NASA JPL Diagram of Asteroid 1998 QE2's approach to Earth

Oklahoma Territory 1889

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El Reno "Birth" Chart

The description for El Reno is essentially the same as for Moore.  There is only about a quarter of a degree difference in the ascendants even though the two town are in different counties with Moore in Canadian County and El Reno in Cleveland. 

Note that for this chart as opposed to the one for Moore the Moon is exactly on the 7th house cusp opposing the ascendant, lending more intensity to the emotional element.  As you probably already know, the Moon is also a biggie as far as weather prediction is concerned with the four main lunar phases are used to determine the following week's weather which you can learn more about in Kris Brandt Riske's book, "Astrometeorology: Planetary Power in Weather Forecasting."  

Pluto is in partile (same degree) sextile to the ascendant and trine to the 7th and Moon in this chart which suggests the impact of transformational group experiences will be particularly strong.

Note that in both charts Scorpio and Taurus are intercepted.  What this means is that these signs are completely contained within a house and not on any cusp, which provides the transfer and transition of energy from one sign or house to the next.  This intensifies its energy and influence which can escape in an explosive manner when a pathway is provided by aspect.  Scorpio as the sign that rules death intercepted in the 4th house of home and family is certainly not particularly favorable.  Taurus, natural ruler of property and material comforts intercepted in the 10th suggests the public nature of local tragedies.  With the Sun, Phaethon, Venus and Mars all in Taurus, the energy of these planets is all intensified as well with Mercury, ruler of weather, in the final degree of Aries, the most energetic degree of the most aggressive sign.  Asteroid 1998 QE2, which had its closest approach to Earth a few hours before the tornado in question formed, is placed at 16:24 Aries.  It's in the 9th house sitting quietly at the bendings of the lunar nodes, an unfortunate location in traditional astrology, within an orb of 1:18 of being exact.  QE2 is also semisextile the midpoint of Venus and Mars, rulers of those two, aforementioned angular intercepted signs.  Hold that thought.

[NOTE:--All towns that were founded as part of the 1889 Land Run comprising Canadian, Cleveland, Kingfisher, Logan, Oklahoma and Payne counties fall under this same chart with subtle differences depending on their exact location which will affect the Ascendant.  Therefore all of them will be included in similar fates right in the heart of Tornado Alley.]

El Reno Tornado May 31, 2013

This is the "birth" chart for the massive tornado that killed three professional storm chasers and one amateur in addition to 9 others.  Two other professional storm chasers had their vehicles destroyed and were injured.  It would certainly appear that Mother Nature was sending a message to these individuals regarding who's in charge.  This storm formed roughly two hours after the 1998 QE2 asteroid fly-by.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.

In the Tornado chart QE2's location in the first house at 16:01 Scorpio conjoins the transiting North Node, indicator of something "coming in," and partile quincunx asteroid, Chaos, in the 8th.  Whatever QE2 was up to, so far it doesn't look good.

Looking at the other placements in this chart, besides Chaos the 8th house of death is loaded with the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.  Mars is traditional ruler of the Scorpio ascendant and Pluto the modern ruler.  The Sun rules the Midheaven which marks the cusp of the 10th house of status with it's presence in the 8th suggestive of the deaths and intense experiences occurring in this locale drawing public, perhaps even international attention.

The Uranus - Pluto square is no longer exact like it was for the Moore storm but still partile and strong with Pluto in the 3rd house of neighbors and communications with Uranus in the 5th of entertainment, hinting at the fate of the storm chasers known to possibly millions of television viewers.  The Moon is right in the middle of things from Pisces, sextiling Pluto and semi-sextiling Uranus, further facilitating the energy of these two malefics and channeling it emotionally.  The closed loop aspect from this ominous square is there as it was for the Moore storm but this time the third component is the Sun, ruler of the Midheaven as noted above.  Uranus rules technology as well as tornadoes and of course a huge variety of other things, rebellions and explosions to name a few. 

