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Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are in conjunction but actual aspects can range to near semi-sextile (29o) depending on actual location of Suns.
Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd
What you like about each other:  Stable, nonvolatile temperament, patience, dependability, mutual enjoyment of good food, outdoor activities, particularly in a quiet, pastoral setting, e.g. hiking or a quiet country picnic.

What drives you crazy:  Procrastinating, indecision, being too frugal, refusing to change an opinion or admit being wrong.

Two Bulls will more than likely not move too quickly.  Their decisions will be slow and methodical and always based on practicality.  Being ruled by Venus, they'll enjoy good food and fine surroundings, though they will not be extravagant in obtaining them.  Managing their money carefully will never be an issue unless one has chart elements that negate the frugal nature of all Earth signs.  While they may move slowly, this does not mean they aren't moving at all.  Like a glacier, they are moving forward with incredible power even if it's not apparent.  Two Bulls may date for years before they get around to talking about something as serious as marriage.  After all, there's no reason to rush. 

As Fixed signs, there's a definite tendency to be set in their ways and at times even downright stubborn.  Once they make up their mind, that's it.  Thus, when you have two Bulls with opposing views it's going to be a long, long time before they solve any deep-seeded disagreements.  They may be generally easy-going by nature and let a lot of things go, but if they feel strongly about something they're not going to give in anytime soon.  It takes quite a bit of aggravation to get a Bull angry, but when you do, look out.  If two Bulls ever have a major falling out it will be the proverbial snowy day in Hell before either of them will give in, much less apologize. 

Nonetheless, when two Bulls find each other they are likely to appreciate the fact the other isn't bouncing off the walls, making a lot of noise, spending money unnecessarily, or talking too much.  Like a good pair of oxen, they do well pulling a common load in the same direction and will eventually reach their destination.

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