It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that there's something about Sagittarius. . .

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius come into this life between November 23 and December 21. As a Mutable Fire Sign they tend to be all over the map. Literally, since Sagittarius rules the 9th House of long distance travel, legal matters, beliefs (including politics and religion) and higher education. Foreign cultures and microcosms fascinate them, particularly those that involve celebrities such as actors or astronauts.  They are in touch with the world and what is going on, about which they will undoubtedly have an opinion.  A strong one.  As an author myself, I have noticed how many of my peers are Sagittarians which makes sense since publishing also resides in this house and they are endowed with the natural skills to pull it off.

Like all Fire Signs, Sagittarians have, shall we say, a healthy ego, and are often perceived as snooty. Throw Jupiter in there as a ruling planet and you have self-confidence which can become over-inflated.  This is certainly no fault of their own because everyone is blind to their own cosmically induced behaviors which others may find annoying.  Like they say, a light cannot see itself and this applies to seeing your own inborn characteristics when figuratively blinded by the light of your Sun Sign.  Jupiter grants considerable confidence and optimism, excellent as well as enviable traits which can inspire ire in more introverted signs.  In other words, what may be perceived as arrogance is not usually purposeful on their part (though it can be).

As the sign that rules beliefs and expectations, which of course also involve an opinion, Sag may be a bit too quick to share theirs, which their confidence can drive home such that you can understand why they're represented by an archer.  Ouch!  Politics and religion reside in Sag's realm as well, and as most people know these are verboten subjects when you want to maintain friendly associations in polite company.  Archers, however, may miss that part and inadvertently piss off hoards of people when the poor Sag is simply stating their view of the world, which they believe to be irrevocably correct.    T

Along these same lines, Sag may be perceived to take pot shots at people, in a figurative if not literal sense. Leos, another Fire Sign, believe that they're the center of the Universe while Archers tend to think that they’re smarter than the rest of us and in some cases they are. They don’t live in the House of higher education for nothing.  Consider the stereotypical PhD; that confidence which those who possess such an honor earned, Sags claim as a birthright.  Even those with an average education have the knack of projecting a persona that bespeaks someone who has a high degree of knowledge. Leos project royalty, Sags project knowledge, which can be perceived as arrogance, especially when they can't back it up with actual data or experience.  They may even be able to convince you that they are, indeed, knowledgeable, but sometimes it is no more than a bunch of, well, hot air. They’re not actually lying, because in most cases they really believe that they’re exceptionally brilliant or at least know what they're talking about. But before you place any bets, much less do something like hire this person, make sure their references check out.  As a former manager I found that one out the hard way.

There are exceptions, of course, particularly if a Sag have a Moon, Ascendant or possibly even Mercury in an Earth Sign such as Capricorn. The heavy emotional punch of having a Water Sign as an Ascendant or Moon could likewise cause conflict. Fire and Water. Do the math.  Otherwise they may start to come down to Earth when they progress into Capricorn. If they have heavy Air influences and spend a significant amount of time in Sagittarius before they get to Capricorn by progression, say their late twenties, they’re likely to have done a lot of talking which could erode their credibility if it wasn't backed up by cold, hard facts.

Unlike Geminis, a single subject doesn’t hold a Sag's attention for long so they’re more likely to have all these trivial bits of knowledge they carry around that they picked up on the History Channel or multiple career changes as they got bored and moved onto something else. These are the people who consistently win at Trivial Pursuit or possibly on Jeopardy. I can vouch for this angle myself since I have a Sagittarius Mercury and indeed am interested in everything but only to a point. Jupiter tends to expand anything it touches but not necessarily in a good way. It’s the planet of luck and confidence and usually prominent in those who do things like win the lottery but it can just as easily emphasize negative traits. Sagittarians tend to be lucky, but conversely they can also be clumsy. It’s this same lack of attention to detail that will cause them to trip over something in plain sight, fall off a roof or drive into a wall. Ooops.  (Yes, I have known actual Sag natives who have done such things.)    Aries believe they’re invincible, Leos believe they’re royalty, and Sagittarians believe they’re intellectually superior. Key word here is believe.  This is the nature of Fire Signs who love to be the center of attention and indeed thrive on it.

Note that besides legal matters, politics and religion are also included in the 9th House. Politicians--need I say more? Right up there with televangelists, IMHO. A slightly less illustrious occupation than these in which Sag can excel would be a con man, which is only a slightly less civilized version of the same thing.  Again, this may not be done in a malicious manner but simply be the result of believing strongly in something like the wealth potential of pyramid marketing.  With their luck, optimism and natural enthusiasm it may actually work for them, though I've not known anyone to get rich selling Amway so don't really know.

Sagittarians usually attract large circles of friends, though they are seldom close to any one person. They can be very entertaining, particularly at a party, because they project an image that effortlessly implies importance, but they’re not usually known for delivering on their promises or persevering to the end of that huge project, though they may come in quite handy during the brainstorming phase. There are exceptions, of course, and I know of at least one who was considerably reliable and hardworking but I would bet dollars to donuts that he had several planets in nextdoor neighboring sign, Capricorn or a strong Saturn that accounted for it.

All in all, Sagittarians can be exceptionally bright and if they use their natural abilities and apply some common sense and perseverance they can accomplish amazing things. Just make sure you think twice before turning your back on someone represented by an Archer. They’re depicted with the bow and arrow for a reason and whatever it is, don’t take any chances on finding out why the hard way.


Attitude:  Sometimes I amaze even myself.

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