Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st   Signs that are nextdoor to each other usually get on each other's nerves in some way or another.
Pisces Neptune Mutable Water 12th
What you like about each other:  Stark contrasts, challenge as well as comfort of complementary traits, enjoying a different perspective, bold versus subtle opinions, strong emotional attraction.

What drives you crazy:  Entirely foreign and divergent viewpoints, too bossy/too submissive, too aggressive/too emotional, opinionated/indecisive, workaholic/dreamer.

Hereís another case of cosmic next-door neighbors that would probably do well to have a very tall, very strong fence between them. A tremendous amount of effort will be required to understand each otherís fundamental differences and appreciate them for what they are. The Fish wonít have any difficulty following the Ramís lead, which is good. Fish will take the path of least resistance and be quite comfortable letting the Ram be in charge, so at least thatís one less thing to disagree about.

However, the Fire/Water issue is probably going to be a lot less comfortable. Finding the simmer point that works for this couple is going to be a challenge to both, kind of like poaching an egg over a bonfire. The Ram temper and zest for life, usually spelled a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-o-n, is going to annoy the Fish, who just wants to swim about in whatever direction the current is running today and just leave everyone else alone. Swimming upstream to spawn is not something that most Fish do and the consequences arenít pretty.

Chances are high that Ariesí Fire is going to overwhelm Piscesí Water element inclinations to the point of evaporation, leaving the Fish flopping on the shore of life, wondering what happened. For one thing, Fish are very sensitive, emotionally inclined, and see the world through a wall of water. They get their feelings hurt easily, cry a lot, and usually forget that critters that walk on dry land see things differently. Depending on what other elements are in their personal Natal or Progressed Chart, they may not have any mechanisms in place that make them capable of defending themselves against that Aries temper and raw aggression.

Rams, particularly the males, have a chivalrous streak that drives them to be protective of the weak and helpless. Thus, there can be a certain bit of co-dependence here that in some cases can work. However, the Fish also may not be capable of sustaining the Ramís ego needs. Since they have relatively little themselves, they canít understand anyone that needs to be built up on a regular basis. After all, fishes just float around and are what they are without any outside validation. They figure that big, bad Ram should be capable of taking care of itself and, if anything, theyíll be jealous of that apparent brash confidence, not realizing that Rams are not nearly as secure as they make out.

If and when that Fish progresses into Aries, things are going to get mighty interesting. If that has already occurred, they might get along relatively well. If it occurs into the relationship a ways, it could be quite interesting and probably not a pretty sight. In my humble opinion and from what Iíve seen of this mix, itís probably best if both just say "No, thanks," and find someone a bit more compatible because this relationship is going to take a lot of work. However, one piece of common ground to build upon would be the Fish's need to escape combined with the Ram's sense of adventure.

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