSaturn, ruler of the 5th house that includes children, is in the 2nd house of possessions and also retrograde in Scorpio, sign of death and destruction; being retrograde suggests tearing down as opposed to building up.  It's mutual reception with Pluto suggests these two malefic planets reinforce each other by the correspondence provided by residing in the sign the other rules.  Saturn is trining Neptune, an aspect that is also generally considered favorable but only actually means an easy flow of energy.  Neptune is in the 6th house of work, health, pets and service where his charitable energy is high but Neptune is also known to confuse and dissolve what he touches.  Teachers undoubtedly encountered this confusion as well as compassion as the tornado struck Briarwood (pictured at left) and Plaza Towers elementary schools. Chiron in this house suggests injuries and wounds that never heal suggestive of trauma both physical and psychological.  Healthcare workers would have experienced a similar effect when the tornado hit the medical center.

Mars is in debility in Taurus but often has a bulldozer effect which is apparent when you look at the damage wrought.  Mars rules the 8th house of death and trines the ascendant, thus delivering his lethal effects.  Mars is semisextile Jupiter, also in debility in Gemini where he tends to go in too many directions at once.  Jupiter rules the 4th house of home, family and endings, suggesting a heavy influence in that area and conjunct the Midheaven in the 10th, indicating this was an event that would be viewed extensively and receive considerable attention by the public.  Jupiter is in partile square with the ascendant, further inflating the effects on the town at a personal level.

Numerous planets are in the 9th house which includes beliefs, expectations, higher education, publication, other cultures and long-distance travel.  These include Mars, Sun, Mercury, Venus and asteroids Phaethon and Chaos.  Undoubtedly news of this horrific storm were published far and wide and it traveled a rather long path.  However, what comes to mind is how this town has been hit so many times by massive tornadoes which yields the potential message that these are not isolated events but should be expected to continue.  It also highlights the lack of storm shelters which greatly contributed to the injuries and fatalities.  Clearly the area had not learned it lesson from previous storms so this one drove it home, a form of higher learning, if you will, that Mother Nature will do as she pleases and it just may be that Moore is on her favorite tornado route for reasons unbeknownst to fragile humans.

The Moon in the 1st house hints at the high degree of citywide emotions affected by the tragedy, particularly the deaths at Plaza Towers Elementary and is trining Phaethon, certainly indicative of a "crash and burn" scenario.  Phaethon is in close but out-of-sign conjunction with the Sun, interesting in that the Moore natal chart also has a Sun - Phaethon conjunction.  When natal aspects repeat by transit significant events often occur. Eris, minor planet of discord, is in the 8th house of death and sextile Jupiter, inflating her ability to stir things up.  She is quincunx the ascendant, hopefully pushing for a change of direction and approach to preparedness and safety for the unfortunate towns in this region.

Moore - Tornado Biwheel

This biwheel compares the Moore birthchart with the tornado event chart and illustrates how the planets interact.  The aspects shown are within one degree of orb, those considered most relevant for transits.  Again, it doesn't look horribly ominous at first glance, unlike the chart for the Tuscaloosa Tornado in 2011.  However, the biwheel with the Aries Ingress chart in the next section does provide similar visual shock that the potential for trouble is on the way.

Note that the ascendant of the event chart falls on the 3rd house cusp which includes early education and neighbors with the transiting Moon present in that house, potentially an indicator of the two elementary schools which were destroyed.  Asteroid 1998 QE2 is also in the 3rd house and in partile trine to natal Chaos in the 6th.

Natal Neptune, planet of confusion and deception, is in the 11th house of groups and trined by the transiting Moon, certainly indicating the confusion and compassion that occurred there.  It's difficult to see in this chart which is crowded and therefore doesn't line up properly, but transiting Phaethon is conjunct natal Neptune, suggesting deception would cause them to "crash and burn." Transiting Phaethon is also semisextile its natal position, denoting an irritation which will reach the public eye. Transiting Neptune is in the 8th house of death and squaring natal Pluto as well as quincunx the ascendant.  Neptune is the modern ruler of the 9th house of beliefs and expectations which hints at deception or illusions, perhaps related to safety and the lack of storm shelters. 

Transiting Uranus is in the 9th, indicating surprises and disturbances and don't forget the square with transiting Pluto, tying it into the 6th of health as well as employees such as healthcare workers.  Transiting Venus, ruler of the natal 4th house of home environment and endings, is conjunct natal Venus and also sextile Saturn, ruler of the 6th of work, health, service and pets, appropriately indicative of the love and concern shown by responsible parties at the schools as well as the medical center.  Transiting Chaos is conjunct natal Venus, certainly not needing any explanation if you've seen any of the videos taken in the schools during this catastrophic event.  Pluto is transiting the 6th house, suggesting workers there will experience transformational experiences.

