Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Aries Mars Cardinal Fire 1st Signs are squared, with both a Cardinal Sign who likes to be in charge. Do the math.
Cancer Moon Cardinal Water 4th
What you like about each other:   Crab's warmth and genuine caring.  Ram's brash confidence. 

What drives you crazy:  Different communication styles will result in frequent hurt feelings on both sides.  Ram may think the Crab can be "too soft" and the Crab may think the Ram is too aggressive and outspoken.  There could be a very blurry line with regard to who's really in charge.  The loudest one doesn't always win in the long run.  Fire and water can be a volatile mix.

Okay, this is one of those "Signs in Square" configurations with all the red flags. We have Fire and Water, plus both are Cardinal signs which means both like to be in charge. However, in this case, harmony can sometimes be established, especially for a male Ram and female Crab. This is because if the male Ram is in charge at work, he probably would like to come home and not have to worry about everyday stuff. The female Crab is in her 4th House domain of home environment at home and is very capable of taking care of things there, giving the Ram the safe haven he needs. For a male Crab and a female Ram, this could possibly reverse and still work out, but itís not as natural. The main thing to remember is that both need to feel ownership of at least one of the domains in their life to satisfy that Cardinal propensity.

The Fire/Water issue is another challenge, but can be done, particularly with Moon signs or Ascendants that overlap in these areas. Both are driven more by emotion, i.e. intuition and gut feelings more than logic, but Fire equals energy and aggression while Water equals feelings and nurturing. These are not necessarily a problem and can be very synergistic, provided they understand where the other is coming from. But disagreements can be messy with lots of yelling by the male Ram and lots of crying by the female Crab or, in the case of a female Ram, lots of screaming, yelling and possibly tears and yelling followed by sulkiness by a male Crab. Remember that Cancer is ruled by the Moon and as such is very moody, through no fault of their own. And by the same token, Aries is ruled by Mars and as such is very aggressive, through no fault of their own.  Water and Fire signs are generally driven by emotions, but these obviously manifest themselves differently in the females and males, who will get weepy and animated versus grumpy and animated, respectively.  Male Crabs are not wimps, but they do have strong emotions.

So if both parties are ready to accept these fundamental characteristics and not expect the other to come around to their way of thinking, but can truly embrace the philosophy of viva la difference, there can be a nice balance in the relationship that could work out quite well.

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