September 2022 Astrocast

FULL MOON: 10 September 2022, 17:41 Pisces

NEW MOON: 25 September 2022, 02:49 Libra


Retrograde Planets: 


Mercury (08:55 Libra - 24:21 Virgo) 10 September - 1 October 2022

(Shadow until 17 October 2022)

Uranus (18:55 - 14:56 Taurus) 24 August - 22 January 2023

(Shadow until 9 May 20232)

Jupiter (08:43 Aries - 28:48 Pisces) 28 July - 23 November 2022)

(Shadow until 14 February 2023)

Neptune (25:27 - 22:39 Pisces) 28 June - 4 December 2022

(Shadow until 25 March 2023)

Saturn (25:15 - 18:35 Aquarius) 4 June - 24 October 2022

(Shadow until 27 January 2023)

Pluto (28:35 - 26:07 Capricorn) 29 April - 8 October 2022

(Shadow until 29 January 2023)

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(Ending, culmination, or shift to a new phase)
(Brings something new into your life)
Date: 10 September 2022 Date: 25 September 2022
Position: 17:41 Pisces (Strongest influence for those born ~10 September) Position: 02:49 Libra (Strongest influence for those born ~26 August)
Natural House: 7th Natural House: 2nd
7th House influences focus on relationships including your significant other, close friends and relatives, business partners, business professionals, cliental, competitors and open enemies, which is where you're likely to see a culmination or shift to a new phase.  Someone may exit from your life or a relationship shift to a new phase or intensity. Issues involving someone who occupies this zodiacal house may come to a head as well, making it a cosmically favorable time to address such things. Which of those categories needs to shift to a new phase?   Influences of the 2nd house include your finances, income, possessions, needs, comforts and pleasures.  New Moon in this area suggests something new, but it may not be of a material nature.  This house includes anything you value, which could relate to your standards or morals as well as money.  For example, you may discover that changing jobs to do something you love is more important than the income itself. It's an excellent time to review your budget as well as assess what you really need to feel comfortable and secure. Note that this influence may not be favorable, but drive you to assess your priorities or appreciate what you have.

FULL MOON 10 September 2022

This month's Full Moon in Pisces forms a Triangle of Potential with Uranus. This aspect pattern occurs when an opposition (in this case the Sun-Moon, the definition of a Full Moon) is mediated by a planet that trines one and sextiles, the other, forming soft aspects that might bring balance or a compromise. Uranus is unpredictable, however, and thus about all this does is promise change or perhaps a disruption or disturbance of some variety. Depending on which house this lunation occurs in your natal chart as noted above, that is where to look for some sort of change. A sextile implies an opportunity, so look for one. Especially if that disturbance seems unfortunate! Sometimes it takes a shakeup of some description to get your attention and nudge you in a different direction, which will ultimately be to your benefit.

Another aspect pattern accompanying the lunation is a Course Adjustment Loop or Learning Triangle that involves Uranus, the Sun, and Saturn. Typically this pattern indicates something isn't working and needs to change course. This involves mediating a square as opposed to an opposition, in this case the square between Uranus and Saturn which has been in effect for quite a while. Saturn retrograde is in the early planning stage of identifying something that needs to be rebuilt or restructured. Uranus is causing some resistance here, either because he wants change now, or perhaps he's simply rebelling against change, period. This is where the quincunx between Saturn and the Sun comes into play. The Virgo Sun with his propensity for detail is shedding some light on these matters that Saturn is working on, which might provide enough information for an agreement to be worked out. If you're hitting a wall getting something done, step back to see if perhaps a different course will alleviate the obstacles so you can move forward. However, bear in mind that Saturn retrograde is all about delays, so they are all but inevitable.

Mars trining Mercury has been in effect for a while, but  wait! The day before the Full Moon, Mercury stationed retrograde! This calls for going back to the drawing board for reconsidering, rethinking, replanning, and reviewing. Mars in Gemini suggests information or data he wants to take action on while Mercury in Libra implies doing so in a fair and balanced manner. That sounds reasonable enough until you factor in Jupiter in Aries, who's already retrograde, and pushing back on Mercury, tactful or otherwise. Jupiter retrograde tends to relate to ethics issues, similar but a different angle than Pluto retrograde functioning as the cosmic rotorooter. Jupiter tends to exaggerate things and in Aries he wants to blow whatever he's found wide open, but in this case politically correct Mercury does not agree. However, now that Mercury is retrograde, maybe he's going to rethink things.

