Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th Signs are in square but actual aspect can range from sextile (61o) to trine (119o) depending on location of actual Suns.
Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th
What you like about each other:  Virgo practicality, stability, and work ethic as well as conservative nature, which should have a calming effect on Sag.  Virgo will be fascinated with Sag's versatile knowledge and enthusiasm.

What drives you crazy:  Virgo perfectionism and critical nature versus Sag dynamic personality.

These two are not only in square to one another but a square in spades, if you know what I mean.  Well, probably not, or you wouldn't be reading this and expecting me to tell you something that hopefully you don't already know.  Okay.  For starters, we have two mutable signs.  The good news is that it's not two Cardinal signs that will fight each other for dominance, like Aries and Capricorn.  Geez, stay out of the way of those two!  The bad news is that as a rule two Mutable signs won't fight each other over who's in charge and therefore no one really assumes that role.  As an Earth sign, Virg is going to be practical and have a fairly sound sense of responsibility, but both can benefit from sound leadership and there won't necessarily be any in this union unless we have favorable Moon signs or ascendants. 

Sag, as a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter does everything in a big way, or at least tries to.  This is great, except sometimes Sag operates  better within firm boundaries.  Virg, ruled by Mercury, is outstanding at communicating in a meticulous way.  And that brings us to the picture at the top of the page.  How many of you can see what it's trying to say about these two?  My impression is that it's a graphic rendition of a thought similar to "not seeing the forest for the tree" except in the Virg-Sag context, Virg is that macro-view in the center with all the details and Sag is the huge forest in the background.  These two see things entirely differently--same forest, same trees-- but Virgo will be examining every branch and every leaf for parasites while Sag is negotiating with Temple-Inland. 

Thus there are likely to be lots of arguments that come down to a matter of scale.  It's very likely that Sag's grandiose ideas will be quickly extinguished by Virg's picking them apart, piece by piece.  While Sag can use a bit of a macro view, it doesn't mean that the ideas are not good ones or aren't viable.  However, Virg is not likely to be objective enough or possess the perspective required to make that decision.  Fire signs do not take well to being put down and unfortunately that is probably going to happen quite a bit in this relationship.  I know I've said this a lot in these compatibility write-ups, but I'm going to say it again.  These two need a reasonably long engagement or at least to have known each other for quite a while before tying the knot.  Maybe they can achieve the needed balance, God bless 'em, and I hope they can, but they need to have that all figured out before it's too late.  These two in a divorce court would be pretty formidable opponents.

* * *

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