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Taurus Venus Fixed Earth 2nd Signs are quincunx but actual aspect can range from near trine (121o) to near opposition (179o) depending on location of Suns.
Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th
What you like about each other:  Comfortable similarities in your peace-loving natures. 

What drives you crazy:  Taurean refusal to compromise, Libran refusal to shut up and be still when told.  Also, refusal on the part of the Bull to make a decision or agree to take action on some issue in what Libra considers a timely manner.

Both of you are Venus-ruled and have peace-loving natures, which you'll appreciate about each other.  The Bull likes peace and Libra likes harmony.  They're not quite the same, but work together fairly well for the most part.  However, once in a while the Fixed Bull might come up against one of his or her strong opinions and be less than enchanted with Libra's compromising attitude, i.e., weighing all sides in an effort to be fair and find balance for all concerned.  Generally, the Bull will enjoy Libra's talkative nature and letting those Cardinal traits operate, freeing the Bull to have even less to worry about than usual. 

But when a genuine disagreement surfaces, this is when Libra will muster those Cardinal traits coupled with a deep breath of Air and make every possible effort to talk some sense into the Bull.  Naturally, the Bull simply ain't listening, the mind is made up, doesn't want to be confused with the facts, and all the logic and Air on the planet isn't going to make him or her budge.  Neither really likes to argue, but for different reasons:  the Bull because s/he knows s/he's right and there's nothing more to say, Libra because contention is uncomfortable, though unfairness will override that discomfort and motivate an effort to mediate whatever the disagreement may be to a fair solution.  About all that results from this scenario is a major Air/Earth dust storm where everyone gets dirty and no one wins.

Another conflict that Air and Earth signs can tend toward is talk versus do.  At some point, Earth will simply lose patience at all the hot air and want to see some results.  The Bull and Scales are probably slightly less inclined in that direction, however, because Libra is a Cardinal sign and thus will actually be slightly better at completing projects than that leisurely paced Bull.  Nonetheless, once Taurus makes up that determined mind, regardless of how long it may take, the expectation is for the talk to stop and action to begin.  Fortunately, Cardinal signs generally understand this concept.

The most important point in the Taurus-Libra mix, however, is that you're both ruled by Venus.  Thus, you both are driven by a similar force, but like internal combustion engines, they don't necessarily run on the same fuel.  One of you is an 18-wheeler and the other, well, a Ford Taurus.  However, in this case, the Libra is driving the Taurus, and perhaps that analogy works better than originally intended.  As long as Libra doesn't want to do something the Bull opposes, taking the lead isn't a problem.  Libra will drive that Taurus down the Interstate without a single glitch.  But opt to take a side road or turn contrary to the Bull's wishes and Lib will be looking straight into the headlights of an oncoming 18-wheeler with an attitude.

Nonetheless, the peace-loving nature of this pair is an incredible driver in the relationship and quiet detours by one or the other will avoid most conflicts, or at least keep them from becoming a roadblock to their happiness together.

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