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Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th  Being in the same sign there will be strong similarities, which can magnify both your strengths and weaknesses.
Aquarius Uranus Fixed Air 11th
What you'll like about each other:  Uniqueness, unconventional ideas, parties well, cares about others individually and collectively, likes to laugh, friendly, nonjudgmental, enjoys hanging out with friends.

What will drive you crazy:  Talks too much, won't follow directions, crazy ideas different than your own, doesn't like status quo but resists change.

These two could make a good match, but to the rest of the world they’ll be viewed as space aliens. Water Bearers are out of a different mold, set in their ways, and ruled by Uranus. Do the math. If you haven’t already read the section on Aquarius as an individual you should do so now. Take what you have there and square it. Notice I didn’t say times it by two, but to square it. Because when you have two people ruled by Uranus there is no telling what you’re going to get.

What you have here is two Fixed Air signs. This equates to a couple who is not likely to change anything about themselves or each other and likes to talk. A lot. Not only to each other, but that huge cadre of friends as well as stray cats and dogs they’ve picked up over the years. These two both reside in the natural 11th House of groups, friends, hopes and wishes. An active social life will be important to these two and it’s fairly likely that their friends and associates will be unconventional as well. Throw some Sagittarius in the mix via Moon or Ascendant for one or both of them and you could have a couple on some kind of mission to save mankind, the planet, or some endangered species. Or they could be UFO or Save the Whales enthusiasts or, at the least, vegetarians.

The one warning is that, like I already said, they’re both fixed signs and not about to change. Therefore, if there is anything about the one that is incompatible with the other, it’s going to stay that way. If you're wondering what different phases you might see of an Aquarian, then just think back to the TV show, Third Rock from the Sun. Any of the characters in that show would make a good Water Carrier. Each, in his own way was way, way out there, yet there were certain things in common that made them credible as a family. Here you would have an entirely different "When Harry met Sally", but I think you get the idea.

If you need further clarification and are looking for one in your neighborhood, they’re the ones who painted their house purple and green last February to celebrate mardi gras.  You'll either love them or you'll hate them, but you'll never forget them.  And they'll probably be off somewhere, happily doing whatever it is they do, long after the rest of us have cashed it in.

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