A Leo Moon will greatly enhance the emotional elements of the Zodiacal Fifth House  i.e., the ego, creativity, originality, romantic inclinations and interest in children.  As a Fire Sign emotions rule, but in a different manner than Water Signs.  While a Water Sign probably reacts to problems with a "Why me!" attitude accompanied by tears for the females and complaints by the males, Leos are more likely to roar with righteous indignation because they believe they deserve better. 

Leos tend to be caring and affectionate, plus they also believe in themselves more than anyone else.  They thrive on attention and are thus very comfortable in the limelight; they love to perform.  However, if they make a mistake they're likely to agonize about tarnishing their image far more than necessary and retreat into their den to lick their wounds.  This will be especially noticeable if their Leo Moon is in their 1st House.  In the 3rd they'll have a somewhat regal outlook in their attitudes and when they were a child probably demonstrated noticeable leadership amongst their peers.  Since their creativity is strong, they often are very talented in art, music or especially dance.  A Leo Moon will enhance these elements since involvement of the emotions are so important to artistic expression.  It will be even stronger if placed in the 5th House.

Leos like nice things and a Leo Moon is likely to incline a person toward impulse buying when they're depressed or upset, particularly if it's Natal placement is in the 1st or 2nd House.  They have no problem justifying something they think they need, whether they can afford it or not.  Remember that Leos have a touch of royalty that is not conducive to self-denial.  They like to look nice and adorn themselves with jewelry and nice clothes.  Thus, they love to shop and will know where all the sales are.  In the 10th House, they're likely to have a career that involves selling the things that the love , a high degree of creativity or perhaps even children.  In the 6th, they'll be proud and a natural leader in the workplace and in the 4th, their home will contain only the best.

A Leo moon will probably provide a great love of children and involvement with them is likely to bring a lot of emotional satisfaction.  The children may be their own or others.  With placement in the 9th House they are likely to be involved in teaching or organizations that benefit children in some way.  In the 11th they're likely to be involved with groups or organizations that promote creativity or perhaps fundraising activities that benefit children.

Leo emanates strong sexuality.  They are sensual, attractive and self-confident, plus usually have a natural grace about them that is noticeable when they participate in sports or particularly dance.  If you've ever seen a runner, skater, dancer, or swimmer who looked like poetry in motion it's a sound bet they have some strong Leo in their chart.  Many love affairs are likely, especially if the Moon is in the 7th or 8th House, and it's best that they not rush into marriage too early in life. 

All of the above are likely to manifest as described when the Moon progresses into Leo as well, but the effects will be only for the duration of the progression.  When a person's Moon Sign changes from Cancer to Leo there will be noticeable differences.  The person will become more extroverted, more interested in their appearance, and have a stronger desire or at least be more comfortable with attention.  If they've ever been interested in learning to paint, write, dance, or play a musical instrument, this is a great time to pursue it because the Leo Moon will lend additional abilities and confidence to the effort.  Leadership abilities and interest will also be enhanced.

* * *

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