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Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th Signs are in sextile but actual aspects can range from near semi-sextile (31o) to near square (89o) depending on actual location of Suns.
Capricorn Saturn Cardinal Earth 10th
What you like about each other:  Scorpio warmth and affection, Plutonian mystique, Capricorn work ethic, subsequent assets, and sense of responsibility.

What drives you crazy:  Scorpio obsessions, scheming and suspicious nature, Capricorn coolness and emotional detachment, Scorpio spending Cappy's money.

This can work out fairly well as long as the Cappy portion of the couple realizes that there are certain things that Scorpio will probably not do.  Scorpios are somewhat organizationally impaired and don't do too well at the more mundane, administrative tasks associated with running a household.  For example, don't ever trust them with the checkbook because they won't have any idea what the balance is and if you give them a debit card, make sure they keep all those receipts in a special place or you'll have all sorts of unpleasant surprises when you balance the bank statement.  You may, anyway.  They like to spend money but not keep track of it, always assuming there will be plenty where it came from.  Remember, they're from that 8th House of other people's money and that is why they like Capricorns, who usually have some.  Or did. 

These two will have some communication problems of an emotional nature as well.  As a Water sign, Scorpio is much more emotional than you would expect.  They are loyal, quite possessive and likewise affectionate.   Cappy, on the other hand, can appear to be very cool and unfeeling because goats don't show their emotions very often.  It doesn't mean they don't have them, because they do, they just don't wear them on their sleeve.  They also find it hard to talk about emotional subjects, probably because they're afraid they'll let them leak out.  Scorpio just needs to show their goat lots and lots of affection and over time they will see progress.

As a rule both of these signs will really enjoy music and should invest in a good stereo.  Besides the general entertainment value, music can also serve as an emotional communication device that can express feelings they can't get to otherwise.  They are also very likely to get deeply entrenched in a routine and have little, if any, spontaneity in their life.  Cappy is very likely to be the one running the show here and needs to be comfortable with that.  That's what Cardinal signs do is run things.  Scorpios may be obsessive and on a bit of a power trip, but they really want someone else to do all the work. 

Probably the only thing that could be a show stopper with these two is the money issue.  Keep an eye on what patterns you see while you're dating and take heed, if necessary.  Scorpios do like to spend other people's money.

* * *

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