Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th Signs are in square but actual aspect can range from sextile (61o) to trine (119o) depending on location of actual Suns.
Pisces Neptune Mutable Water 12th
What you like about each other:  Sag philosophical inclinations, provided they're directed toward world peace.  Pisces idealism, provided it doesn't clash with Sag's favorite ethics issue.

What drives you crazy:  When Sag goes off on some ethical crusade and catches Pisces yawning.

As two Mutable signs these two are naturally squared off from one another and on top of that one is a Fire sign and the other Water. Right off the bat, that does not look promising. As noted elsewhere, Fire and Water can result in the soothing warmth of a hot tub or at the other extreme, an emotional boiler explosion. The question is where these two lie on the thermometer.

Sagittarius, like all Fire signs, likes attention. They have multiple interests and being residents of the natural 9th House, are really into such things as Academia, philosophical and ethics issues, the legal world and even world travel. They love to learn and explore ideas at a deep level. These are the ones that are politically active, know the candidates stand of every issue and know exactly why they agree or disagree with all of them, with none of their reasons related to hair color or how nice their smile may be.

The Fish, on the other hand, really doesn’t give a flip of the tail about any of that. As viewed through their aquatic lens from whence they view the world, none of it matters much. So if Sag doesn’t want to talk much less argue about any of these issues while at home, this can be a good thing. Pisces is not going to cause any trouble. It might even be good for Sag’s psyche to be around someone who doesn’t challenge them.

But this brings us back to the hot tub or exploding boiler issue. If Pisces is really bothered enough by all that philosophical drivel and makes enough fuss about it, then Sag could feel stifled and somewhat put out in the Fire sense, making that hot tub a bit chilly. On the other hand, if Sag tends to obsess on their favorite topic du jour and doesn’t give the poor Fish a chance, then Pisces could gradually evaporate into thin air, literally and figuratively.  For emotional issues that drive each to their emotional extremes, look out for that explosion.  However, if each brings a slightly different viewpoint to the other in a stimulating but not stifling manner, this could be a pleasant, complementary match. Just match the burner with the right size tea kettle and you'll be fine.

NOTE:--If you want to see a classic Sag and Pisces in action, even though it's not a romantic relationship, watch "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."  Ferris is the Sag, Cameron Frye the Pisces, though I'm sure you could figure that out.

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