Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are in square but actual aspect can range from sextile (61o) to trine (119o) depending on location of actual Suns.
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th

What you like about each other:  Viva la difference. 

What will drive you crazy:  Aquarian friendliness/Taurean reserve, Aquarian genius-insanity interface versus Taurean practicality, Water Bearer talks too much, Bull talks too little, Bulls are from Venus, Aquarians from Uranus.

This is one of those fairly unlikely couples, perhaps even more so than other Signs in square aspect to one another.  The Bull is ruled by Venus, the Aquarian by Uranus and while at first it may seem these two somewhat romantic planets should get along, in reality they're truly different worlds.  Really different.  When they say Aquarius is an Air sign what they really mean is outer space.  These folks have a different view of the world which comes from at least geosynchronous orbit and possibly beyond.  Taurus, on the other hand, has both feet planted firmly on the ground and doesn't plan on moving anytime soon.  Add to that the fact they're both quite set in their ways and point of view and you can see how quickly it adds up to an interesting but unlikely match.

Of course compatible Moon signs or Ascendants can work miracles, provided they mesh together like a chainlink fence.  If there is one significant common interest or goal, it could work out.  A little extra help like reciprocal 7th or 8th Houses might also lend some assistance, but probably not enough for the long haul.  The good news, if there is any, is that there is at least one thing these two tend to agree on, which is frugality.  For different reasons, of course, but at least this is one area they probably won't fight over.  For the Bull it's a security issue, for the Aquarian a matter of having more exciting things to do than shop.  But at least that's one less topic to disagree on. 

I can't over emphasize the importance of compatible Moons or Ascendants for these two.  If those don't match up, chances are this relationship will look more like a game of alien invaders or an old Seinfeld rerun than a romance.  Trust me.

* * *

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--Timing is Everything--

*C'mon, Taurus, don't be so cheap.  You know how much you spend  a week at Starbucks!  It could save you money in the long run.


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