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Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th Signs are in trine but actual aspect between Suns can range from near square (91o) to quincunx (149o).
Capricorn Saturn Cardinal Earth 10th
What you like about each other:  Practicality, similar attitudes toward money and frugal lifestyle.

What drives you crazy:  Capricorn need for appreciation, Virgo perfectionism.

Here is another reasonably good match, though as always it can get messed up by conflicting Moon or Ascendant signs.  Fundamentally, however, these two should get along quite well.  Both are hardworking, serious-minded individuals who take life rather seriously.  As two Earth signs, their feet are firmly planted on the ground and they aren't likely to fall prey to schemes and delusions like other signs, unless, of course, Neptune is poorly placed in one of their Houses.  Since Neptune is one of those slow movers with what is known as a generational effect, it will most likely be in the same sign in both their charts, unless there is a significant age difference between them.  Actually, Neptune could definitely be a good thing and useful for softening up one or both of these people and introducing a few dreams and fantasies into their too-practical lives.

If there is one thing they should agree on it's money.  These two would rather have a paid-for 1996 Honda Accord than a car payment on a new Lexus, regardless of income.  Virgos, being perfectionists, generally take very good care of their possessions.  The bigger and more expensive it was originally, the better they'll care for it and longer they'll have it.  Virgos tend to be a bit shy and happy to linger in the background, which makes them more than comfortable allowing the Goat to be in charge.  Cappies are generally not what you would call extroverted, but will do what needs to be done to accomplish their goals.  Having a good Virgo Ex-O (executive officer, for those of you unfamiliar with Navy terms) is nothing short of a perfect match.  Virgie can take care of all those tedious details that can drive a Goat to drink. 

There are a couple of caution areas where these two could tangle and get into trouble.  The first one is that Capricorn is not always the neatest sign in the Zodiac.  Of course NO ONE is neat compared to Virgo, but Capricorn can get bent on other things, like climbing the nearest mountain, and not put everything away in perfect order.  They will know where everything is, however, and if Virgo messes with it, there will be quite the confrontation.  At least as much as two Earth signs get into it.  Unless highly infused with Air or Fire via the Moon or Ascendant, the conversation would probably go like this:

Cappy:  Where are all the papers I had on the table here so I could pull together our tax return for last year?

Virgo:  Oh, that mess?  I threw it out.

Cappy:  I may have to kill you.

Virgo:  Please do it outside so you don't get any blood stains on the carpet.  Should we have pork chops or hamburgers for dinner?

The other area where these two could become alienated is if Virgo perfectionism kicks in.  To continue the above dialog:

Cappy:  How could you do that?  Don't you ever look at something before you throw it away?

Virgo:  Well, if you weren't such a slob and did things right for a change, it wouldn't happen.  If everything had been in neat piles or file folders and labeled properly I would have KNOWN it was important, but it looked like you'd dumped a waste basket on the table, especially with all those wadded up Kleenex in there.  Besides, it's been there for weeks.  How long were you going to take, anyway?

Cappy:  Being as taxes are due in two days, obviously it was going to be done by then!  And the Kleenex were from when I figured out we probably owe them around $8000 plus penalties.  That's also when I quit doing it for a while because I was upset, plus I'm not about to give them a dime before April 15.

Virgo:  $8000!  Why didn't you keep better track of our income and deductions than that!

Cappy:  Tell you what.  Next year they'll be done perfectly and on time with no mess whatsoever.

Virgo:  Good.  How are you going to do that?

Cappy: I'm not.  You are.  Have fun, sweetie.  Then maybe you'll learn to appreciate everything I do around here.

Anyway, you get the idea.  As long as these two maintain mutual respect and work together they'll be able to accomplish a lot as long as the need to nag-need for appreciation cycle doesn't clash.  It might not be a match made in Heaven, but it definitely is well-grounded.

* * *

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