Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are in sextile but actual aspects can range from near semi-sextile (31o) to near square (89o) depending on actual location of Suns.
Cancer Moon Cardinal Water 4th
What you like about each other:  Strong feeling of natural affection.  Emotional natures are complementary and you can make a very good team provided you are understanding, which both Bulls and Crabs tend to be.

What drives you crazy: The Bull may be annoyed by emotional outbursts or extremes, the Crab frustrated by lack of the same.  There will also be times the Crab is ready to move forward with a decision but the Bull is still thinking about it.  And thinking and thinking and thinking.

These are one of those likely-to-be-compatible sextile configurations where there are numerous differences yet they tend to complement one another. The Earth-Water sign combination is usually a good one and these two have a relatively quiet temperament as a rule that should blend well. One of the Bullís biggest issues is money and Cancer is likely to be satisfied with less than many other signs and share that frugality if for no other reason than they donít have any monumental urges to spend it. Earth signs tend to be very practical while Water signs are emotional, but in this case should lend a good balance since other basic sign traits donít introduce any volatility. Remember, however, that Moon signs and Ascendants are not under consideration here, so there could be exceptions.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and the Crab by the Moon so these two signs donít have any glaring differences in philosophy. Crabs tend to be a bit moody, but the Bull can also be very understanding, so itís not likely to be something that drives them to a rubber room. Taurus resides in the 2nd House of possessions and the Crab in the 4th of home environment, so these two go well together. Given the Taurean affinity for a nice environment and quality items, the two of them should have a rather nice home. And the real beauty in it will be that most everything will be paid for.

As a Cardinal sign, the Crab will be assertive and wonít have any problem taking charge as needed. When a Cardinal sign sees something that needs to be done, they usually pitch right in and take care of it. Since Bulls are famous for taking a long time (and I mean L-O-N-G) making a decision, there might be times when the Cardinal decisiveness will come in handy. Taurean possessive tendencies also shouldnít be a problem to the Crab, who can be a bit clingy as well.

All in all this is a pretty comfortable match.

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