Get a grip on the Crab before they get a grip on you...

Cancer the Crab natives are born between June 22 and July 22 and are ruled by the Moon. Since the Moon rules everyone’s emotions, these folks have a double whammy.  Furthermore, as you may have assumed, they’re a Water Sign, meaning that they live in a sea of emotion, similar to that of their fellow water-dwellers, Pisces.  Unlike Fish, however, Crabs are a Cardinal Sign, meaning they like to be in charge.  They go after what they want, with a vengeance, if necessary.

Don’t be fooled by their sensitivity, Crabs are much stronger than they appear and are well represented by a creature with a hard shell and soft interior.  If you’ve ever had anything to do with an actual crab, you know that those sea faring crustaceans have claws that are not to be trifled with.  Likewise, people born under this Sign.

Crabs represent the zodiacal 4th House which comprises the home environment and everything we need to be comfortable. Along those lines, everyone has known someone at one time or another who never seemed to know how to cut the umbilical cord. Someone who lived at home until they were forty or so, or had to ask Mom for her exalted advice on every decision, whether it was what to study in graduate school or perhaps what to have for lunch.  Male Crabs especially tend to be quite close to their mothers and often qualify as "sensitive guys."  This is not to say that they are wussie in any way, unless you happen to affix that label to folks like Terry O'Quinn of Lost, Harrison Ford, or Tom Hanks.  O. J. Simpson also was born under this sign, so give that some thought.  On the other hand, if you’ve ever seen the TV show Home Improvement and remember Tim’s assistant, Al, he’s a pretty good example of a Cancer male, albeit significantly more dysfunctional than the norm.

Male crabs tend to be a bit moodier than others of their gender, which can drive their actions for good or ill; some need to be careful to avoid being whiney.  As a rule, they make good friends to both men and women and usually have a sympathetic ear.  Their Cardinal properties coupled with their natural people skills often escort them to fairly high career places, though they are generally fairly modest about their accomplishments. They also can be quite happy remaining single, apparently getting enough from their career and their relationship with good ol’ Mom.  It was probably a Cancer who wrote that old song that went, "I want a girl, just like the girl who married good ol' Dad..."  No wonder they stay single since finding someone with the past generation's values can be hard to accomplish.

However, if your mother’s sign is Cancer you could be in trouble.  She will grip you in that claw of hers and never, and I mean never, let go. She will smother you with hugs and kisses every time she sees you and most likely do the same for your friends.  If you try to ignore or neglect her she will not be above using guilt to bring you into line.  In a nutshell (or perhaps a crab shell) they are terrifically affectionate but expect you to reciprocate.  They’ll love you to pieces and be very resistant to their young leaving the nest.  For those of you old enough to remember The Andy Griffith Show back in the 60s, Aunt Bea was a pretty classic example of a Cancer woman.  They do hate to see their babies grow up.

One dichotomy most female Crabs display, however, is that regardless of how dedicated they are to their families, their housekeeping skills are generally pretty lacking unless they have some Virgo in their chart.  They may improve with age, particularly as they progress into Leo, but for the most part keeping a nice, neat house is not high on their agenda.  Just because their first love is their children doesn’t mean they never leave the nest themselves.  No, they usually have other interests outside of the home and often have successful careers.  In spite of all that Water, they are quite dependable and hardworking.  That, coupled with their affectionate nature, makes them highly valued in the workplace.  They not only do a good job, but serve as the resident Mother, giving everyone their daily ration of hugs and good, solid, maternal advice, and as required, kicks in the butt.  But look out, those claws might latch onto you, too.

Conversely, Crabs do make great children.  I have a son with a Cancer Ascendant who’s married to a native Crab.  They live a few miles from me and wander in and out of my place like housecats.  He calls me almost every day and if I need anything, they are there with a smile, and I imagine if anyone takes care of me in my old age, it will be them.

Cancers tend to be creative and enjoy expressing their many emotions artistically.  They will share these talents freely and derive a lot of satisfaction from their efforts.  They are good-hearted and generous, though they do manifest various moods on a fairly regular basis with the worst manifestation a tendency to be a bit querulous. Remember, they’re ruled by the Moon, which moves about through the signs much faster than the other planets.  However, this is also why they can relate to others so well, because they experience such a variety of feelings themselves. I dare say that I have genuinely liked most of the Crabs I have known.

Anyone who doesn’t have a Crab somewhere in the family or close associations is missing something.  While every Sign has much to offer, particularly in their positive manifestations, there is something endearing about Crabs that epitomizes what family is really all about.  That claw hooked into your rear end may be annoying at times, but somehow it’s also quite nice to know that someone really cares.  In today’s world, those qualities Crabs come by so naturally are rapidly heading for the endangered species list.  So the next time a Crab gives you a big hug, don’t wince or wiggle away.  Rather stop and enjoy it for what it is.  Unbeknownst to you, that Crab could be the best friend that you have.


Attitude:  Gimme a hug!

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