This essay was written for Eric Francis' 2013 Planet Waves Annual Edition entitled "Listen."  I feel honored to have been accepted into this volume along with 13 other contributors.  It may seem odd for me to promote another astrologer, perhaps by so doing sending valued clients to a competitor.  Yet fair is fair since Eric has done the same for me by including this essay in his publication.   

I like to think that there is room for everyone in this world, that each of us has a unique contribution to make that can touch and inspire others.  In light of that competition is a moot point.  Furthermore, as an astrologer it is extremely difficult to read your own chart and I find Eric's insights for my sign included in "Listen" to be profound and enlightening.  I commend him for his amazing astrological insights, respect his success and professionalism, and freely encourage you to order your sign-specific version of "Listen" to discover what he has to say about your sign as well as have access to 13 other articles from as many authors in addition to mine, which you can read below. 

It has been said that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason, the implication that we should listen twice as much as we talk.  This is clearly a popular concept reflected in the number of successful conferences conducted throughout the world relating to every discipline under heaven, the more exotic their respective venues the better.  I’ve been to them, I’ve lectured at them, and have come away suitably stimulated intellectually, often enlightened, and typically with new enthusiasm as a result of the positive energy gained through interaction with my peers. However, like most people, I  attend conferences which relate to concepts and ideas I already embrace.   Reinforcing existing beliefs is sometimes described as “preaching to the choir” or other terms unsuitable for polite company, yet most of us are guilty.  But conferences cost money so why would we pay to have our personal paradigms violated?  What’s to be gained by opening our minds to something new?  World peace, perhaps?

Physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Werner Heisenberg, of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle fame, said, “It is probably true quite generally that in the history of human thinking the most fruitful developments frequently take place at those points where two different lines of thought meet. These lines may have their roots in quite different parts of human cultures, in different times or different cultural environments or different religious traditions: hence if they actually meet, that is, if they are at least so much related to each other that a real interaction can take place, then one may hope that new and interesting developments may follow.”[1]

Speaking of physicists, the fact that renowned early astronomers such as Kepler, Copernicus and Galileo were all astrologers seeking more accurate data has been deliberately eliminated from physics texts, all of which denigrate astrology as the stuff of myth and superstitious, if mentioned at all.  Just such a text is on my shelf, one that devotes several pages to all the reasons astrology is nothing but stuff and nonsense.

The fact that physicists are critical of astrology is one of the many ironies which come about from not listening.  Consider (a word, by the way, with Latin roots that means “with the stars”) that these are the people who believe in not only eleven different dimensions but the concept of numerous other universes.  Heisenberg, one of their own, believed that a physical theory should only be concerned with things that can actually be observed by experiments.[2]  The irony that the concept of other dimensions is easily accepted in spite of the fact proving it in the lab is beyond unlikely whereas astrology has volumes of empirical data going for it that date back millennia is pretty hard to miss. 

Hel-lllll-oooooo????  Is anyone listening out there???

Astrologers and their clients know that astrology works. Dean Radin, a leader in research related to telepathy and other psychic phenomena states, “Many subjects now considered perfectly legitimate areas of scientific inquiry, including hypnosis, dreams, hallucinations, and subliminal perception, were relegated to the wackiest fringes of the paranormal in the late nineteenth century.  A few hundred years before that, topics like physics, astronomy, and chemistry were so far out that those who merely dabbled in them risked accusations of heresy, or worse.”[3]   

Mysterious subjects are at the forefront today, including research in the field of consciousness.  No doubt this will increase now that Neptune has entered Pisces, but it’s unlikely anyone but astrologers will notice.  Speaking of which, here is yet another irony:  researchers like Radin who, similar to astrologers, struggle to maintain credibility in scientific circles, also reject astrology.  Consider (there’s that word again...) that psi phenomena is represented by the Greek letter of the same name which looks like an italicized version of the glyph astrologers use for Neptune.  Neptune, the planet which rules the 12th house of dreams, inspiration, and the entire world of psychic phenomena. 

Hellll-ooooooo?  Is anyone out there?

