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Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th Signs are semi-sextile (30o). Signs that are next-door neighbors tend to get on each other's nerves.
Pisces Neptune Mutable Water 12th
What you'll like about each other:  Aquarius uniqueness and being just a bit off the beaten path; Pisces nonjudgmental attitude, emotional accessibility, and need to escape the mundane.

What will drive you crazy:  Piscean emotions/meltdowns if Aquarius gets too vocal over sensitive issues.

Now these are one of the few Zodiacal next-door neighbors that might get along famously. After all, Pisces views the world through a wall of water and Aquarius is just a wee bit out of focus, so it could well be the proverbial match made in heaven. Being Air and Water signs respectfully, the effervescence generated would be comparable to champagne or, then again, bicarbonate of soda.

Here we have a Fixed/Mutable sign combination, which generally works relatively well. Aquarius isnít going to change and Pisces has no problem with it, so adapting to the unconventional tenets of the Water Bearer are entirely possible. These two are ruled by two planets that even look a bit alike, Uranus and Neptune respectfully. Uranus is the planet of change, surprises, and unexpected events while Neptune is all about fantasy, illusion and, if afflicted, delusion. Put these two together and you have a world that most of us only visit for $12.00 a pop at the local Cinemark.

Nonetheless, as far as compatibility is concerned, these two could easily be quite the match. Or as one of my daughters, who happens to be an Aquarius, puts it, "a real piece of work." These are the kind of people who meet at science fiction conferences when one is dressed in renaissance circa chain mail and the other as some futuristic life-form evolved from a Newark landfill. But itís love at first sight and they eventually marry, probably at the next SF conference, and wearing the same outfits as when they met.

Okay, I guess Iím not being very kind to these two, at least by conservative standards. However, I would ask that if any Aquarius-Pisces types are out there reading this that they send me an email and let me know if Iím really that far off. Anything Iíve said is not intended as a put down, only recognition that they are different and live in a different world from the rest of us, particularly us Earth signs whose feet are not only planted on terra firma, but possibly also encased to the ankles in concrete, at least figuratively. Being conservative and "normal" can be a curse, and Iím sure this couple, whoever or wherever they may be, enjoy life a lot more. But for myself as well as others deeply entrenched in reality, I truly hope the two of you hold down responsible jobs and pay your bills. Otherwise I wonít find you nearly as charming.

P.S. Serendipity being what it is, and itís so apropos that it occurred for this particular profile, within hours of writing this I happened to watch the movie, "Housesitter." It was a classic example on what could happen when Uranus ruled Aquarius (Steve Martin) meets Neptune ruled Pisces (Goldie Hawn). Thereís even the bonus of what a Capricorn ex-fiancee would do when she finds out the man she rejected has just gotten a promotion and is doing quite well.

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