Saturn rules the 3rd house of neighbors from Scorpio, sign that rules death, which is hugging the ascendant in the 12th house of hidden enemies. Saturn is party to a aspect pattern as well, a Grand Water Trine that also includes Neptune in the 4th of endings and Mercury, ruler of weather, in the 8th of death.  Again, trines are usually viewed as favorable but in this case you can again see that it only means a strong energy exchange between the planets.  No telling how much influence Phaethon had in this chart in partile square to Neptune.  Eris, minor planet that rules discord, is in the 6th of work, health, service and pets, indicating a state of emergency involving healthcare workers ruled by this house. 

Again, this chart does not look particularly ominous until you take it apart and put it into context.

El Reno - Tornado Biwheel

Now let's put them together in this biwheel using the charts of El Reno and the May 31, 2013 tornado.  It is quite similar to the biwheel for Moore and the May 20, 2013 tornado but does contain various differences.  In the eleven days which passed between them Mars has entered Gemini by transit and is conjunct natal Neptune.  Mars rules the 10th house of public image and status with implications of group deception being made public, again with regard to public safety against these horrific storms.  Phaethon is conjunct natal Pluto, indicating violent death in the ultimate "crash and burn."

Fly-by QE2 has moved from Virgo to Scorpio and is now partile quincunx natal QE2, all within an orb of slightly more than a half-degree.  Transiting QE2 forms an aspect pattern known as a Triangle of Potential with the Natal Nodes within slightly less than a degree. It's not unusual for transiting aspects that involve the same entities as the natal chart to be significant.  By transit the asteroid Chaos is 16:16 Gemini forming a partile yod with natal QE2 and transiting QE2.  I'm sure skeptics would call that a coincidence.  I sincerely doubt that astrologers would agree.

Saturn retrograde as backed up sufficiently to square the Moon as well as the Ascendant from the 4th house of endings, indicating deep emotional turmoil and endings that will require rebuilding.  Saturn also rules the 6th house of work, health, service and pets, suggesting emotional involvement as the town struggles to get back on its feet and start again. This rebuilding is further emphasized by the sextile from the transiting Ascendant to natal Jupiter showing it will be massive in scope.

The transiting Midheaven is in the 1st house, indicating wide media coverage and publicity, perhaps related to the death of the three professional stormchasers, also related to the square to natal Venus, showing how their loss also constitutes an ending.  Transiting Jupiter is sextile natal Midheaven, also indicating massive publicity. 

The transiting Moon is in the 8th house of death and quincunx natal Saturn in the 1st which has implications of taking a different approach to responsibility due to the strong emotional impact involved.  Transiting Neptune in the 8th, ruler of the 9th of beliefs and expectations, is quincunx the natal ascendant, again bringing home the message of being deceived with regard to death.

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Moore Tornado

El Reno Progressed Chart Biwheel with May 31, 2013 Tornado

This chart is just to much to resist.  Note that fly-by asteroid QE2 is conjunct the ascendant in the 12th house, an influence that's pretty hard to miss.  Transiting Pluto is quincunx the Mars-Moon conjunction as in the Moon, further fueled by a partile trine from Uranus.  The transiting Sun is conjunct progressed Phaethon in the 7th and transiting Phaethon is conjunct Pluto, also in the 7th, all in Gemini, an Air Sign that certainly fits well with a tornado with 295 mph winds.

Transiting Mercury is in the 8th partile sextile the progressed Sun with Venus, the Vertex, Jupiter and Chaos also in the 8th with Chaos quincunx the ascendant as well as QE2. While there is no archetypal reference for QE2 it is nonetheless fairly apparent that there was some sort of influence from this relatively small body relatively close to our fragile planet.

Neptune is squaring its own progressed position which implies a time to face delusions with the fact Water and Air signs are involved also representative of the torrential rains common with tornadoes.  The ominous transiting square between Uranus and Pluto is of course will in effect and fueling the yod as noted earlier.  The preponderance of relevant aspects that characterize the event cannot be missed.  If I had any influence over such things, I would propose that a suitable name for 1998 QE2 could be "Lookout Below."

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Moore Tornado

For those of you who are either gluttons for punishment or dedicated astrologers, here are some other charts you may be interested in sans commentary.  They  include the 2011 tornado and El Reno's progressed chart which is virtually the same as Moore's except the tornado is eleven days later which places fly-by asteroid QE2 conjunct the progressed ascendant. 

Tuscaloosa Tornado 2011 International Academy of Astrology

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