Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are in opposition but aspect between actual Sun locations can drop to quincunx range (151o).
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th
What you like about each other:  Similarities in your natures combined with admirable complementary traits to your own.  The practical, rock-solid convictions of the Bull blend well with the deep emotional involvement of the Scorpion.

What will drive you crazy:  Absolute refusal to compromise on something you feel strongly about.  Taurean tendency to brood, Scorpio tendency to obsess. 

It is incredibly unlikely that this relationship will be average.  Not when you're pairing two of the strongest signs in the Zodiac.  Both are Fixed signs with strong opinions and unless there is a lot of commonalities in their values and life styles, it's unlikely that they'll get together in the first place.  Ironically, that strong, Fixed nature is one of the attractants.  Perhaps one or both have had past relationships with weak, wavering types and finding someone with solid convictions is often refreshing in itself.  Both the Bull and the Scorpion know the strength, capability and yes, danger, of the other, so there is a natural respect that can only be broken if one or both parties violate boundaries that weren't meant to be crossed.  

Taurus is ruled by Venus and Scorpio by Pluto.  You don't have to be an astrologer to know that there are significant philosophical differences between them.  The Goddess of Love and the God of the Underworld.  Whew.  Think about it.  The power inherent to that combination is probably more frightening and possibly more lethal to those on the outside than the parties themselves.  If there's a city that these two could call home it would be Las Vegas.  Both would have steady jobs keeping the many wedding chapels and casinos full of clientele.   But the relationship itself is more like Hoover Dam and Lake Mead outside the city where Earth and Water together are generating electricity to a power grid that spans thousands of miles.  But if a breach should occur in that dam, the destruction will reach nearly as far.

This is not a relationship to be trifled with and its character and success will probably depend more on the Ascendant and Moon Signs of the two parties than in the case of gentler signs.  These factors will help determine whether these two will be living in The Magic Kingdom or conducting War of the Worlds.

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