Whether or not you've ever scoped out a Scorpio, rest assured they're doing so to you. . .

Scorpios are born between October 24 and November 22 and reside in the zodiacal 8th House of sex, death and other people’s money.  You think I’m kidding.  I’m not. There really is a House that covers those areas and Scorpio is the ruling sign.  Think of all the Scorpios you know and I’ll bet you’ll be able to name at least one who truly belongs there.  The others  either have mitigating aspects which soften their demeanor, channel their energy in more positive ways, or simply maintain a better façade.  For example, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sally Field are Scorpios.  So are John Cleese, Danny DeVito, Kevin Kline and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Likewise, General David Petraeus and Bill Gates.  So far so good.  Then we have Hillary Clinton.  My ex.  And Charles Manson. 

Get the idea?  These people know how to get what they want, whether or not it's in a socially acceptable fashion, and if you give it some thought you should be able to associate each of them with at least one of the 8th House categories without too much trouble.  The 8th is also the house of transformations, which definitely fits Gates, and possibly my ex, who certainly transformed me into a, uh, not so nice person.  Okay, I admit you ladies may not find Cleese or DeVito a sex symbol or know my ex; if that's the case maybe you can put them in the "death" category, i.e. you'd rather die.  On the other hand if you've ever seen the old 80s classic, "Ruthless People," DeVito was a perfect example of his birth sign as someone who married for money then tries to kill her off.  And then there's Cleese as Archie in "A Fish Called Wanda" where he got the girl (Jamie Lee Curtis) away from Otto, played by fellow Scorpion, Kevin Kline.  Maybe that's a bit of a push, but you get the idea; they certainly were convincing in those roles. 

Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, grey lizard or eagle, depending on the Scorpio in question.  They can soar with the eagles, like many of the examples above, crawl with the lizards or sting like a scorpion.  Granted most of them are wonderful people, but consider yourself warned with regard to that handful of individuals who aren't quite so civilized.  Besides, the darker side is much more interesting.  So let's go there.  Much of this derives from the fact that their ruling planet is Pluto.  God of the Underworld.  Not a nice person.  Secrets are their natural domain.  They’ll have plenty of their own and a tremendous interest in yours.  And don’t think for a minute that you can keep them tightly locked away.  Scorpios have this sixth sense that guides them right, straight to the heart of anything covert, the juicier the better.  They probably invented blackmail, even if they do it with a smile.

Most Scorpios have a libido that competes with the output from Hoover Dam and sex appeal that emanates like Chernobyl.  If you don't believe that, look back at some of the names at the top.  No, it doesn't have to be dark and sultry, but it's there, no matter how innocent the package.  Unless they direct that energy elsewhere, they need sex like Taurus needs land, Libra needs fairness and Capricorn needs status.  If they’re not getting what they need, expect them to be either very sulky or very grumpy.  In extreme cases it might even fuel their natural ruthlessness to a drive for power that makes others’ heads spin.  That energy has to go somewhere, and the Moon Sign and Ascendant can give some clue where.  I knew a Scorpio manager who had a large, ceramic urn in his office that said "Ashes of Former Employees".  I'm not sure that anyone ever had the nerve to look inside to see whether or not it was a joke. 

It’s interesting that Scorpio is a Water Sign. The other water signs make sense, i.e. Pisces the Fish and Cancer the Crab. Scorpions as well as gray lizards, the last I checked, live in the desert and eagles usually live in the mountains, though they do like to fish. There's no question that Scorpios are driven by their emotions, but they’re significantly different than the others.  Fish may nip at you (even though some of them are like piranha) and the Crab may pinch you with his or her claws trying to hang on, but Scorpio can put you out for the count with one sting of the tail.  About the only sign that is consistently stronger is Taurus, and that's questionable.   As polar opposites in the Zodiac, both are Fixed signs that can wait a long, long time to wreak that revenge.  In other words, if you tangle with a Scorpio you are likely to be stung sooner or later.  They don’t like to lose.  And while they have deep emotions, they will use them differently than Fish or Crabs. They get hurt like anyone else, but in most cases these folks believe in the old adage, "Don't get mad, get even."  And if that's the case they'll use that emotional energy to get it, no matter what the cost.  As previously mentioned, they're a Fixed Sign, meaning they're not likely to get over it anytime soon and all you have to remember about Water Signs is that their namesake sculpted the Grand Canyon.

The third major element of their resident House is death.  This includes inheritances.  And this, of course, ties into the "other people’s money" part.  This is not to say that they’re lazy, but if they can latch on to someone else’s assets they will in a second.  My experience with Scorpios has included a sucking sensation on my wallet.  What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is theirs.  I have seen a Scorpio actually open and close their fingers at the sight of $1,000.00 dollars in cash.  Like Taurus, their counter sign, and Leo a Square away, they like nice things and if they can get someone else to give them what they want, they won’t hesitate to take it.  They’re intense and have a remarkable amount of charisma.  They usually don’t hesitate to speak their mind, unless it’s to their advantage to remain silent.  Remember what I said earlier about secrets. They make extremely good friends and equally fierce enemies; you decide which side you want to be on.

One other thing about Pluto you need to know is that it rules obsession.  Depending on where it is in your Natal Chart or which House it’s transiting at the time, you could find yourself obsessing on the affected areas.  As their ruling planet, Scorpios need to guard themselves carefully to avoid obsessions that lead to addictions, bankruptcy, or other self-defeating behaviors. Getting themselves set on a negative path is what can make the difference between a grey lizard and an eagle. Another difference can be whether they derive energy from pity or admiration.  This dysfunctionality is not a problem exclusive to Scorpios, but since they can do obsession so well they need to be extra careful.  They like power and will take it wherever they find it, albeit gently, which could manifest as either the perfect victim or a tyrant, depending on their motivation.

Remember that none of this is intended to say that (most) Scorpios are not nice people.  They just have a hidden side, perhaps even from themselves.  You may never see it, but the potential is there.  They’re very kind and giving to those they care about and make very dedicated parents.  However, one important thing to remember if you're in a relationship with a Scorpio is that just because they smack you upside the head with that tail occasionally doesn't necessarily mean they don't love you.  That reaction may be lightning fast, like stepping on a scorpion in the middle of the night.  Just make sure you never make the switch permanently over to those they disdain or perceive as an enemy.  If you do, you’re bound to get stung sooner or later.  It may take a while, but rest assured the surety is right up there with death and taxes.


Attitude:  A sucker is born every minute.

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