A Cancer Moon brings a double whammy since Cancer is actually ruled by the Moon.  Since the Moon chugs through the entire Zodiac every single month, moods are a natural result as it traverses each Sign and conjuncts virtually every planet on a person's chart in the process.  While this happens to everyone, for those with a Cancer Moon, they will feel as if they are being yanked hither and yon much more than others because there is a direct link to their emotions.  For those that must be around these people, the term "hormonal" has multiple daily applications.

Cancer is a Water Sign and thus ruled by emotion as opposed to logic.  They will go with their heart versus their head every time and marvel that anyone else could see things differently.  These folks feel things with an intensity that is an order of magnitude beyond Air or Earth Signs.  Fire Signs are likewise emotional, but in a different way.  Their emotions are more likely to be expressed dramatically and with an overtone of anger and indignation whereas Water Signs are much more empathic and sympathetic with the females very prone to tears, whether they're happy or sad.  Males tend to show their emotions differently, often by being visibly more sensitive, animated, and sometimes whiney, grumpy and prone to considerable complaints if someone hurts their feelings.  On the downside, these folks like all others with their Moon in a Water Sign, have no problem getting what they want by guilting you out or using various other forms of emotional manipulation.

Cancer is the Zodiacal Fourth House which rules the home environment.  Thus, a Cancer Moon creates a very strong emotional bond with one's family.  That umbilical just didn't get severed and they like it that way.  There is no going for days much less weeks or months without talking to family members for these folks.  They feel a strong connection and obligation to family, whether or not they actually like them.  Their identity is heavily tied to their roots and their loyalty is exceptionally deep.  Try to separate a Crab from his or her family and you'll get a whole new appreciation for those claws.  They'll also be very wrapped up in their home itself.  Time, effort and creative energy will largely be directed toward the home and making it more comfortable.

A Cancer Moon will also provide an inclination to bond with others whom are essentially "invited" into their family circle.  This happens particularly at work, which is somewhat like family anyway.  Think about it.  There are numerous similarities.  You cannot choose your family or your coworkers (unless you're the boss or own the company), you need to pull together to be successful and you spend a lot of time together whether you like it or not. 

Having a boss with a Cancer Moon is probably a good thing.  They are very likely to care about you as a person as well as an employee plus protect and defend you more fiercely than your Earth or Air Sign mother.  On the negative side, they may tend to get a bit too involved in your personal life and be much more intrusive in that area than you'd like.  They also may expect you to feel as attached to them as they do to you.  Furthermore, not everyone treats their family fairly and sometimes the expectations are a little high because of the loyalty and dedication they expect in return.  Your Cancer Sun or Moon Sign coworkers are those sympathetic listeners who give lots of hugs and will do anything to help you feel better when you're upset or stressed.

This is a difficult place to be by Progression for those with Natal Moons in the Earth or Air Signs.  The sudden overwhelming emotional assault is frustrating and mystifying.  They are likely to wonder what is wrong with them and why they suddenly seem to be crying all the time.  They may even go see a shrink or their family doctor.  The interest in fixing up the home environment and other traits noted above will also be apparent.  On a personal note, when my Progressed Moon was in Cancer I spent most my time and money purchasing and fixing up my home.  I didn't buy any clothes during this time other than casual clothes that I picked up at Sam's Wholesale Club.  I never went to the Mall.  As soon as my Moon slid into Leo, I went out and bought a bunch of clothes and dug out jewelry I hadn't worn in a couple of years.  That is when I did the math and realized I hadn't done so the entire time I had a Cancer moon!  If you wonder where your Sun, Moon and other planets are by progression, check out our Progressed Report.

It's important for everyone to know that when they or someone close to them suddenly shows behavioral differences that it's very likely due to a planetary progression of some sort.  They need to know that they're not losing their mind or sanity but that often they can blame it all on a Moon Sign change.  It's a good lesson in human relations and helps build empathy for those that are more sensitive by nature/Natal Chart influences.

* * *

How does this month shape up emotionally?  Find out with a Lunar Return report.


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