The Sun in the 29th degree of Taurus implying a permanent ending is at the very end of the 10th house of status and approaching the 11th house of groups, friends, organizations and goals.  Hopefully this hints at impending improvements in safety in a town that has been struck far too many times already.  Transiting Saturn retrograde in the 4th of home environment and endings suggests rebuilding and restructuring, it's trine with transiting Neptune in the 8th pointing toward these changes being related to changes in their collective beliefs toward the possibility of death.  It's time for any false sense of security to be examined and addressed by the proper authorities.  Another influence of the Uranus - Pluto square at the mundane level, perhaps the most basic, is the sudden exposure of corruption or hidden problems with Capricorn, Pluto's current location, is the sign that includes government and corporations.  If there are hidden problems or any dirty little secrets, they are going to come out during this transit with the Texas fertilizer explosion another classic example.  With all due respect to the victims of these tragedies and their families there were some major safety violations here.  As a former NASA safety engineer if my hair weren't already grey from that experience it would be now from looking at these charts.

Aries Ingress

This biwheel shows the Moore chart with the Aries Ingress chart.  Ingress charts which denote when the Sun enters a Cardinal Sign and mark the beginning of a new season also set the tone for the coming three months of activity.  Needless to say they are particularly related to what to expect from the weather since they are essentially the season's "birth chart." 

Mercury, ruler of weather, is in Moore's 8th which doesn't bode well for the coming months.  The Moon is in Cancer, house of its dignity, in the 12th house of self-undoing and hidden enemies which suggests emotional events that relate to that house which also includes institutions including hospitals.  The transiting square between Uranus and Pluto is in orb but not exact.  Pluto is in the 6th house of work while Uranus in the 9th of beliefs is in partile square with Jupiter in the 6th, a big warning for workers to expect disruptions and surprises as well as dire consequences of violated beliefs, albeit unrealistic ones.  Pluto in the 6th also represents the grisly task of recovering bodies buried in debris.  The transiting Sun in the 9th is sextile Neptune which reinforces the possibility for deception being exposed with Mars and Uranus conjunct in the 9th indicating it could be in a violent and surprising way. 

It's difficult to see in this chart, but the transiting South Node is conjunct natal Mars in the 10th.  Typically the South Node indicates something leaving with the conjunction with Mars suggesting it will be potentially violent and will affect their status and public image since Mars rules the 10th house.  This ingress chart in and of itself offered some strong hints related to what was to come two months later to the day.  Asteroid 1998 QE2 is in the 2nd house, squaring the ingress chart's Midheaven and sextile the ingress Moon.  It's trining Moore's Jupiter with an orb two minutes of arc less than a degree.

April Lunar Eclipse

As if the Aries Ingress chart wasn't enough, the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 provided the coup de grace with transiting Mars and the Sun conjunct in Moore's 10th house of reputation and status indicating the potential for recognition related to a violent event.  The square to the ascendant as well as the natal Moon showed it would be personal and emotional in nature. The Eclipse Moon in the 4th of endings effectively creates a Grand Square, typically an ominous indicator, especially with transiting Mercury, ruler of weather, opposing natal Uranus, ruler of tornadoes in charts representing a locations in the middle of Tornado Alley.  Lunations such as the New or Full Moon typically energize a chart and sensitize it to subsequent transits and the effect of an eclipse will be even stronger.  Thus, a difficult ingress coupled with an eclipse can bring a significant event. 

Transiting Neptune is in the 8th of death squaring Pluto, planet of death in the house of groups.  He is also quincunx the ascendant, again implying a change is required due to deception regarding death.  The transiting Sun - Mars conjunction is semisextile Pluto, another bad combination of energy.  The Eclipse ascendant is in the 2nd house of possessions and land and squaring natal Pluto, more ominous indicators.  Transiting Neptune is semisextile natal Moon in the 6th indicating compassionate service coupled with emotional involvement.  Transiting Saturn is sextile natal Jupiter in the 6th suggesting the amount of massive rebuilding that will be necessary.

Transiting Chaos is semisextile Venus, ruler of the 4th and thus suggesting a chaotic ending while transiting Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house that includes children, is also semisextile both Venus and Mars for a four-fold blast of energy that will be felt at home and abroad considering that the Jupiter - Chaos conjunction signifies expansive disorder and chaos. Transiting Mercury, Uranus and Eris are in the 9th of beliefs which calls attention to beliefs about weather being an issue.  Asteroid 1998 QE2 is rising in the eclipse chart and partile trine Moore's Phaethon, subtle but viable indicators for upcoming trouble.

Solar Eclipse

Again there are numerous close aspects for the solar eclipse that occurred on May 9, 2013.  Most glaring is the partile quincunx between the Eclipse Sun and Moon conjunction with Moore's natal Uranus, ruler of tornadoes as noted earlier, which is also being trined by transiting Jupiter lending an expansive effect and relating to the size of the storm.  Natal Jupiter in the 6th is being sextiled by transiting Saturn and the eclipse ascendant which provides even more expansionary energy, perhaps relating to the destruction with Pluto in the 6th while transiting Jupiter in Gemini, sign of his debility plus an air sign conjures up visions of the tornado's massive size. Asteroid QE2 is also partile trine Moore's Jupiter. Transiting Mars is squaring natal Saturn where the eclipse Midheaven also connects with Saturn ruling the 6th of work and health.  The asteroid, Oklahoma, has gone retrograde in partile opposition to natal Pluto and on the cusp of the 6th house of work, service and health.

