Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect

Cancer Moon Cardinal Water 4th Signs that square each other share the same mode, in this case, Cardinal, meaning both like to lead, with their elements basically not compatible.
Libra Venus Cardinal Air 7th
What you like about each other:  Personal strength and assertiveness without overt aggression, Cancer warmth and affection, Libran sense of propriety and fairness.

What drives you crazy:  Failure to coordinate decisions and actions, Cancer moodiness and emotions.

These are two of the "nicest" signs in the Zodiac. The Crab is known for its warm, friendly, family-first qualities and Libra is nonjudgmental toward everyone from ax murderers to the Pope. It's kind of amazing to think of them as squared off from one another. However, they're both Cardinal signs, which tend to do that. The caveat is that neither of these two tend to be Cardinal in an overly aggressive way (like Aries, not to mention any names). Cancer tends to be Cardinal in keeping family together and taking responsibility for everyone from grandparents to children and Libra tends to be Cardinal in making sure that everyone is getting along and distributing fairness far and wide. So as far as getting along is concerned, these are another one of the sampling of astrological "exceptions."

Both have ruling planets that evoke images of kindness and femininity: Venus, the Goddess of Love, and the Moon, astrological representation of our mother and/or the women in our life, as well as our emotions. If they aren't compatible, I don't know what is. In observing Venus through a telescope, you can even see more similarities in that Venus has phases, just like the Moon. 

This pair is represented by the Elements Water and Air. Put Water and Air together and you get bubbles. And there may be a few of those. Cancer, being a Water sign, is all about emotion and plenty of it. Female crabs in particular are the Aunt Bea's of the world that smother everyone in hugs and kisses. Male crabs manage to be affectionate and caring without being wimps, though they can be moody. Crabs as a whole are genuinely concerned about everyone and as such have many, many friends. Libra, as an ultra-fair, talkative Air sign likewise has a huge collection of friends. They may even be the same circle and actually be how these two met. Cancer likes to hug and Libra likes to talk and both like to solve everyone's problems. What one can't solve, the other will. Is that idyllic or what?

Cancer resides in the natural 4th House that represents the home environment; making a warm, comfortable (and I might add lived-in) home comes naturally to a Crab. Libra lives in the natural 7th House of relationships. I can't think of two houses that could be more compatible than that. Interestingly, they are two of the four angular houses as well, the others being the 1st and 10th houses. The angular houses are slightly more important than the others and are called such because on a classic astrology chart they are located at 12, 3, 6  and 9 o'clock. They drive our relationship with ourself and others (1st & 7th House), our family, and our community (4th and 10th House), in other words our identity.

The only reason imaginable that these two might get into an argument could be over Libra's inability to confront personal, emotional issues. But when these involve a Cancer, the universal earth mother/father, I can't see it ever escalating any more that a few stifled sobs and lots of hugging. All in all, these two sound almost too good to be true. Maybe I'm missing something here. The obvious is that there are very few pure Cancers and pure Libras, much less those that actually find each other. So this, like anything else, could easily be challenged with afflicted Moons or Ascendants. But the fundamentals fit well enough this match is worth pursuing.

* * *

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