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Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th Aspect can range from Conjunction to semi-sextile range (29o) depending on location of each Sun within the sign.  However, being in the same sign there will be strong similarities regardless.
Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th
What you like about each other:  Neat, meticulous, detail-oriented, polite, health-conscious, dry sense of humor, working hard on something together, pets.

What drives you crazy:  Pickiness, disagreeing on the "right" way to do something, definition of a "mess," in-laws, is never wrong, never forgets an offense.

A couple comprised of two Virgos has tremendous potential to be either really good or really bad.  Remember these are the critics of the universe, the quintessential perfectionists that keep the rest of the world in line.  Now if this Virgo pair is indeed equal in intellect, education and aplomb, this can be a good thing if they bond and direct their criticism outward.  At least it will be good for them.  However, if there is any inequality between them or the slightest sense of superiority on the part of one or the other, there will be problems.  For not only can they criticize and nag better than any other Sign, they are also incredibly sensitive to criticism themselves.  This, of course, would result in one very dissatisfied person and another too wounded and discouraged to ever recover, giving the other even more ammunition.

Being as they know they're not perfect, as much as they wish they were, they tend to be insecure.  Two insecure people can either buoy each other up or drag each other down.  They have memories like steel traps, also, and will never forget an offense, and heaven forbid that they say something so it can be resolved.  As Earth signs they're practical and for the most part more logical than emotional.  But the feelings are there and you will rue the day you injure them.

A Virgo couple will take care of their possessions, possibly driving the same car they had when they got married until they're grandparents and can license it as an antique.  They'll take good care of each other in the health arena as well by eating well and taking vitamins with numerous health oriented magazines in neat piles all around their perfectly organized house.  Other couples will find them charming to be around, unless they become such close friends that the criticism starts leaking out.  It may not be directed at their friends, but they have a natural ability to gripe that defies description, especially when you get two of them together.  What one misses, the other won't.  And that constant nitpicking can get rather annoying, particularly to those that are more optimistic.  Virgos need to learn to be easier on themselves as well as others and recognize that getting out once in a while for some fun is more important than keeping everything in its place.

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