Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd Signs are quincunx, which indicates some effort will be required to get along.
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th
What you like about each other:  Gemini wit, Scorpio mystique, contrasting energy levels and emotional natures.

What drives you crazy:  Gemini may seem superficial, Scorpio obsessive.  Gemini may have a sense of being used in some vague manner that could relate to money. 

If you were to think of these two as musical instruments, Gemini would be a flute and Scorpio would be a bass. They may be able to make music together in the same key, but there is an inherent difference between them that is almost palpable. While neither is a Cardinal sign, there is no question who is going to be in charge of this relationship. Gemini is very intelligent, but not generally on a power trip. Twins like pursuing their interests, achieving success, sharing their knowledge, and continually finding new things to do. Twins are most comfortable with a couple different "lives" so they can break their multiple interests up in some manner. For example, they may have a career in a specific field, such as medicine, and a very consuming hobby such as being a ham radio operator. These yield two entirely different identities in entirely different social circles, which they love. They may enjoy two residences, which can come about in a variety of ways. Possibly they have one job, but two distinct assignments, with one segment in another state or even country. On the more casual side, they may simply have a weekend getaway they can go to for a change of scene. This is typical Gemini and conducive to their multi-faceted nature.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is all about power. Male or female, their ultimate goal in life is to rule the universe. This is different than the leadership inherent in Cardinal signs. It's something deeper, perhaps similar to the way Leo, another fixed sign, emanates royalty. There is a depth and sense of entitlement about them that makes it nearly impossible to ignore their desires. These people are Darth Vader incognito and they know how to use The Force to get what they want. This is often accomplished in such a subtle way that their "sponsor" doesn't even know what is happening.

Recall that Scorpio lives in the 8th House of sex, death, intense experiences, and other people's money. If those aren't power issues, I don't know what are. Sex, the power to create life; Death, the power to extinguish life; and Money, without which you aren't going to build an empire anytime soon. And then there's Gemini out there on his flute, enjoying life and his multiple worlds, entirely oblivious to the fact there's yet another dimension s/he's never thought of, even from the intellectual capabilities of the 3rd House. Nonetheless, Scorpios emanate all this and even if you don't know exactly what it is, you know there's something beckoning you that has tremendous allure. 

Yet another complication to all this is the fact that Scorpios can manifest themselves quite differently.  This is why they are sometimes portrayed as a scorpion, others as an eagle, or sometimes even as a grey lizard. Some of them emanate power, some of them draw power, and some of them consume power. Nonetheless, they have qualities similar to a blackhole in that they can draw whatever it is they need to them from across the known universe.

All that said, it's more than apparent that this is not a simple relationship.  Nothing with Scorpio ever is, and Gemini, with its multiple personalities and mercurial energy adds yet another dimension that defies simple description. This relationship is something to write books about, not a few paragraphs. Suffice it to say, there will be hidden elements and subtleties to this couple no one could ever understand, but surely both of them are getting something out of the relationship or neither would be there.

* * *

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