April 2022 Astrocast

NEW MOON: 1 April 2022, 11:31 Aries

FULL MOON: 16 April 2022, 26:46 Libra

NEW MOON/PARTIAL ECLIPSE: 30 April 2022, 10:28 Taurus


Retrograde Planets: 


Pluto (28:35 - 26:07 Capricorn) 29 April - 8 October 2022

(Shadow until 29 January 2023)

Uranus (14:47  - 10:49 Taurus) 20 August 2021 - 18 January 2022

(Shadow until 5 May 2022)

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(Brings something new into your life)
(Ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase)
(Brings something new into your life)
Date: 1 April 2022 Date: 16 April 2022 Date: 30 April 2022
Position: 11:31 Aries (Strongest influence for those born ~4 September) Position: 26:46 Libra (Strongest influence for those born ~20 September) Position: 10:28 Taurus (Strongest influence for those born ~3 September)
Natural House: 8th Natural House: 2nd Natural House: 9th
Influences of the 8th house include transformations, intense experiences, debt, shared resources, things you suppress, sex, death and rebirth, as well as anything that has a life-changing effect on you.  Thus, this lunation has the potential to bring something your way that has considerable impact. If you've been wanting to go after something major, this is a good time to do so. Mortgages lie in the 8th house, so buying a home fits this as well. Some things are pleasant, others not so much in this house, but it's never boring. Influences of the 2nd house include your income, possessions, needs, comforts, pleasures and what you value.  This house contains those things that mean the most, both physically and emotionally.  A Full Moon in this house suggests an ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase of something in this part of your life.  For example, you may decide that enjoying life is more important than working so hard just for the money. Depending on other chart influences, it may call your attention to this part of your life, requiring you to reevaluate what's important and/or appreciate what you have versus wanting more. Influences of the 9th include your philosophy of life, beliefs, expectations, religion, politics, legal matters, higher learning/academia, publishing, other cultures, long-distance travel, and relocation.  A New Moon typically brings something new your way, so watch for something to come along in one of those areas.  It's also a favorable time to initiate activity in one or more of them as well. For example, is it time for a vacation? Or are things not working to your satisfaction in your current locale? If so, astrocartography can help you figure out where the cosmic vibes are more in your favor.


This month's New Moon on April Fool's Day ushers in the month while a second New Moon on the last day, which is also a partial solar eclipse, finishes it off.  As with much of the previous month, the center of the 1 April chart where it shows the aspects between the planets is mostly blank, like staring into a void. In many ways this reflects the lack of cooperation that is out there these days in the cosmic sphere. Instead, we have little clusters confined within less than a trine, like a bunch of renegade competing gangs, each with their own agenda. There are conjunctions galore, which has been the norm, but this time they're joining the Aries New Moon, which tends to light the fuse on something.

The group in Aries comprises Mercury, the lunation, and Chiron in a rolling stellium that is also a massive conjunction, with Eris somewhat out of range, but leading the pack. This suggests aggression that results in injuries as well as chaos. Of course we've already seen that with the Ukraine debacle, a situation where it's difficult to tell who's the bad guy. The aggression can be actual movement with Mercury's presence, but also of a news, information, or verbal assault variety. And in spite of the day on which this occurs, it's doubtful that anyone is truly fooling around.

The lunation as well as Chiron are semisextile Uranus, suggesting upsets, disturbances, and unexpected events, especially with all that Aries energy.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces are technically conjunct at two degrees apart, but they're going to be exact on 12 April. This, as previously noted, has not occurred in Pisces since 1856. Since Jupiter's "year" is just over 11 Earth years, he spends about a year in each sign, so each circuit he would overtake Neptune plodding along in the outer solar system. However, it has been that long since this rendezvous occurred in Pisces. This is significant because Neptune is the sign's modern ruler while Jupiter is its traditional ruler. Thus, both planets are in dignity and operating at full efficiency, plus the fact that Jupiter is already expansive and multiplies what he touches. The effects of this will span the spectrum of Piscean influences, from enlightenment, spiritual experiences and profound insights to the other end of the spectrum to deception, illusions, and confusion.

How this manifests for you, personally, will relate to how it interacts with your various charts, whether natal, progressed, solar return, planetary return, etc. Take a moment to ponder how you're feeling, whether inspired or unfocused and confused, and you'll have some idea what it's effect is on you.

