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Sagittarius Jupiter Mutable Fire 9th Signs are semi-sextile (30o).  Aspect can range from near Conjunction (1o) to Sextile range (59o), depending on exact position of each Sun. 
Capricorn Saturn Cardinal Earth 10th
What you like about each other:  Sag's inclination toward higher learning and philosophical ideals blends well with Capricorn's ultimate goal in life to reach the top of the mountain.  Sag likes Cappy's dry wit, work ethic and the fact he or she holds a steady job and is willing to pay the bills.

What drives you crazy:  If Sag goes on a spending spree or buys tickets to Europe without waiting for them to go on sale, if Cappy announces that s/he can't go on said trip because that's the end of the quarter and reports are due.

If these two can work out an arrangement they can really be good for one another.  Sag is a little bit impulsive like most Fire signs and the spontaneity is good for Cappy, who seldom will do anything but work unless forced.  In fact, the best argument that Sag can present to get Cappy to go along is to use the word "networking."  If Cappy thinks that you might be rubbing elbows with influential people, even if they're on the other side of the world, cooperation is more likely.  And in all honesty, that is often the case.  You never know who you'll meet, much less where that person may turn out to be a very useful acquaintance at some point in time.

There's a good chance that Cappy is going to be the one with the bigger paycheck as well as the one who pays the bills, files the insurance claims and does all that hum-drum-boring practical stuff that everyone hates.  Cappy's hate it, too, but they're responsible to a fault and will make sure it gets done.  Given this security blanket there's no telling what Sag might do.  Perhaps indulge in being a professional student or pursuing some other unlikely career that pays in something other than cash.  But Cappy is likely to love that Sagittarian smile, the enthusiasm, and all those great stories to say nothing of a good intelligent conversation once in a while.    And at some point in time Cappy might even learn to like parties.

I do need to point out the downside.  Sometimes Cappy is pretty tied up in security blankets or their overdeveloped sense of responsibility and finds Sag's adventures a bit trying.  If you want to see the other way this relationship can turn out, watch the movie "Out of Africa."  Karen's the Cappy, Denys the Sag.  Don't forget the Kleenex.

* * *

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