Without belaboring this chart any further you can nonetheless see the repeated hits of the same theme from chart to chart and eclipse to eclipse.  One unfortunate aspect and one unfortunate chart are not sufficient to indicate impending disaster.  However, when there are so many that all say the same thing it's easy to see how such an event could evolve from the cumulative effect.

Second Lunar Eclipse

If you haven't caught on to the ongoing pattern here yet, here's yet another slap at this poor, unfortunate town.  This eclipse has the Sun conjunct Pluto with Phaethon, Mr. "Crash and Burn" at the natal Neptune - Pluto midpoint.  Transiting Mercury is conjunct transiting Venus, coupling the ruler of weather and the ruler of the 4th house of home and family with both trining natal Uranus, ruler of tornadoes.  The eclipse Moon is of course opposite Pluto and sextile natal Moon. 

Neptune transiting the 8th of death partile quincunx the ascendant and squaring Pluto is likewise far from favorable.  Eclipse QE2 is squaring eclipse Pluto as well as the chart's ascendant.

The concept of multiple hits is maintained from the Aries ingress through a series of three eclipses, all of which hit the chart in difficult ways.  In particular, natal Uranus was opposed by Mercury in the April 25 eclipse; quincunxed by the Sun/Moon solar eclipse on May 9; and then trined by both Mercury and Venus in this final eclipse.  That alone was likely to spawn a tornado, the other aspects contributing further to exact massive size and malicious character.

Moore Secondary Progression

It's interesting to note the partile conjunction between the Moon and Mars in Moore's progressed chart with the Moon ruling the 9th and Mars ruling the 6th of work, health, service and pets.  This suggests emergency management workers will be involved at the emotional level, hinting at the elementary schools being hit.  Jupiter rules the 2nd house of possessions and property and trines the 10th of public image which hints at  massive media coverage of the damage.  Jupiter is retrograde which often relates to ethics issues and again points toward the storm shelter issue.

Venus in the 9th house of beliefs which also includes legal matters and ethics is squaring Uranus with Venus ruler of the 12th house of hidden enemies and Uranus in the 11th of groups and organizations again indicates sudden conflicts.  Eris in the 4th of home environment shows likely discord while her opposition to Mercury, ruler of weather, is another subtle hint of things to come. Chaos in the 3rd, which includes early education, is an apropos indicator for issues related to elementary schools as well as neighborhoods.  Chaos is quincunx Saturn on the Midheaven, further bringing serious matter to the public eye which will require some changes.

The North Node in the 8th suggests incoming intense experiences with its placement in that house ongoing for a long time.  Neptune and Pluto conjunct in the 7th of close relationships, business partners and professionals is far from fortuitous, particularly with the square to the Sun which makes it personal.  Neptune is modern ruler of the 5th which includes children, indicating deception on the part of professionals with regard to the children who have essentially been betrayed by a community that did not make their safety a priority.  Activity in the 7th and 9th houses may imply a variety of lawsuits will arise from these events as well.

The rolling house stellium comprising Neptune, Pluto and Phaethon in the 7th isn't particularly friendly, either, especially with Phaethon sextile the Moon - Mars conjunction.  QE2 is retrograde in the 6th, trying hard to look innocent.

Moore Progressed Biwheel

Transiting Saturn in the 12th house of hidden enemies quincunx progressed Pluto indicates an inherent instability that is going to result in an intense experience that requires rebuilding.  The transiting nodes are virtually on the ascendant/descendant axis, a critical transit that often brings considerable change, in this case perhaps involving the relationship between the city and its citizens.

Transiting Uranus in the 5th house which includes children is trine the Moon - Mars conjunction which is more specific tornado energy with transiting Pluto quincunx the Moon/Mars couple and conjunct the progressed South Node.  Note that on this day the Uranus - Pluto square was exact.  Transiting Chaos is conjunct the 8th house cusp in partile square to the asteroid, Oklahoma, which certainly doesn't sound fortuitous. Add to that the conjunction between transiting Mercury and natal Phaethon, combined energies that indicate a likelihood to crash and burn due to weather coupled with a square between transiting Phaethon and Moore's progressed Sun and there's not much else that needs to be addressed.

Note that progressed Uranus is at 19:23 Libra degrees, only one minutes of arc different than where it is natally except now it's direct.  Thus, progressed Uranus was hit by all the aspects noted above with regard to natal Uranus.  Being essentially fixed in that position for an extended period of time can have definite implications with such an unpredictable planet.

If you've made it this far through this rather dry and quite painful review of the astrological influences that set up Moore for this horrendous tornado without your eyes glazing over, I thank you for your interest and forbearance.  You can see how each chart by itself, except perhaps this last one with the progressed chart, weren't necessarily too ominous alone yet combined with the eclipses demonstrate the cumulative effect of repeated hits by malefic planets.  Rather nasty asteroids such as Chaos and Phaethon also appeared to play a role as did minor planet, Eris and QE2. Note the asteroid, Oklahoma, which is being trined natally by transiting Chaos approaching the 8th house cusp, which seems a rather appropriate combination.

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