Neptune's position currently forms an aspect pattern with the lunar nodes known as a triangle of potential. The nodes always oppose each other, so Neptune is mediating this opposition with a trine to the South Node and sextle to the North Node. Typically the North Node represents what you're striving for with the South Node something that needs to be left behind, such as an old part of you that you've outgrown. Nonetheless, the South Node is your comfort zone, so this is not always easy and requires effort. Where will Neptune lead you? There's an opportunity to make progress, but will you have the courage to take the risk?  Neptune is semisextile Eris, suggesting discord, which will fall among those receiving different impressions from this energy. This is an excellent time to consider which side of the energy you're receiving, i.e. inspiration or deception, or perhaps you're so confused you have no idea which it is.

Aquarius is occupied by another rolling stellium with Mars and Venus both conjunct Saturn, but a little wide to be conjunct themselves, though Saturn will certainly blend the energies. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so he's in charge. Venus is friendly but not particularly warm in this sign while Mars wants to take charge as is his usual nature, but has to defer to Saturn. With all the action in Aries, which he rules, he's most likely a little pissed off at missing out on the fun, but this may well be a good thing. Furthermore, in the zodiacal 11th house of groups and friends, he can operate as a leader with Saturn, perhaps prodding this slow-mover toward work that needs to be done while Venus tries to convince everyone it's a great idea.

The Saturn/Venus midpoint is "at the bendings" of the lunar nodes, providing tension as opposed to the easier path provided by Neptune. Is making this step forward a good idea or not? Is it worth the trouble? Do your friends agree or think you're lost your mind?

Pluto is unaspected in Capricorn where he's grinding away on 28 degrees, where he will station retrograde before the month is through.


On 12 April this conjunction is exact at 23:59 Pisces. With the True Nodes at 22:53, Saturn at 23:02, the Sun at 22:43 and Eris at 24:19, there are plenty of connections.  Other than the Saturn sextile the Sun/Eris midpoint, which shows some cooperation (or intervention) from authoritative Saturn, those aspects are mostly of the semisextile (annoyance/friction) variety. Will this very strong blast of Piscean energy bring a specific event worthy of note? It's very possible, for one reason because the Moon is at 00:57 Virgo, or about as on-course as she can be, and ready to connect with the entire cosmic crew over the next couple days. She's wisely started with Mercury, now in Taurus, to attempt keeping things down to earth. When she gets to Jupiter and Neptune, they'll no longer be exact, but close, with her influence likely to bring some practical vibes toward all the abstraction. This blast could destabilize anything going on, though the Sun and Saturn will do what they can to keep it on course while Eris conjunct the Sun will be vying for discord and taking a contrary view.

This chart is generally pretty unremarkable, particularly when compared to the one from 17 March 1856 when this last occurred. The sign placements are similar with both Mars and Saturn in Air signs; Uranus was in Taurus, as it is now; Pluto in Earth signs; but unlike the nondescript chart for 12 April, this one had a strong yod as well as a grand Air trine, if you included the South Node. Mars was also retrograde, which tends to be a ominous aspect, particularly for governmental matters. The yod included the conjunction itself which was sextile Uranus in Taurus and Mars retrograde in Libra, where he was effectively in double-jeopardy between being in debility and RX. What did this presage, if anything? Look up the year 1856 in Wikipedia and bear in mind this was five years before the official start of the U.S. Civil War, though clearly unrest was already underway. Are we headed in the same direction? It's not a clear signal from the 12 April chart, but the 2023 and 2024 total eclipses that again cross Texas and the USA, respectively, aren't good signs. When the path of totality crosses a country or region it signifies division and there's no doubt that occurred with the one in 2017. Just sayin'.


The Full Moon occurs mid-month on 16 April where the Aries Sun and Libra Moon faceoff. Always keep in mind that a Full Moon brings an ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase, depending on how hard and where it hits your chart. The effects noted at the top of the page shows the approximate birthdate for those whose natal Sun will be most closely aspected and the natural house where you can look for such an effect. Natural houses are defined by your Sun sign being the first house. Your ascendant, determined by your time of birth, is the true natal marker for the 1st House. I have found that both have meaning. I have missed things by ignoring the natural house and have also found when someone has absolutely no idea what time they were born that using natural houses work fairly well. This also explains why those with the same Sun sign often experience similar types of experiences around the same time.

The lunation at 26:46 degrees forms a T-square with Pluto, perhaps waking him up if he's snoozing out there, watching for his next opportunity to stir things up. While Mars is direct in his action, Pluto is more subtle, but not to be taken lightly given the power and control he wields. He's also the cosmic Roto-Rooter, who effectively roots out corruption so it can be eliminated. His influence is charged with Aries aggression on one side and Libra's fairness on the other, which should make it interesting.