One of the tenets of quantum theory involves what is known as the double slit experiment.  Sub-atomic particles such as electrons and photons can demonstrate properties of both particles and waves.  Without going into a lot of scientific gobbledy-gook that will make your eye’s glaze over, one major yet unexplained phenomenon involving such entities is that they are influenced by the presence of an observer.  You may have heard this in the form of the question of whether a tree in the forest makes a sound when it falls if there is no one there to hear it. Robert Lanza, a physician and researcher in a field known as biocentrism states, “There is no separate physical universe outside of life and consciousness.  Nothing is real that is not perceived.  There was never a time when an external, dumb, physical universe existed, or that life sprang randomly from it at a later date. Space and time exist only as constructs of the mind, as tools of perception.”[4]

If you cannot see any overlap between this concept regarding the influence of an observer, originated by physicists, and Radin’s research in consciousness, then you are not listening, either.  Lanza’s beliefs also border on yet another area deliberately ignored:  The world of religion. 

Ironically, these two diverse 9th house entities agree with each other in at least one way: They both reject astrology.  Ancient knowledge, however, touches on many beliefs which science ignores because they can’t scrutinize it in the lab much less explain it.  Scientists in the field of human consciousness dabble with such things occasionally, yet it’s still considered risky.  One of the major questions occupying physicists today involves dark matter and dark energy which comprise 25% and 70% of the universe respectively according to current estimates.  Just for the record, ordinary matter which comprises our everyday world is a mere 5%.  The irony here is that they cannot actually find 95% of what the universe is made of.  Yet they know it’s there.  And they call astrologers crazy?

The concept of this illusive matter has amazing ties to a little known statement made in the canon of scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a.k.a. the Mormons (yes, like in Mitt Romney).  According to their book known as the Doctrine and Covenants 131:7-8 (with this section written in 1843): “There is no such thing as immaterial matter.  All spirit is matter, but it is more fine or pure, and can only be discerned by purer eyes; we cannot see it; but when our bodies are purified we shall see that it is all matter.” 

Similar to this concept, which is that spirit matter is the stuff of creation after which it becomes manifest in the material world, is one that has been popularized by numerous motivational speakers, i.e. that thoughts become things.  This was the main theme of the movie, “The Secret” and the “how-to” of manifesting your intent via this power is addressed by such individuals as Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams,” and Robert Anthony;  Anthony has a lecture series entitled “The Power of Deliberate Creation.” 

And how exactly is this achieved?  Through your mind and consciousness.  The conscious manipulation of spiritual matter, a.k.a. dark matter, perhaps, as prelude to becoming reality?  In physicist terms, collapsing the wave function of probability driven by the free will of consciousness?  Or in astrological jargon an interaction between Saturn and Neptune, perhaps?

Ya think they might be onto something here?   Heeelllllloooooo?

However, in their defense, physicists do pay attention to experiments and research related to consciousness, being somewhat forced to do so if they profess belief in quantum mechanics and the influence of an observer.  In an interview conducted in the 1980s by Halcomb Noble on behalf of the New York Times, Nobel laureate physicist Brian Josephson stated, “You ask whether parapsychology lies within the bounds of physical law.  My feeling is that to some extent it does, but physical law itself may have to be redefined.  It may be that some effects in parapsychology are ordered-state effects of a kind not yet encompassed by physical theory.”[5] 

Radin also offers some hope that listening may occur between his field of consciousness and physicists when he states “...psi may require an explicit bridge between the physical and the psychological worlds. This is why an adequate theory of psi will be ... cross-disciplinary...”[6]

It doesn’t seem much of a stretch to consider that if astrology were accepted by these two diverse disciplines it could conceivably bridge the gap between them. After all, our profession’s tools, i.e. the planets, exist on the physical plane familiar to physicists and we can demonstrate through a preponderance of data how they affect the psyche of individuals as well as the collective consciousness and even inanimate objects.  Is it possible that astrology, considered less than the proverbial red-headed stepchild by the scientific and religious world, could provide the missing link?

Hellloooooo???? Is anyone out there listening???

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