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Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are quincunx, an aspect that is unstable and demands adjustments. This is another one that will take a lot of work.
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th
What you like about each other:  Scorpio passion, affection and deep sensuality; Aries straight-forward approach to life and generosity.

What drives you crazy:  Scorpio obsessions and spending habits; Aries headstrong approach to problems, differences in emotional needs and their expression.

This one makes me shudder just to think about it. Whoa. This is another one of those relationships that could be very, very good or very, very bad. There is an intensity about both these signs that is almost palpable, and when you get them together thereís no telling what the result might be. It could be like mixing chlorine bleach and ammonia, or conversely, a proprietary blend of fine wines. But you can bet it ainít gonna be bland and ainít gonna be neutral, not when Mars and Pluto get together. (Furthermore, Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and hasn't entirely let go.)

Mars is about aggression and Pluto is about power. The Ram may be a Cardinal sign with a propensity for leadership, but the Scorpion in his or her Fixed glory, may fail to notice that. They want what they want and have a remarkable amount of tenacity and disregard for the facts while attaining it. The Fire/Water element here may skip the simmer stage and go straight to all the lethality of an exploding boiler. Scorpio may be a Water sign, thus quite sensitive and emotional, but look out for those defensive snaps of that toxic tail! Aries may have met its match here, someone impervious to the famous head butt and capable of retaliating in an equally vicious and deadly way.

At this point itís worth taking a look at the natural Houses these two hail from. Aries is master of the 1st House of personality, a.k.a. Ego. Whoever invented the saying "Itís all about me" was probably an Aries, or at the least, another Fire sign. They like competition, but only when theyíre assured of winning. Scorpio, on the other hand, is native to the 8th House of sex, death and other peopleís money. They have a seductive sensuality that emanates from them like radiation. This is quite likely to attract the Ram, at least at first, since they are pretty highly sexed as well. Death is part of life, so we wonít go into that here, other than to say that Pluto and 8th House elements in your Charts and with respect to Transits are likely to be involved with anything that has to do with intense experiences including death, whether it's accidents, inheritances, or anything like that. Pluto transits were in effect for all three major NASA accidents, as pointed out in my article on that subject. What will get really interesting between these two is the "other peopleís money" part.

Aries likes to be in charge and protect lesser species. Of course thatís the Ramís first mistake, thinking that Scorpio is a lesser species. That delusion could cause Aries to discover that theyíre really no more than a sheep with horns. Scorpio likes money and everything it can buy, particularly power. And if itís someone elseís money, all the better. Now on the positive side, if these two are in business together and working as a team, this can bode well for finding appropriate investors. If theyíre not on the same side, then Aries needs to guard his bank account and guard it well. Scorpios are the financial schemers of the Universe so why not shop at home?

All of this is not to say this is a bad match. Letís just say itís a dynamic duo of stellar proportions and both sides need to be aware of what theyíre getting into, especially the Ram. Many a sheep has been surprised by being taken out by a scorpion in plain sight while roaming the desert. Trust me.

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