The Libra Moon is quincunx Neptune and Jupiter who are still conjunct, but separating. This brings fair and balanced air energy to their woo-woo influence to help you figure out the answer to the question above regarding whether you're being inspired or duped. The quincunx, which typically indicates the need for an adjustment or change of course, implies your initial guess may have been wrong.

Mercury has moved into slow-talking Taurus, though his conjunction with Uranus will make him a bit more outspoken than typical. Venus, still vacationing in Pisces, is sextile the two of them, perhaps trying to enlighten them with positive energy regarding whatever they're up to. Mars is now in Pisces, where he's not particularly happy. He may lose his sense of direction or perhaps indulge in a few too many beers there on the beach and not accomplish anything.

A reminder for you early risers that there's quite a nice parade of planets rising before dawn. These include Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter (Neptune invisible to the naked eye) and will rise in that order. They set before the Sun so you won't be seeing them at night for a while.


On 29/30 April, depending on your timezone, Pluto stations retrograde at 28:36 Capricorn. He's caught in a few interesting aspects, including a square with the Aries void-of-course Moon. Will this retrograde pass be a nothing-burger? Mercury just slipped into Gemini, where he's dignified and data-oriented. At 00:01 Gemini, it's like he's starting from scratch with real information, so this implies a good thing. Pluto is sextile Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, which will hopefully be inspiration and not a fog machine. Neptune is in a rolling stellium with those two, plus Mars is in Pisces, as well. Somehow Mars in Pisces reminds me of a cork floating on the ocean and not likely to get much done, but I hope I'm not wrong. Maybe Mars being on vacation is a good thing, signifying it will take a while for what comes out to sink in. The station direct chart for 8 October 2022 looks much more promising, but we'll leave that alone for now.


The second New Moon for this month is on 30 April. It occurs in Taurus at 10:28 degrees and sextile Mars in Pisces. Its path is another one unlikely to be seen by many as it touches the coastline of Antarctica and part of the southern-most sections of Chile and Argentina. Since is the day following the Pluto Station, the charts are almost the same except the Moon has gone into Taurus to create the lunation, which deletes the square with Pluto in the station chart. This suggests something new, so has vibes of its own. Taurus is an Earth sign that likes security and comfort, though the proximity to Uranus suggests change or disturbances. Uranus is at 14:32 Taurus, so it's a fairly wide conjunction, but with a lunation, certainly viable to kick off something, even though that nothing-burger Pisces Mars is likely to ignore it. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces, only one minute short of exact, which brings a nice blast of inspiration and insights or conversely confusion to those with a planet or luminary at 27-28 degrees. For those slogging through a Pluto transit, this could be the boost you need to figure out exactly what you're supposed to get out of the experience.

Saturn and Neptune are semisextile, showing friction between getting something done versus daydreaming. Is it daydreaming or perhaps gas-lighting or that fog machine again? Saturn is also sextile Eris, Goddess of discord, who's semisextile Neptune in another one of those cramped little triangles with various pointy-things that remind me of a pin cushion for some reason. As noted above, Mercury is now in Gemini, which bodes well for information gathering, research, and logical thinking. But, par for the course, a little over a week into next month he stations retrograde, though this might be a good thing as he goes back to rethink and reexamine what he may have missed. By the time he stations direct, Mars will be in Aries and ready to take action.

Until then, it looks as if things will be somewhat quiet but with undercurrents that are likely to come out with some fanfare a month or so down the road.  

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Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed response. Without knowing the background or the details, you - or the universe? - managed to hit on pretty much all of the key aspects of my situation... if I had any doubts about horary astrology, your [reading]  is the proof of its validity!  (New York)


* * *

I want to thank you for the time and energy you've put forth on my behalf. I think you are very, very good. . .you are obviously synthesizing your conclusions from what you see - and not from a canned list of astrological conventions.  (Florida)


* * *

Once again I am delighted and challenged by your extraordinary insight and perception . . . You are a mind reader. . . Your gifts are wasted on mere rocket science.  (Australia)


* * *

You are a nice person, Whobeda and you really helped me a lot. . . I just want to tell you that everything is happening exactly the way you said. (Singapore)


* * *

Hi...I've held onto this address for months meaning to get back to you. I DID get the position just as you said and its a blessing.  Thanks again for your positive, accurate work. (Kentucky)


* * *





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