Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th Signs are quincunx but actual aspect can range from near trine (121o) to near opposition (179o) depending on location of Suns.
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th
What you like about each other:  Aquarius friendliness and unconventional attitudes, Virgo practicality and sense of humor.

What drives you crazy:  Virgo perfectionism, Aquarius opinions and possibly behavior that may not be conservative enough for Virgo.

This is one of those matches that has very different Modes, Elements and ruling planets, but likewise has the potential to develop a complementary relationship. When one is Mutable and one Fixed, there are usually fewer arguments, except when the conflict deals directly with emotions. Since weíre mixing Earth and Air, that is less volatile than some of the others. You could get a dust storm, perhaps, but probably not a tornado, since that is more likely with Fixed and Cardinal, Fixed and Fixed or Cardinal and Cardinal matches. In this case, Virgo is likely to yield enough to at least promote discussion, though Earth signs do tend to go underground when emotional discussions arise.

Earth and Air also base their decisions more on logic than emotion. This is not to say they donít have emotions because itís simply not true. Itís just when your head and your heart are in conflict, you will more than likely go with your head. Fire and Water signs are more likely to go with what their intuition tells them. In reality, if theyíre not in agreement you need to figure out why and if you canít then you may not be looking at the right question. But in principle, Earth and Air will be both based on logic so should communicate reasonably well.

The caveat with this particular mix is that Virgo is very sensitive to criticism and if that is an element of the argument, they could be very defensive but very hurt inside. They might also go underground, as previously mentioned. Mutable signs tend to be nonconfrontational and thus can be pretty passive-aggressive. So if things start turning up missing or broken or something along those lines, you might want to think back to your last argument and whether or not it was resolved fairly from both of your knotholes.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which definitely assists with communications issues. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, planet of surprises, change and unexpected events. I havenít said anything yet about Aquarius being extremely different in how they see the world. Since Virgos tend to be rather conservative, they may not be too sympathetic to some of the Aquarian ideas. Itís probably good for Virg to lighten up a bit and maybe try to see things through those Water Carrier field glasses, particularly since theyíre the Mutable sign here that might be able to expand their horizons with new ideas. Nonetheless, remember that Virg is also the criticism champ of the universe and may only find fodder for that particular propensity.

I believe that itís possible for these two to work out a good relationship. Itís not what I would call a "natural" but it doesnít have anything that would make it horribly difficult. Virgo likes to talk more than the usual Earth sign, thanks to being ruled by Mercury, and Aquarius likes to, also, so chances are good they can work out their differences and do reasonable well together. Chances are the differences between them would do them both good.  A somewhat extreme example of this coupling is Joel and Clementine in the movie, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." 

* * *

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