Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Gemini Mercury Mutable Air 3rd Signs are in square, meaning that they have the same mode (Mutable) and in this case, incompatible elements.
Pisces Neptune Mutable Water 12th
What you like about each other:  Gemini intelligence, wit and effervescence; Pisces charm and agreeable nature.

What drives you crazy:  Gemini hyperactivity and inability to relax; Pisces idealistic dreaminess and emotionalism.

These two are both Mutable signs and thus Square one another, Zodiacally speaking. This flexibility could work well in some areas, badly in others, depending on other elements in the chart. One of the biggest problems with these two mutable signs is the lack of stability (i.e. Earth or even Fixed signs), and both of these in their own way are definitely not stable.

Gemini tends to be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), figuratively if not literally. Twins have multiple interests, get bored easily, learn very quickly, thanks to their ruling planet, Mercury, and as Air signs also like to talk and communicate, a trait further enhanced by Mercury.

Pisces tends to float about, catching the next wave, so to speak, and viewing everything from under water. As a Water sign they are immersed in a sea of emotion and feel things at a very visceral level. They tend to make their decisions based more on intuition than fact and generally tend to see only what they want to see. Their ruling planet is Neptune, which promotes fantasy, illusion, and if afflicted, deception. Thus, Fish are easily duped, thanks to their relationship with the King of the Sea, and being a Water sign doesnít help since they donít operate with logic as much as feelings. If there is some hare-brained get-rich-quick scheme out there, Pisces is very likely to fall for it, particularly if the subject salesperson is "nice." If their intuition is well-developed, this can protect them from scams, if they'll but listen and not get carried away with the fantasy of it.

So what do you get when you get these two together? While Gemini is usually borderline brilliant, they donít always concentrate on any one thing long enough to see it through, unless they have stabilizing Earth elements in their Chart. While Twins tend be very intelligent and several of my acquaintance actually have advanced degrees, they often wind up doing something entirely different career-wise than what they studied. Frankly, Iím impressed they can get a PhD since that requires specialization, but somehow they pull it off. Anyway, you pair a Twin with a Pisces, and the Fish is likely to watch the Gemini somewhat like a chicken watching a card trick. Theyíll be fascinated with the movement and all the talk, but not really have a clue whatís going on. Neither will they care. And that could be a problem, because Gemini needs intellectual stimulation.  This isn't to say that Fish aren't intelligent; they simply aren't interested in an ongoing intellectual marathon. They'll do a great job at work, particularly if they have those previously mentioned Earth signs in there, but once they get home they're going to want to put it aside.

Thus, while there arenít any glaring "Danger" signs with these two other than the natural square, there are several fundamental incompatibilities that incline me to give it the usual "long engagement" rating. If youíre involved in a Gemini-Pisces relationship, itís a good idea to make sure you get past that first wave of attraction and make sure you have what it takes to be suitable long-term companions. If youíre a Gemini whoís inclined to say "Talk techie to me, baby," just remember that the response you get from a fish bowl isnít going to be very stimulating, unless they happen to be cichlids.

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