You haven't lived until you've seen the world according to Pisces. . .

Pisces are born between February 19 – March 20 and are represented by the 12th House, which comprises the collective consciousness, transcendence, and other hidden elements. It also relates to inner struggles, anxiety, cares and limitations as well as prisons, convents and hospitals, implying seclusion and limitation.

And more than likely insanity, though no one wants to come right out and say so. However, I’m trying to tell it like it is, so I’ll go ahead and say it because it needs to be said.  This is not to say that all Pisces are not nice people. Most of them are. Nonetheless, to use a favorite expression of a good friend of mine, (okay, a VERY good friend…) "they’re not wrapped too tight." My Virgo ascendant tells me that grammatically that should be "tightly", but you get the idea.

This is most likely because they are a Water sign and therefore usually drowning in a sea of emotions. These people feel things that normal people only have nightmares about. And being as they’re drowning most of the time, they’re short on oxygen to the brain and more than likely waterlogged, so therefore don’t think the same as the rest of us. This is not to say that they’re stupid, only that everything looks different under water.

If you’ve ever really looked at a fish tank or into a brook or stream, you know that water distorts things. This is because the index of refraction of water if different than air. Have you ever stepped into a stream that looks like it’s only a foot or so deep and the water came up to your thighs or even higher? Welcome to the world of Pisces. And even though all of us are made up of 90% water or so, our fishy friends must be 95%. Something must explain why they’re like they are, because they are definitely different.

Appropriately enough, these folks are ruled by the planet, Neptune. The symbol for this planet is easier to remember than most because it looks like Neptune’s trident. So the fishes of the Zodiac are ruled by Neptune, which ought to be pretty easy to remember for those of you who are trying to learn this stuff. Neptune influences fantasies, dreams, imagination, intuition and, on the negative side, deception. In a nutshell, kind of like looking at everything through a wall of water. If you’ve ever really fallen for a really big lie, you can bet that Neptune was messing with your chart somewhere.

Female Pisceans contain more water than most people and therefore leak a lot, usually in the form of tears. They cry when they’re sad, they cry when they’re happy, they cry when they’re angry and they cry because they can’t find their other aqua sock. Even the males of the species are a bit more sentimental than those native to other signs. Male fish epitomize the "Mr. Sensitive Guy" description quite well and make great friends because of it.  However, their emotionalism is shown more in their deep reaction to situations that Air or Earth signs would shrug off.  Male and female fish alike are very intuitive, often to the point of being psychic. 

Pisces is also a Mutable sign, meaning that they’re adaptable. At least that’s the polite term. Unstable would be another possibility, depending on the other aspects in their chart. Throw a Cancer moon or a Scorpio ascendant at a fish and you’d better get busy building an ark. You’ll need it to save yourself from drowning with them in that sea of emotion. If they have a Mutable Grand Cross or Grand Water Trine, look out. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit. At their best they can be caring, nurturing and intuitively meet your every need. At their worst, they’ll read your thoughts and use them against you to deceive and use you in every imaginable way.

Since Pisceans reside in the Universal 12th House which includes the Land of Nirvana, they are frequently driven by the need to merge with the collective consciousness or seek emotional or spiritual highs.  This can include a tendency toward alcohol or drug abuse, though this need is often expressed in less destructive ways.  In fact, there is nothing more determined than a Pisces who knows what he or she wants.  Many of them seek these glimpses of another existence through such things as yoga.  Other routes are possible via seemingly worldly activities.  These can include extreme sports, whether it happens to be running marathons or mountain climbing.  Some even seek their thrills via their career, such as in the military or other high-risk occupation, or simply immerse themselves in learning.  Escape through novels and movies are also a favorite.  The chosen area for expression will be apparent by other aspects in their chart, such as their Moon sign, placement of Mars, Jupiter and so forth.  They aren't necessarily competitive per se;  more likely they're simply trying to prove something to themselves that will result in some kind of a buzz.

At any rate, life with a Pisces will never be dull. Fish are hard to know.  What you see is not what you get.  They don't deliberately try to deceive you, they just have to put on a facade to survive on dry land and are probably totally different than you think.  No matter how much of a hard-ass they make out to be, I promise you they're not.  However, don't think that Pisceans are weak because they're emotional.  Remember that sharks and piranha are also fish.  They're very persistent and masters at using emotional manipulation to get what they want.

If you know a Pisces who doesn’t fit this description at all, there are a couple possible explanations. First of all, if they have a Moon, Ascendant or stellium in one or more Earth signs they’ll appear much more normal since they’ll be spending at least part of their time out of the water, on a figurative island, so to speak. Heavy Air sign influences will probably only make them talk more, which usually confirms the statement above about their not being "wrapped too tight." Air in water creates bubbles and you’ll see lots of them. Fire signs…well, you know how it is with fire and water. And if they have more water signs in their Big Three, (i.e. Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant), that would have the same basic affect as adding a surfactant to water. Forget the ark and build a spaceship. 

The other primary reason that a native Pisces may not fit this description is because they have progressed into Aries (see section on Progressed Charts if you haven’t already). There are no signs that are more diverse than Pisces and Aries and when they make the switch it’s likely to be like black and white, night and day, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. No doubt the Sirens in Greek mythology were Pisceans making the transition to Aries.

Conversely, when someone progresses into Pisces they will likewise find themselves in an entirely new space. In other words, someone can go from a genuine bad ass war hero to someone who gets sentimental over some pretty silly stuff.  I've seen it happen and it's scary. Really scary.  Finding yourself suddenly afloat in a sea of emotion can be a daunting experience.  Trust me, I've been there.

Coming or going, Pisces is a different place to be. If you must be around a Pisces, or if you happen to be one yourself, either by birth or progression, all I can recommend is a strong lifejacket, swimming lessons and in extreme cases a SCUBA tank. Just know that at some point you’re going to get wet, either because they’re crying on your shoulder or they’re holding you under water.

It may still not be too late to build that ark…


Attitude:  Visualize whirled peas.

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