Venus is in Virgo where she's in a condition know as "fall." In other words, this is not a sign where she functions true to her nature. Virgo has the reputation of being picky, critical and detail-oriented, which most people find offensive. Her quincunx to Jupiter brings another argument to the table regarding ethics or moral issues, suggesting that when details emerge sufficient to fully understand the situation, that a change of direction is warranted. Quincunxes tend to be unstable, so they add to the surprise factor already introduced by Uranus. The only planets that aren't retrograde currently are Mars and Venus. All the others have internalized their energies and are ruminating on any number of things. Meanwhile, Mars and Venus are squared off over that Jupiter issue as noted earlier. Mars has information and wants to take action while she wants details. Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde is thinking about it.


A little over six hours before the Full Moon, Mercury slams on the brakes. The only planet that has made any significant progress during that time is the Moon, who is 3:38 degrees short of being Full. What this implies is that all those influences defined for the Full Moon are what Mercury is going to be thinking about. The matters involved with those aspect patterns especially will be on the table, so don't expect any progress relative to either of them until after Mercury stations direct on October 1st. At that point things should start to get interesting, especially since by then Mercury will be back in detail-oriented Virgo. Stay tuned.

NEW MOON 25 September 2022

The New Moon occurs in Libra, the sign that is represented by scales, assumably of justice, and the only inanimate zodiac icon. This implies impartiality as well as the fairness possessed by Air Signs.  The lunation opposes Jupiter, likewise frowning upon his activities digging up dirt on who-knows-who. This undoubtedly will put the kibosh on Jupiter's work, at least for now, while Mercury continues to rethink and reconsider all that is going on.

Speaking of Mercury, he is conjunct Venus, whom he will pass on his way to his stationing degree. Remember Venus is in "fall," which is to say she's PMSing, bitchy and critical, while Mercury is exalted in Virgo where he's in top condition, albeit retrograde. In general Venus relates to love and money as well as anything to value, whether of a moral nature or material. This pair is in a tight trine to Pluto, who as you recall, is the roto-rooter doing what roto-rooters do. So we have grumpy Venus and Mercury reconsidering something at a very detailed level that could be what Pluto is throwing their way, i.e. corruption that needs to be cleaned up. Neptune is in there, too, however, maintaining a long-term sextile with Pluto which looks like a somewhat sketchy agreement since their intents could be quite antithetical. Capricorn Pluto, who's authoritative and driven by standards while Neptune in Pisces is dreamy, idealistic, and perhaps even delusional, his specialty gas lighting. This comprises a cosmic odd-couple with two entirely different agendas, but now they're sucked into the drama with Venus and Mercury. Not surprisingly, Venus and Mercury are giving Neptune the stink-eye while shaking hands with Pluto, which could certainly get interesting.

Uranus, Mars, and Saturn are forming another tight by nameless closed loop pattern. Saturn and Uranus are in a tight square with Mars semisextile Uranus and trining Saturn. A semisextile is a minor aspect that tends to represent friction or annoyances. This implies that impatient Mars with his sack full of data is causing some trouble relative to Uranus' agenda of sudden change. His trine to Saturn, on the other hand, shows support for rebuilding in a more conventional manner. With Mercury retrograde and Mars in Gemini, information, hidden or otherwise, appears a major theme this month along with a few changes.

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Thank you very much for such a prompt and detailed response. Without knowing the background or the details, you - or the universe? - managed to hit on pretty much all of the key aspects of my situation... if I had any doubts about horary astrology, your [reading]  is the proof of its validity!  (New York)


* * *

I want to thank you for the time and energy you've put forth on my behalf. I think you are very, very good. . .you are obviously synthesizing your conclusions from what you see - and not from a canned list of astrological conventions.  (Florida)


* * *

Once again I am delighted and challenged by your extraordinary insight and perception . . . You are a mind reader. . . Your gifts are wasted on mere rocket science.  (Australia)


* * *

You are a nice person, Whobeda and you really helped me a lot. . . I just want to tell you that everything is happening exactly the way you said. (Singapore)


* * *

Hi...I've held onto this address for months meaning to get back to you. I DID get the position just as you said and its a blessing.  Thanks again for your positive, accurate work. (Kentucky)


* * *





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