Sign Ruler Mode Element House Aspect
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th Aspect can range from Conjunction to semi-sextile range (29o) depending on location of each Sun within the sign.  However, being in the same sign there will be strong similarities regardless.
Scorpio Pluto Fixed Water 8th
What you like about each other:  Emotional commitment, honest passion, mysterious nature, affectionate, appreciation for good music and art.

What drives you crazy:  Obsessions which are different from yours, money issues, suspicious nature, power struggles.

If youíre a Scorpio, and you probably are if youíre reading this, youíre definitely a different animal. As a Fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto you have a depth and an intensity unmatched by any of the other signs. In many ways there is probably no better match for you than one of your own kind. Some signs in duplicate, so to speak, are perhaps too much of a good thing and lack the balance for a healthy relationship. You, on the other hand, have everything you need and more. Plus, it protects other weaker species from the sting of that lethal tail. In that respect you are equally matched and the rest of us are safer for it.

As a Water sign ruled by emotions, you differ from the others. Crabs are the group hug folks and personified by Aunt Bea on the old Andy Griffin show of yesteryear. Iím sure there are more modern day equivalents, but I donít watch much TV and canít think of anyone else at the moment. Pisces, a.k.a. Fish, are into emotions in a big way and, like I said in the Pisces profile, feel things the rest of us only have nightmares about. They are extraordinarily sensitive and vulnerable. You, on the other hand, feel things more like Darth Vader does The Force. Pluto imbues you with a nuclear reactor for a heart and you thrive on radioactive material in an emotional sense. You care a lot about your friends, family and possessions and will defend them fiercely. But your emotional needs, i.e. that radioactive fuel you require, are often not met by the usual person. Enter another Scorpio and you immediately respond at the gut level, even if you become no more than good friends.

Fixed signs donít like change. Theyíre opinionated and donít even like to argue. Itís pointless. What they believe is true in their mind is not going to change, regardless of the evidence to the contrary, and itís a waste of oxygen to either listen to someone rant away or try to defend it. While other Fixed signs understand, each is Fixed with a slightly different mindset. Besides, like Modes square each other and generally arenít a good match. However, if youíre both Scorpios youíre likely to be Fixed in the same way. And since you both have a power fetish, you can enjoy the sweetness of pursuing the same together.

Since you are both natives to the 8th House, your interests in that department are compatible, also. Of course in this case the "other peopleís money" issue will probably also assist the two of you in building some kind of financial empire to which the lesser species will fall all over themselves to throw their life savings into.

So I give you, Mr. and Ms. Scorpio, two thumbs up. Together you can rule the Universe, as that epitome of Scorpio, Darth Vader, always wanted. May the Force be With You.

* * *

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